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Trixie Belden and the Marshland Mystery Trixie Belden #10Trixie and Honey are planning a hike to Martin's Marsh to collect herbs and flowers for botany cl. I have zero memory of this one except for feeling that the hand on the cover looks undead and that the book should have been far exciting than it was This falls into the category of Trixie's imagination runs away with her but she's not as far off as you'd think stories The mystery is very low key and most of the action is concerned with the awful would be muckraker journalist and the child prodigy violinist I kind of liked Gaye the violinist because she was a spoiled brat and a really good liaryou'd think that would work against me liking her but she made for an interesting challenge to Trixie and Honey's patience I'm not sure if the solution to the mystery makes sense view spoilerwhat kind of finish can you apply to gold to make it look like brass that both comes off easily and doesn't come off accidentally hide spoiler

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Sterious burned out house by the marsh and look for Captain Kidd's hidden treasure with a kid alo. One of the best lessons from this book is timeless and still applies today “There seems to be something magical about printer’s ink Once people read a story in a newspaper most of them believe that story is true even if it’s retracted”It is difficult to award this than a three out of five due to the utter lack of threat I’m not sure I remember this one at all Maybe vaguely That lack of threat is a likely cause Our antagonists are a Bugs Meany flavored reporter and an exceptionally unrealistic road construction project I know this is a YA book but bypass construction projects that reuire draining a swamp just don’t get decided and funded in a couple days time with construction to begin the following week Even in a pre NEPA world road construction was costly and the planning and design stages were time consumingI had such high hopes early on Captain Kidd’s treasure buried in a swamp uicksand Gothic trappings of a ghost a burned down manse and a mysterious harried woman locked up inside issuing dire warningsInstead we just get an annoying little kid and Mr PooInteresting to see how the different ghost writers drop in casual racism differently This is clearly the ghost that has issues with indigenous people and Romani and has expressed those views through the characters’ mouths previously This is a fascinating contrast to the otherwise freuently sickly wholesome charity work of the team and their awareness of the powerless and downtrodden

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Trixie Belden and the Marshland Mystery (Trixie Belden, #10) Read & Download ä 7 Ý Trixie and Honey are planning a hike to Martin's Marsh to collect herbs and flowers for botany class But Honey's family has a visitor a child who wants to tag along How can Trixie explore the mysterious burned out houseAss But Honey's family has a visitor a child who wants to tag along How can Trixie explore the my. This another issue that has almost a gothic feel to it with burned out mansions a 40 year mystery a dangerous marsh and and elderly lady who lives at the edge of the swampI really enjoy this book and I love learning about the herbal lore that the Bobwhites learn about as they pick samples to replace a teacher's prized herbal collection I wish it had come with some recipes or instructions on making poultices and teas with the herbs the kids findbut there are internet sites devoted to herbal remedies so we can just look them up these daysThis story is mostly Honey and Trixie the other characters are pretty minor in it but they are there of course except for Dan Mangan who is only mentioned but does not have an actual role in itWe are also introduced to another lovable character named Rachel Martin who I think is mentioned or pops up somewhere else later too A very enjoyable read