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free read ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ò Julie Campbell Trixie and Honey’s friend Jim has run away from Sleepyside–before anyone could tell. The Trixie Belden series is about a group of teen sleuths who investigate mysteries around their hometown of Sleepyside NY Trixie Belden lives on a farm with her brothers and parents Her bestie Honey Wheeler lives nearby at a manor house with her wealthy parents They have great adventures together The series was written from 1948 1986 The first six books were written by Julie Campbell The rest of the series was written by multiple authors all under the penname Kathryn Kenny The series is similar to Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys I loved the Trixie Belden series when I was in middle school back in the '80s I received a couple books for every holiday and special event until I had the entire series When I noticed that a few of the titles had been re printed I wanted to read the series again I was a bit worried at first because I wasn't sure if I would enjoy re reading them as an adult and I didn't want to ruin my happy memories of reading about Trixie's adventures with her friends Honey and Jim After reading the first two books again I'm glad that I decided to revist Sleepyside The stories are a bit dated but still so much fun to readThe second book The Red Trailer Mystery is a continuation of the story from book one Honey and Trixie have made a new friend Jim Frayne He came looking for his uncle only to find out that the old man had passed away in the hospital Jim runs away at the end of book one fearing that his mean abusive step father is coming to take him away He never finds out that he has inherited a lot of money from his uncle In the second book Trixie and Honey along with Honey's Governess Miss Trask pack up the Wheeler family travel trailer to go find Jim The boy expressed interest in finding a camp counselor's job at one of the nearby campgrounds so they hit the road to find him and bring him home Along the way they discover a band of thieves who are stealing trailers and property from travelers The girls end up in some hot water when the bad guys catch them following them to get proof to take to the police This book seems a bit simple and dated to the adult me but I still enjoyed it just as much as I did when I was 12 Maybe for simple nostalgia than the actual story It was a fun afternoon read and I'm looking forward to reading of this series Only a few of the books were re printed so I'm going to have to do some hunting to find the complete series to read but locating all the books will be part of the fun of re visiting this series I always preferred Trixie Belden over Nancy Drew I'm not sure why I think I will re read some Nancy Drew books as well and compare the two Maybe I can come up with a reason why I loved Trixie and was meh about Nancy

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characters Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer Mystery ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ý Trixie and Honey’s friend Jim has run away from Sleepyside–before anyone could tell him that he is the only heir to the huge Frayne fortune The girls set out across upstate New York in a trailer to track him dow Te New York in a trailer to track him down and stumble onto another mystery along the w. At the end of book one in the series The Secret of the Mansion we are left with a cliff hanger because Mr Frayne dies Jonesy the nasty step fathershows up the mansion is set on fire and Jim runs away before learning that he really is the heir So Honey and Trixie must convince their families to let them head for the boys' camps in the north where Jim had mentioned he'd try for a job if he had to run away again Of course the families agree and Miss Trask Honey's governess takes the girls and the Wheelers' camper on their next adventure in The Red Trailer Mystery While the main objective is to find Jim tell him about his inheritance reassure him that the Frayne's family lawyer and executor of his uncle's will won't let Jonesy take him back and then convince Honey's parents to adopt him the girls also get caught up two mysteries The mystery of the down trodden family traveling in a red camper and the outbreak of camper thefts that has Miss Trask worried about how long they can stay and look for Jim The kind hearted girls just can't help wondering why the family in the red trailer seem so sad and when the oldest girl runs away they can't help but search for her while they look for Jim Trixie is convinced that if they solve the mystery of the camper thieves then they will find both Jim and Joeanne It winds up that she's right as usualthough not uite in the way she expects A happy ending is in store for everyoneI loved the first two books I have always enjoyed the stories that introduce us to Trixie and her core group of friends I loved meeting Jim and Honey and the adventures they all got up to around the mansion These were definitely two of my favorites of the series while growing up and I was able to enjoy them now as an adult Overall a fun reading trip down memory laneFirst posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting review content Thanks

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Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer MysteryHim that he is the only heir to the huge Frayne fortune The girls set out across upsta. Trixie and her best friend Honey set off in an RV chauffeured by Honey's governess Miss Trask in search of their runaway friend Jim Along the way they find even mysteries to solve a sad mysterious family; missing trailers; a runaway child; and a stolen locket It's interesting how differently one views a book from childhood one re reads as an adult Although I do recall this one issue detailed below bothering me as a child it almost enraged me as an adult I'll be honest I don't like this book very much for one primary reason the repeated irresponsible care or should I say lack thereof toward the girls' dogs Reddy and Bud First off they should have left them behind rather than take them on the trip Secondly the dogs need to be put on leashes rather than let free to run loose all over the countryside I mean my word poor Bud is but a mere puppy and both dogs are in very unfamiliar territory And thirdly if your dog is lost you move Heaven and Earth to find it It's not just an animal or a possession; it's family Had it not been for that aspect of the book I likely would have given it four stars In my rating system two stars means disliked rather than it was okay In general I thought the mysteries were interesting but I had a hard time understanding how two 13 year olds are permitted to run around on their own in unfamiliar woods And did I miss why Miss Trask didn't just drive the girls around to the three boys’ camps That would have been efficient and likely increased the probability of their finding Jim in a timely manner I also found it rather odd although nice that Trixie's attitude had greatly improved in one short week And could they have harped any on Mrs Smith's weight I mean really Besides the plot and subplots there were some very likable characters I'd love to have a Mr and Mrs Smith in my life They seem like good people And I do sincerely love the ending of this book except as it pertains to Bud Although there are some things I don’t understand about this story and one thing I clearly don’t like I don’t hate the book which would be a rating of one star per my system – just that one aspect Of note this is not the version of books I was exposed to as a child I found the drawings often did not match the photos in my head which greatly bothered me It also finally dawned on me that in my head much of the setting is in Petit Jean State Park in my beloved home state of Arkansas