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Thor: God of Thunder, Volume 1 review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ù Contiene Thor God Of Thunder #1 12 USATres Thors de tres eras diferentes Un carnicero ue puede acabar con todos ellosA lo largo de los siglos los dioses del Universo Marvel han estado desapareciendo lo ue condena al caos a sus adoradores Ahora El Poderoso TContiene Thor God Of Thunder #1 12 USATres Thors de tres eras diferentes Un carnicero ue puede acabar con todos ellosA lo largo de los siglos los dioses del Universo Marvel han estado desapareciendo lo ue condena al caos a sus adora. The Ultimate Thor StoryThor is a superhero of course a member of the Avengers He is also than a superhero though He is a god For starters he has lived much longer than any other superhero “There are thousands of years worth of memories rattling around inside my head” As a result his priorities and values and attitudes and language differ from those of say your friendly neighborhood Spider Man Thor has a completely different perspective on life “For a god the lives of mortals seem to pass by in the blink of an eye” He thinks in cosmic terms and a good Thor story must be large enough in scope to allow him to do thatThankfully The God Butcher provides all the scope and grandeur Thor could possibly hope for and then some It spans millennia features Thor at three different stages of his long life and pits all three incarnations against a villain who is almost as old as Thor himself and has brutally tortured and butchered all the gods of the universe until only Thor is left alive The God Butcher perceives himself as the “good guy” though as a proponent of the Enlightenment destined “to liberate humanity from the yoke of divine servitude”In this context the inevitable spectacularly realized showdown between the God Butcher and Thor becomes a larger than life battle between a seemingly unstoppable Enlightenment movement and the last god standing a meditation on the gradual decline of religion in the western world This decline of religion manifests itself in the three incarnations of Thor a youthful cocky overconfident brash boastful vain and slightly dim witted Thor who takes worship for granted during the Middle Ages at a time when religion ruled supreme; a enlightened moderate even doubtful Thor in the present; and a lonely weary disillusioned paranoid desperate Thor in the future And it makes perfect sense because any benevolent god would have to be devastated by human beings who come to view the divine sphere as an instrument of oppression that needs to be abolishedIn summary Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic may have created nothing less than the ultimate Thor story I have never read Walt Simonson's highly regarded run from the 1980s and hope to get around to it one of these days but at this point I find it hard to imagine a story that suits the character better than this one

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Dores Ahora El Poderoso Thor sigue el rastro de sangre ue amenaza con consumir su pasado presente y futuro ¡La única esperanza ue le ueda es desvelar el misterio alrededor del Carnicero de DiosesJason Aron el aclamado guionista de. The Gods of Indigarr are dead and all signs point to Gorr the God Butcher a being Thor knows all too well Can the Thunder god defeat the God Butcher once and for allMost of the Thor comics I've read over the years were pretty forgettable unless Walter Simonson was involved The God Butcher was an eye catching title so I decided to give this a shot and I'm very glad I didThe God Butcher tells the tale of Gorr the Butcher of Gods and his conflicts with Thor over the years Aaron weaves a tale in three timelines One of a young Thor in the age of the Vikings before he earned the right to wield Mjolnir one of present day Thor and one of old King Thor a one eyed one armed god the last god of Asgard Pretty cool huhThe God Butcher is essentially a murder mystery with Thor piecing together the God Butcher's motives and whereabouts Gorr for all intents and purposes is a serial killer gods Aside from his great power the scariest thing about him is that he thinks his cause is just The way Aaron weaves the three Thor tales together is pretty skillful and present day Thor joining forces with old Thor to save what was left of Asgard was bad assThat's about all I have to say The only mark against this volume would be that it doesn't tell the full story but I'll be glad to read the second volume Thor is one of those characters that's so powerful it's hard for me to care about his exploits Jason Aaron has made me care Four out of five stars

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Thor God of Thunder Volume 1Lobezno y la Patrulla X y Esad Ribic impresionante ilustrador de Loki se ponen al frente del destino de Thor en la etapa nacida del contexto de Marvel Now Una deslumbrante visión del Dios del Trueno ue aúna tradición y modernida. As a kid I made mine Marvel As I grew up however Marvel comics held less and less attraction for me Maybe it was the fact that I was used to the gritty old '70s versions of all the favorites and the '80s brought in a bit of a slick aesthetic There were also some very cool indy comics coming out at that time that took a bit of my gritty enthusiasm away Of course other interests took over as well most notably DD and other tabletop role playing games oh and girls In time I fell out of love with MarvelFast forward to the Marvel movie era I admit I'm impressed Though I am anticipating the upcoming Doctor Strange movie the most out of the franchise I've been pretty happy with what's been produced I'm talking the non Fox movies here I don't know if I'll ever forgive the butchering Fox has given Silver Surfer and Galactus Ugh Anyway in the true Marvel movies I've been rather taken with Chris Hemsworth's Thor Thor was a favorite of mine back in the '70s Probably because of that cool winged helmet the condensed orange juice can lids on his chest and those boots those boots It's probably a good thing I was not a cosplayer or I might have made the deadly mistake of wearing a pair of those boots to school one day and had the living crap beat out of meOf course then I could be just like Thor At least Thor in this graphic novel because make no mistake about it he spends a good chunk of his time getting powned by the God Butcher He's not in a good way most of the time and believe it or not I sincerely wondered what the resolution might be to this story if it might turn into a very non Marvel endingOnly problem is there is no resolution This is the first in a series and we're left with uite the cliffhanger at the end I don't mind cliffhangers as long as the writer gives me something to hang on but I wasn't even given that common courtesy What are the motives of the God Butcher Can you at least give me a HINTHence my dropping of the fifth starBesides that one glaring omission on purpose I know gotta sell the next volume but at least give us a hint this was fantastic I have toyed myself with the meaning of death to one who is immortal in my own writing So I can genuflect show some respect get down on one knee when another writer handles the proposition well And Aaron handles it well; uite well The potential problem with this sort of tale about the gods is that it engages in so much hyperbole that the death of a god becomes a sort of pastiche that it loses its pain and loss and becomes a sort of ritual sacrament all holy and hush hush anesthetized from human feeling Aaron avoids this and presents a Thor full of pathos a Thor connected to humanity to his people and to the universe So when he is threatened and oh boy is he threatened so are the rest of our universe his people and humanity I am eager to see what happens in volume 2 I feel like I have a vested interest in this storyThough I'm not uit ready to make mine Marvel to the exclusion of others they've definitely opened the door for me again and I think I'll have a little look around It's been a while