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download ã eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ J. Michael Holloway Dreaming Bears in the true story of the rare friendship that develops between a young medical student with deep roots in the South and an elderly Indian couple in the wilds of northeast Alaska In 1961 Mike Holloway his brother Ted and a college friend set out from South Carolina to spend the summer hiking in arctic Alaska intending to live off the land They. First of all I'd like to thank Michael Holloway for providing this book through the Goodreads Giveaway programDreaming Bears is a story of an enduring friendship that developed between the author and an elderly Gwich’in chiefmedicine manstory teller Johnny Frank and his hospitable wife Sarah It was great to see the young man setting out to explore the wilds of northern Alaska during a summer break from medical school develop a life long relationship with the elderly couple during his many visits to the area eventually being considered their grandson and an advocate for their subsistence rights to fishing and caribou migrationcalving grounds and trying to preserve their mythologyhistory through recording the stories of Johnny and Sarah Overall an excellent book describing the hardships of living off the land It makes you think about the threats that modern technology may bring to the wildlife and native history of this untamed corner of Alaska Maybe sometimes the “old ways” are the best ways

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review Dreaming Bears Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB î Dreaming Bears in the true story of the rare friendship that develops between a young medical student with deep roots in the South and an elderly Indian couple in the wilds of northeast Alaska In 1961 Mike Holloway his brother Ted and a college friend set out from South Carolina to spend th E man Sarah made their home welcoming with warm calm kindness Mike’s rich encounters in Gwich’in country deepen his love of wild land and his respect for those who depend upon it for their survival The experience alters his life He becomes the adopted grandson of Johnny and Sarah returning to Alaska as a doctor and an advocate for the land and its peopl. Primordial Life LessonsDreaming Bears by J Michael Holloway begins like so many other stories about people with adventuresome hearts Their trek begins on a whim before becoming something very different We meet the author then a young man taking a break from medical school in Charleston South Carolina He and a friend had agreed earlier to get up to Alaska and spend their summer hitchhiking across the Alaskan tundra Good fortune smiled upon them as they hadn’t calculated how they were going to pull it off as Holloway’s father offered up his jeep if he agreed to take his younger brother along with them Common sense prevailed; he accepted his father’s offer and they began their storied road trip from South Carolina to the Alcan Hwy to Fairbanks to Ft Yukon and beyond eventually ending up just 50 or 60 miles shy of the Arctic Circle a hundred miles from the nearest road where Holloway met Johnny and Sarah Frank an elderly Gwich’in couple who ended up changing the course of his lifeJohnny and Sarah were unlike anyone he’d ever met before First they were members of a small uickly diminishing tribe Second and most importantly they represented a lifestyle he’d never been exposed to Johnny Sarah opened their homes to these young men – no uestions asked When Holloway politely checked to see if they could reimburse their hosts they were assured not necessary only if they overstayed their welcome An impressed young Holloway wrote “I have never met a friendlier kindly unselfish person”Dreaming Bears traces the growing affinity between Holloway and Johnny and Sarah over the next twenty plus years Holloway returns time and again to visit his special Alaskan family drawn to them by their simple captivating life style but also by some inner primordial tug that recognizes the life lessons they share cannot be learned anywhere else This Gwin’ich pair and their extended family surviving on the fringes of where civilization ends are the last of their kind Their ancestors had survived over the millennia following the caribou as their source of existence Originally a nomadic people they had formed a special connection with this particular migrating species that allowed them to maintain their lifestyle for thousands of years And while Johnny and Sarah no longer migrated with the caribou they continued to maintain that Spartan non material relationship with the land and its inhabitantsEach time Holloway returned to visit this wondrous couple sometimes several years would pass it was like time had been suspended and he had not been away for years but maybe just a weekend couple of months at best He became their adopted grandchild who dutifully returned to them sharing his adventures from the Lower 48 where as time passed he became an orthopedic surgeon married raised a family but never really left their sphere of influence It was as if he had always been a part of their family a respected member of their tribe who just happened to spend chunks of his time away from his grandparentsAlong the course of this maturing bond between Holloway Johnny and Sarah and their family Holloway’s priorities shifted away from what had been important to him growing up in the south to a greater appreciation and commitment to the values of the land and all of the sentient creatures who occupied those pristine spaces This awakening led to Holloway becoming a tireless crusader defending the rights of the caribou and those who depended upon them Another charming aspect of his memoir is that while not realized at first gradually steadily you become aware that you’re reading a love story We get to watch Holloway fall in love with the land inhabited by the Gwin’ich We see him wholeheartedly embrace hunting expeditions when it’s 20 or 30 sometimes 40 below zero For a Southerner from South Carolina if this isn’t love then what is It’s no surprise then that he also falls head over heels in love with Johnny and Sarah Frank They become his Alaskan family – godparents to his son Holloway writes about this so lightly not ever directly talking about this affair of the heart that when you realize what he has so artfully crafted you are moved than you could imagine By the book’s close there is no separation between Holloway the Gwin’ch For all practical purposes he’s one of them respecting what they admire committed to the values they espouse It’s a beautiful thing to beholdOriginally published in the Anchorage Press on January 4 2017

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Dreaming BearsEnd up in the homeland of the Gwich’in – the northernmost Indians in North America The young men charter a small plane into the isolated village of Venetie and are directed to the remote cabins of Johnny and Sarah Frank an elderly Gwich’in couple who lived a thirty five mile walk from the village Johnny was a well known storyteller and former medicin. I'm thankful I ventured by accident into the Goodreads Giveaways section Dreaming Bears was one of 3 books I tried to win and it was the only non fiction one I selected I was curious to know what took Dr Holloway deep into Alaskan territory where he met the Gwich'in people and developed such a deep interest in their life Those uestions were answered of course as I journeyed with Dr Holloway on his trek into the rather primitive Alaskan land inhabited by his adoptive grandparents Dr Holloway gets to the point with his narrative yet doesn't minimize the details I was able to visualize the way of life and the never ending work it takes just to survive each day and yet be happy with what you have I understand why Dr Holloway cares about the land and the people who thrive there; his efforts to keep the land whole to support families and their environment are to be applaudedI received this book from the author as a Goodreads Giveaway