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EBOOK Ý EPUB Adventures of an Air Force Wife ä 9781491062999 FREE ´ RANDARENEWABLES ´ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a military wife Did you know that young military families often struggle to survive on military pay Read the book to learn about the adventuN you imagine moving 1400 miles from home in the middle of winter at tender age of 18 Arriving in a far off northern tier state with no home no furniture and not much money presented many uniue challenges Share the adventures as a young mother daydreams about the rich people who shopped at the former fur store she lived above Did she find any forgotten fur coats in the vault at Van de Streek Furs This book details a young family's struggle to survive the brutal North Dakota winters and creatively live on an airman's pay Have you ever gone dumpster diving to provide for your family The adventures take place in the '70s before cell phones and the internet Remember CB radios I The book is a short read but it was an eye opener for me The only things I knew about military family life was from the movies and it's always portrayed as good living until they leave the base but I had no idea there were hotels in the bases apartments dorms etc in the movies all you see is the barracks in boot camp and nice houses You also get a feel of what it's like for the kids to move around so much I knew it happened but I had no idea it was that often The story itself is memoir so there is no real plot but rather a snapshot of the life of a family while one member is in the service As is this author's style there were plenty of pictures so the reader could visualize what the times the bases clothing cars buildings etc were like which was pretty cool As to the lower rated reviews they probably didn't know what type of book this was but it was definitely not badly written but it's not for everybody It's mostly going to appeal to army families or someone doing research or people who enjoy memoirs I liked it

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a military wife Did you know that young military families often struggle to survive on military pay Read the book to learn about the adventures and struggles of an 18 year old Air Force wife If being a young military wife wasn't difficult enough add a baby to the family The adventures begin at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul Illinois where the family of three lived in their first apartment An overflowing bathtub a missing hamster and some too close neighbors added to the mayhem To make life even exciting the young family was forced to leave their comfort zone in the midwest and relocate to cold snowy Minot North Dakota Ca I always have a problem rating a true story i mean how can you not like a true story Even if it is a sad or brutal one I have no such problems with this authors books She writes in an every day conversational style with no thrills or fuss no big drama it always covers the events she herself lived through In this case it is herlife as an air force wife in the 70's Starting a family starting a life together with a new job Living a life Now for me the most amazing thing about this authors books is what a legacy she is leaving for generations following her Her children and grand children must be so impressed with having these books as a reference to what life is like for their parents The narrator also an old favourite adds to the authenticity of the story as she relays the story as it is written with little fuss and even less drama Stunning WaAr

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Adventures of an Air Force WifeN the '70s they were a great way to communicate and meet new people Would you entrust the care of your baby to someone you met on the CB radio Read about the family's move to the coveted base housing which came with a new set of rules and problems Have you ever thought about joining the military or marrying a service member Then this is the book for you This book is an interesting read for current or former military wives who will be able to relate to the challenges of living from paycheck to paycheck You haven't shopped until you have waited in line at the commissary for an hour or on payday Learn the story behind the slogan Why not Minot Freezin' is the reason Ice is nice Set in the 70'sI found this story most interesting Having to move around 1400 miles in the middle of winter to the cold and snow of North Dakota was an enormous challenge for an eighteen year old air force wife Author Becky Corwin Adams does a great job with her very descriptive inside look at the harsh realities of life at that time The memoir of how life really was gave me some sort of idea of just how tough it really was There are some moments that I found funny and most entertaining I am referring to the car story the fire and deciding to leave it down the blockThe story comes across being very natural and realistic and the abundance of story telling pictures all add to this enticing story I wanted to read this book because my late mother served in the Royal Air Force as a cook and I felt any information would be most interesting to meI was certainly not disappointed It took me a while to get through this story due to other commitments but I am so pleased to have read Becky’s family story A very good read indeed