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The Violent CenturyIntroduction by Cory DoctorowA bold experiment has mutated a small fraction of humanity Nations race to harness the gifted putting them to increasingly dark ends At the dawn of global war flashy American superheroes suare off against sinister Germans What makes a manWhat makes a heroA tall pale aristocratic looking man walks into a pub in London The pub is almost impossible to find hidden under a railway arch lost in thick fog There is only one patron at the bar“The Old Man wants to have a word with you” the tall aristocratic man tells himClearly these men know each other well No the man at the bar growls he’s retired It’s about an old file the tall man explains Which file the bar patron wants to knowOblivion says a single word Sommertag The fug of smoke crescendos around Fogg a beekeeper’s protective mask That single word like a bullet with a name engraved on its sideThe bar patron hurls his shot glass at Oblivion’s head Oblivion raises his hand wiggles his fingers and the glass disintegrates into dust Without further resistance the man at the bar rises and follows Oblivion to an office building where the Old Man his former spymaster leads him gently through a series of uestions about a missing week in 1943The two men are Oblivion and Fogg During World War II they were a team recruited along with other mutants men and women who developed miraculous abilities when they were caught in the Vomacht Wave Recruited to a secret training facility called the Farm these two lonely young men become friends while they learn to harness and control their uniue powersThe backstory In 1933 a German scientist by the name of Dr Joachim Vomacht invented a machine that shot out a probability wave altering every human being who happened to be in its path all over the world Suddenly there are people who can create fire with a snap of their fingers Some can turn saliva into a weapon or conjure up ice control time or the weather Some create walls of smoke and fog to hide behind And as in real life some are capable of destroying everything they touchThe Germans call them Ubermenschen—supermen As always there are people suspicious of such powers and fearful of those who possess them But as World War II draws near each country goes seeking its own supermen — and devises ways to use themThe Axis and the Allies alike recruit their native Ubermenschen to fight the war The Americans turn theirs into cartoonish national heroes complete with silly costumes and publicists But the British Ubermenschen spymaster trains his spies to be invisible Oblivion is a man with a mysterious past and the terrifying ability to obliterate anything he touches He’s a perfect spy a man accustomed to living with secrets of his own Henry Fogg is the bullied sensitive son of the town drunk He manages to fight his way up the social ladder to university in Cambridge where in fact the British Secret Service really did cultivate spies when he is spotted and drafted into the cause Oblivion and Fogg complement each other; in the deadly places to which they are sent Fogg creates a smokescreen to hide them while Oblivion reaches out and does the dirty workThe Old Man a Smiley like figure who runs the British Ubermenschen unit sends this dynamic duo to the worst of war torn locations; to Minsk where the Einsatzgruppen are hard at work shooting civilians and Jewish Russian supermen rise from the ice; to besieged Leningrad where starving Russians are hacking the flesh off dead horses and Russian Ubermenschen like the Red Sickle and the Great Soviet destroy German soldiers from the sky; to Transylvania where Ubermensch partisans lurk in the forests and Ubermensch SS men hunt for them; to Paris which is enchanting and romantic even under German occupationIt is in Paris that Fogg breaks the rules falling dangerously and irrevocably in love with someone on the German side a girl with an extraordinary giftDespite the Old Man’s directions Henry’s innate decency and humanity bring Oblivion and Fogg into the battle He is constitutionally unable to stand by and watch Nazis slaughter innocentsLavie Tidhar an Israeli author now living in London is the winner of the 2011 World Fantasy Award He writes forcefully and cinematically about Auschwitz about the fighting on the Eastern Front about the brutality of war There are searing powerful chapters populated with Jewish Ubermenschen who are cast as Russian and Romanian partisans or fighters in the Warsaw ghetto This is a novel about war about courage and about love awash in uestions of moral ambiguity What makes a man “The Violent Century” asks What makes a hero Can a man still be a hero if he lacks the uality of mercy Is it still pure science if it is pressed into the service of pure evil Should ordinary Germans have risked their lives to stand up against Hitler If you had to make a deal with the devil in order to save someone you loved would you do it Is anyone innocent in wartimeThe writing soars traveling back and forth between the past and present doing that thing science fiction does best tackling big issues with the helpful distancing device of fantasy Tidhar’s characters may be superheroes but at heart they are flawed sad achingly lonely people damaged by what they have seen and by what they have been forced to do searching for love and some semblance of an ordinary life in a hostile world Just like the rest of usImagine some crazy marriage of the movies X Men First Class with the following books — Michael Chabon’s “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” John LeCarre’s “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and Vasily Grossman’s “Life and Fate” — and you begin to get an idea of what this book is likeThis is an unforgettable read with haunting cinematic passages moral choices in every shade of gray and nuanced deeply affecting characters

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Se when to join the fray and to whom their allegiance is owed even for just one perfect summer’s dayFrom the World Fantasy and Campbell award winning author of Central Station comes a sweeping novel of history adventure and what it means to be a he Reading a book by a person you know is a loselose proposition Either you like it which is damaging to the ego and corrupting to any similar ideas you may have had or you don't like it and are forced to mouth lies to them at gatherings I've known Lavie Tidhar for I dunno four or five years now uite casually we send each other mean twitter messages and meet for drinks on extremely infreuent occasions I have a short story in his for charity anthology Jews Vs Zombies I do a really severely good impression of him it's just savage ask me at a bar sometime Anyway having never read anything else by the man I still get the sense this is one of his commercial works which is to say that it is resolutely noncommercial The plot itself is relatively simple – a bit of John LeCarre a pinch of Dashiell Hammet anyone who has read this and my own Low Town trilogy please take note that the 'Old Man''s appearance in both is an independent act of appropriation on each of our parts but mostly just straight up WWII era Marvel Comics Captain America knocking out Hitler that sort of thing But the style is if not Finnegan's Wake dificult seemingly than most of what you will see in genre fiction – there are no uotation marks for instance and the story breaks with some freuency between descriptions of past events and characters commenting on these events in the present I say seemingly because in fact the style is all cleverly slanted so as to provide the narrative a ferocious momentum with expository information peppered in between the action I really devoured this thing over the course of a short bus ride The point being I'm glad I didn't have any ideas for writing something about superheroes because I'd probably have to chuck them Good on you Lavie

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epub ç The Violent Century Paperback é Introduction by Cory DoctorowA bold experiment has mutated a small fraction of humanity Nations race to harness the gifted putting them to increasingly dark ends At the dawn of global war flashy American superheroes suare off against sinister Germans and dissolute Russians Increasingly depraved scientistAnd dissolute Russians Increasingly depraved scientists conduct despicable research in the name of victoryBritish agents Fogg and Oblivion recalled to the Retirement Bureau have kept a treacherous secret for over forty years But all heroes must choo The story is told in a short synopsis style which means to me short choppy bullet style point non sentences make sense prose some would call it but it goes way behind that And its very well tiring is maybe the word its an effort to read sometimes certainly isn’t smooth Even the dialogue is choppyBeing an alternate timeline story with the text jumping from the present to jus about anywhere in the 20th century in that respect the style works as sometimes the chapter is jus a short paragraph to fill us in on some small detail or nuance which will have a relevance somewhen but for all 350 pages its a bit much Id say Hence my uitting around the 50% markIts a shame as there’s maybe a decent story amongst it all but it fails to fully emergeIts maybe a comic book story at times without the pictures maybe the author would have been better served putting it into that format The superhero styled characters would defo have suited it2 stars is all as it's likely an ok readMaybe my review should be in style with the read Story told synopsis style Bullet point non sentences Tiring Effort to read Not smooth Dialogue choppy Alternate timelines that jump around Land anywhere in 20th century Appeasing style to suit story 350 pages too much uit at 50% A shame Maybe a story there Better suited to comic book Superhero characters suited to