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Knox a former Navy Seal has been in several dangerous situations but nothing compares to dealing with Diamond Richards Framed for murder he needs the passionless lawyer to prove his innocence But when he no longer needs her help he’s going to show her the passion she’s capable of and walk away a free man Diamon TOP 5 CREEP WORTHY THINGS IN Knox's StandRegrettably all of Begley’s books are interrelated So if I want to see how Shade and Lily’s story plays out I have to suffer through 5 books Now that I’ve finished book #3 however I can safely say that there’s some creepy ass shit in The Last Riders series And here are the top 5 creep worthiest#5 The Last Riders? More Like Last PussiesAs several other reviewers have noted The Last Riders are so terrified of their club whores that they do nothing while the whores hurt belittle and disrespect their heroines Case in point “ ‘We’re not giving Knox up” Jewel leaned toward Diamond “There’s no way you can satisfy him by yourself’Diamond could see that Bliss and Evie agreed ‘Aren’t you going to say something?’ Diamond asked Knox‘We let the women handle this’ he answered” Jewel Diamond KnoxEXCEPT Every time a heroine tries to “handle this” one of The Last Rider pussies publically shames her Sooooo BALLESS BIKERS CREEPY #4 Is That A Judgy McJudger In Your Pants? For people who love to drone on and on and on about how much they hate being judged The Last Riders are awfully Judgy McJudgerpants “ ‘You can have a lot of fun sharing that beautiful body of yours Diamond if you just let yourself relax and enjoy the pleasure’ His fingers slid into her panties ‘I’ve never seen a uptight woman than you’ ” KnoxYeah baby I love it when my manwhores gets all judgmental when they're sexing my heroines upOF COURSE NOT blink blink#3 She Put Her Virtually Unused Va Jay Jay Where?Imagine you’re at The Last Riders’ whorehouse Er clubhouse and THIS happens “Diamond gasped at the hot tub ‘But I don’t have a suit’‘No problem We have extras’ Knox opened a cabinet showing several swimsuits Picking out a white one he handed it to her ” Diamond KnoxUhhh Would YOU put on a swimsuit that’s been worn by gazillions of strangers who aren’t too picky about who they let into their Vajayjays? IF YOUR ANSWER IS “YES” DON’T TELL ME#2 Call The Center For Disease Control ASAPLet’s face it The Last Riders are only interested in 3 things ORGYS ORGYS and tricking sexually inexperienced women into ORGYING “Knox was getting out of the biggest bed she had ever seen with a sheet barely covering his dick while two women burrowed under the blanket Rider stood on the other side unconcerned that his junk was waving everywhere” DiamondSOOOO Why don’t the heroines ever wonder about the cleanliness of The Last Riders’ beds before they gleefully jump into one? I mean C’mon You know those beds are crawling with random DNA How ANYONE can SLEEP in those beds much less feel all sexed up in them is beyond me FOR REALS SHUDDERS#1 When Is A Choice Not Really A Choice? When a Last Rider tells a woman she’s going to a “party” that’s really an “orgy” AND he lets another Last Rider watch him touch herAND he encourages another Last Rider to touch her tooAND he remains silent when another Last Rider sticks his dick in her mouth “She heard Rider ask ‘Mind if I join you?’ ‘No’ Knox said thrusting a finger deep within her‘Yes’ Diamond groanedRider moved towards them ‘Knox?’‘Relax’ Knox coaxedHelplessly Diamond leaned back against Knox’s chest Then Rider tilted her head so his cock was within reach of her mouth After they all came reality returned with a rush of shame and recriminations” Rider Knox DiamondYou see in group settings things like peer pressure politeness or amiability often inhibit the will to say no Which is why women don’t CHOOSE to go to “parties” that turn out to be “ORGIES” where strange men suddenly begin touching them and unexpectedly shove their strange dicks in their mouths OR ANY OTHER PLACE WHERE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD “CHOICE”Aaaaaand THAT’S why The Last Riders series is so creepy Knox's Stand Last Riders 03 by Jamie Begley 1 Creepsturbing Star For information about my rating system see my profile pageLinks to my reviews of other Begley books Razer’s Ride LR #1 Click Me Baby King VIP #3 Click Me Baby Shade LR #6 Click Me Baby Lucky's Choice LR #7 Click Me Baby Tate PB #1 Click Me Baby

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Knoxs Stand The Last Riders #3Ding and fighting for despite his desire for freedom This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations multiple partners moderate violence and explicit language offends yo I was really hoping for Lili and shade story but still decided to read this one since I though the second book was a lot better then the firstI was wrongI did not feel any chemistry between knox and diamond i wish his background was explain a lot better and sooner cause the way he treated diamond was just douchie And Diamond Diamond Diamond Damn she was as worse if not then BethPlease please dont make Lili a doormat and let her keep her self respect Pleaseeeee Lol

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DOC ↠ READER Knoxs Stand The Last Riders #3 FREE ´ Knox a former Navy Seal has been in several dangerous situations but nothing compares to dealing with Diamond Richards Framed for murder he needs the passionless lawyer to prove his innocence But when he no longer needs her help he’s going to show her the passion she’s capableD plans on earning her huge fee to prove Knox is innocent but she had no idea the muscled biker could bring out the passion she kept hidden behind her designer clothes Trying to find a murderer is easier than dealing with The Last Riders and Knox’s sexcapades He’s going to find out there is one woman worth stan 5 HUGE PIERCED STARSI'm obsessed with The Last Riders series I was a little bummed out when the author announced that the next one will be Knox I was kinda hoping for Shades but hey I'm not really complaining because ever since book 2 I've been so curious about Knox and his piercingsThe book started of with a BANG and I mean it literally with Knox banging the shit out of the women “You’re a marshmallow” “I am not a fucking marshmallow” Knox sexy rough dominant and huge not just by height but also down cough there He's the biggest member of The Last Riders MC with completely bald head Framed for murder he needs Diamond to prove his innocence “You got something against color?”“I like a calm environment”“Any calm and you’d be dead” Where do I even begin with this guy? I adored him I loved that his dominant but also softy I knew he has some piercings down there but I didn't expected him to be HUGE and likes a rough sex Let me tell you He's a fuckin' sex machine I thought Viper is the one that has a big sexual appetite but I was damn wrong Knox can fuck for hours He has some skill that no one else has he sure knows how to use those piercings Diamond the stuck up bitch with curvy figure red hair and big breasts She's a struggling lawyer who grew up in the MC club She hated her father who was the President of The Destructors and didn't agree with their lifestyle Wanting a fresh start she decided to move to Treepoint Representing as Knox lawyer she needs to prove he's innocent “This is what I want from you Diamond” “It’s yours Knox Take me” I don't really know how I feel about Diamond I liked her from the start but at times grate on my nerves She started off as a strong independent woman but became weak throughout the story I didn't like how she begged and didn't asked for commitment love or even infidelity to Knox She hated her father for cheating on her mother and now she's doing the same fuckin' thing From being strong she ended up with no backbone at all “Kiss me Forget there’s anyone in the room” Ahh the sharing and watching Seriously these people fuck non stop I loved all the members even the girls but I'm still not warming up on the club rules and friday party These rules irked me but Jamie Begley does it with so much sensuality that even though I don't like sharing it had me panting like a bitch The scene with view spoilerKnox Diamond and Rider was HOT hide spoiler