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Annie Jump Navarro is an Ivy League math whiz kid who has won numerous Internet poker championships under the handle supern0va But when the Feds crack down on legislation making the funding of online gambling accounts illegal most of Nova’s as. I really like how Nell Stark writes her stories It’s like you’re there watching it If you’re a fan of poker or maybe you’ve tried playing it I think you will like this oneAs for me yes I’ve tried both playing online and live pokerand you can really spot difference I miss playing it’s been awhile I miss the adrenaline I too can’t mask a poker face often times I got busted by friends For Nova she speaks her mind and what you see is what you get from her that why I can see disaster when she played live poker She has a smart mouth While V is the ice ueen here She’s cold but deep inside she’ll do anything for the people she values She’s got a rough life and being an Ice ueen is a the only optionThere are nice secondary characters my favorite is TJActually the reason why I gave this a 4 and not a 5 because of the ending It felt flat like I was still browsing hoping for a “after credits” scene Yeah I know how lameAnd also I want interaction between Nova and V 375

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All In Author Nell StaHas seen too many fools flock to the strip only to leave broke and humiliated Will Vesper be able to successfully coach the volatile Nova to win at live poker And will Nova be able to convince Vesper that she should take a gamble on true romance. This is a romance between an online poker player and a casino host It's a nice story with plenty of details about poker that would be interesting to someone who likes poker and even to someone like me who doesn't know the first thing about it I even enjoyed the poker parts This is my second Nell Stark novel I like her style

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Review õ All In Author Nell Stark Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  Annie Jump Navarro is an Ivy League math whiz kid who has won numerous Internet poker championships under the handle supern0va But when the Feds crack down on legislation making the funding of online gambling accountsSets are frozen Her sponsors will only continue to support her if she can win a championship bracelet at one of the live events of the World Series of Poker She heads for Vegas where she meets Vesper Blake an ambitious but jaded casino host who. I'm sitting in front of my laptop right now trying to think of what I want to say about this book And honestly I am at a loss for words sad business when you're a copywriter It is amazing fantastic wonderful awesome brilliant marvellous incredible and my thesaurus is running out of words that mean really really very extremely goodFirst off I love poker If I'm going to a casino it's my game of choice Hell The Gambler is one of my favourite songs of all time I can play the game but I'm a rank amateur who has no idea what the difference between an inside and an outside straight is But I love the thrill of it and I'm not too bad So maybe I am biased towards loving this book just because of the setting Who knows Because I don't careI loved it I fell in love with Nova and Vesper I want to adopt TJ because he aroused my big sister instincts I want to meet Priscilla and hug Jeremy I want to join this eclectic little group of people and watch all their stories unfold I was drawn in and when I got to the last page I flipped back to the beginning just because I didn't want to leave yetBut enough with the tangent now because I'll go on forever Let's get down to the nitty grittyIs the writing good Hell yesWere there grammar issues I didn't spot any but I was so absorbed I might have skipped past themAre the heroines likeable Definitely yes And yes you will shout at the page in frustration when they don't do what you want them toIs the supporting cast good Yes read my previous commentsIs there a suitably nasty villain Yes you'll hate him as much as I didIs there anything I would change Not one thing Although if I'm completely honest some of the technical poker terms went completely over my head hello Google my old friendAnd the final uestionWould I recommend this book to others Definitely 100% resounding YESIf you're not into poker or casinos in general you might not be able to enjoy this as much as I did I personally found the whole host side of things uite fascinating because I never even knew they existed before But for me personally this book is going on my reread list And that is the highest recommendation I can give because there are currently less than 20 books on that list