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S him on the spot as his business partnerIt’s a deal with the Devil Spud is a loose cannon liable to blow up at any moment The two travel to India to become the largest wholesaler of hippy Hindi glad rags in the UK and to fulfil their dream of becoming rupee millionairesAlong the way they pick up a motley crew of kooky characters––Ram a lovable crutch Fantastic loved itI loved Frank Kusy's first book Kevin And I In India and this one was amazing too So good that I have immediately pre ordered his new book due out in October This is nicely presented it has chapter headings with a little symbol by each of these the same one is used for all chapters probably Indian Anyway it all adds to the overall effect for me In this first part of the book there is a bit of history about Frank his mother was Hungarian he lost his father when he was only two They were very poor They lived in London and his mother worked all hours to feed them and keep a roof over their heads As things were tight and he didn't get pocket money this was the root of his enterprising ideas He was always on the lookout for a way to make money even by the age of seven he had a product he was making and selling to friends you'll never guess what The things he does are uite comical eg inventing a twin brother who did something because Frank was 'definitely not there at the time' He thinks on his feet some hilarious excuses Right from the start this is a really good read easy to whizz through and digest with some very funny anecdotes which really made me smile As well as the fun Frank is a gifted Travel Writer and I was hoping that this element would be present in this book it was I love Frank's similes one of my favourites in this book is 'like a tiny turbaned Sat Nav' and there are many where that came from There's good variety in the choice of words; none repeated or over used not run of the millusual words refreshing and different Frank gets together with this sometimes unsavoury character Spud they start from a market stall and eventually end up supplying leading firms such as Liberty's with various goods from trips to India etc I love reading about travels and there are many of these documented eg Frank's freuent trips to India finding stock Interesting and eye opening are the long journeys eg an overnight train journey followed by another six hours on a bus So money making times then Frank returns to London and to a Recession This is very serious only four out of thirty two market stalls were still in operation Lots of stress as they're hoping Liberty's are going to still want their order as a huge amount of money tied up in that I love when he switches to travel writing mode setting the scene of The Venus restaurant this is where Frank excels This book is memorable to me as it's set around 19921993 and my son was born in Dec 1993 so I am tending to think of things that were going on in my life at those times Just lovely description here of the annual full moon camel safari Fabulous descriptive writing of this It does all sound magical Steaming cardamon tea sounds wonderful Amazing experience comes through the writing Getting back to nature on this full moon camel trek the animals etc a wonderful reading experience for me His love of India really comes across in this powerful chapter Incredible I was often reading until nearly 2am Sign of a great book can't stop reading it Such variety of content travel humour family and relationship matters upset Spud's downslide into drugs This book has it all to keep you enthralled Lovely heart warming details about his mother and the comical ways she displays on arrival at Delhi airport Brings a lump to your throat where his mum tells him she's proud of him An emotion filled chapter Such skill to hold the reader's attention through many themes emotions unexpected extremes Spud rears his ugly head again and so does the VAT man In the midst of this serious stuff there's still some comedy remarks I've heard lots of people say this book is good and say how funny it is but near the end there are some harder times so this was totally unexpected I really felt this as I read it It's not all comedy so varied a very substantial and involving read

Book Rupee Millionaires

Rupee MillionairesBound Rajasthani George an irascible American Nick and Anna a uirky Canadian couple Susie a Dagenham girl gone ‘native’ and Rose the secret love of Ram’s life These become the ‘Pushkar Posse’ a group of oddball traveller entrepreneurs who meet once a year to have fun and make money in eual measureJoin Frank on this wild rite of passage through Indi Loved this compulsively readable bookThe story of the authors wild ride growing up learning ways to survive a poor and Catholic upbringing; his choice of Buddhism and the challenges that entailed when trying to reconcile it's ideals with his reality but most of all his wild misadventures in India and Great Britain and the colourful characters met along the way As a small character in this story I can vouch that truth really is stranger than fiction and while there may be a few small creative adjustments this stuff really did happen Highly recommended

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Rupee Millionaires Book ´ 243 pages Download Ë Frank kusy ¿ Dodgy Frank Kusy born into poverty from immigrant parents learns to live on his wits––first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray later as a Buddhist trader in London’s St Martin’s in the Fields marketThen he meets up with thuggish Dodgy Frank Kusy born into poverty from immigrant parents learns to live on his wits––first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray later as a Buddhist trader in London’s St Martin’s in the Fields marketThen he meets up with thuggish ‘Spud’ who is so good at scaring people notably the Petrovs two encroaching Russian gangsters that he hire Rupee Millionaires by Frank Kusy is a fascinating and highly entertaining life story of a London trader and life artist and his travels business ventures friends and life philosophy at home and abroadWritten with great wit humour realism and honesty this is a reflective travel memoir that reads smoothly and easily and will make you think as well as smileBe warned there are some adult themes and 'language' Very enjoyable