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Free read ↠ Vacation Hiro (Cats in the Mirror, #2) 102 ↠ This is the second book in the Cats in the Mirror seriesDestiny is a tricky thing By its very nature it cannot be avoided Hiro and Kimba thought they were free from the pull of their destiny and the scheming of the alien Cats in the Mirror But when the family goes awaHemselves right back in the middle of it all again A week is an eternity for a cat left behind Without Daddy's love and care will Hiro be tempted to join her cat family and leave Earth behind Will finding out who they really are change the sisters' lives forever Some cats are born on Earth and never know who th. When I finished reading and reviewing Why Kimba Saved the World I couldn't imagine Meg Dendler surpassing that story or the personification of the animals in her first book in the Cats in the Mirror Series I Was Wrong Once again Dendler has developed the cats and one dog in her story to be exactly as we see them day to day those of us who are cat and dog lovers Personally I own a black and white tuxedo girl and with each page turn she leaps out at me as Hiro does this or that Dendler possesses a talent for character developmentAs before Vacation Hiro does not lack for action dialogue and enough suspense to keep any reader engaged When I say any reader this is a book not just for the middle reader but also for animal lovers those who love to read about animals grandparents and parents to read to those younger than middle readers and anyone who loves a touch of fantasyIncluded in Vacation Hiro are illustrations created by the author's daughter and images of Hiro Kimba and another cat character in the book They add a great deal to the book's appeal My Recommendation Need I say I highly recommend this book for the age group intended children'smiddle grade science fiction fantasy And all the other potential readers listed above This book would make a great giftDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review The opinions expressed are my own

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Ey really are Other are sent They are undercover for their years on Earth They know who they are They know that they are not from Earth at all And they are part of a bigger plan This middle grade book is perfect for for those who love cat books for kids or animal books for kids and are looking for chapter books. The Cats in the Mirror series is a very cute series about cats I read the first book a while back and then during a freebie promotion on picked up the second book sadly this sat on my kindle until the author contacted me to review the third book in the series and I am sad that I waited so long to read itVacation Hiro is about one of two kittens book one really focused on Kimba while this book is about Hiro Hiro is the shyer of the two kittens and loves her 'daddy' her human companion In the book Hiro talks to the cat in the mirror and learns about her and her sisters background The book is very cute I love reading about the cats and the author did a wonderful job making the cats seem like cats as well as characters in this wonderful book and world The cat characters outside of the house or alien cats are very interesting and the plot kept me engaged and even made me giggle at times The author also includes pictures throughout of her real life cats who are the stars of the book they are adorableI can't wait to read book 3

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Vacation Hiro Cats in the Mirror #2This is the second book in the Cats in the Mirror seriesDestiny is a tricky thing By its very nature it cannot be avoided Hiro and Kimba thought they were free from the pull of their destiny and the scheming of the alien Cats in the Mirror But when the family goes away on an extended vacation the sisters find t. It was a pleasure to enjoy Vacation Hiro and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I enjoyed Vacation Hiro even than Why Kimba Saved the World Perhaps it was because I really enjoyed the developed world that Meg Welch Dendler created on the spaceship for the cats from outer space I think it helped me shape the image of Meg’s alien cat society in a way that wasn’t introduced in the first book In Vacation Hiro our main character Hiro is thrown when the family packs up and leaves without returning that night she misses her daddy and is worried how he will sleep without her curled up next to him She is thrown into even turmoil when she begins talking to the forbidden cats in the mirror in her parent’s bathroom and learns of her complicated background She brings her sister Kimba into the exploration and mystery and encounters a whole new world I enjoyed following the parents and children to their family trip and reading how there were cats monitoring the family movements so that the two kittens Kimba and Hiro had the opportunity to learn and understand why they were so important to the space cats uite a fun adventure to read The book Vacation Hiro could be a stand alone title but the two go uite well hand in hand There will be a third book coming along soon enough as well I recommend this seriesHere’s something I loved Meg introduced a rule that the cat spaceship maintained for all cats on duty four hour shifts can’t expect than that they need their rest to sustain energy“Some cats” Griffin added “go back and forth for Earth lives several times” — made me think about cat’s situations