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The Rachel Papers Epub ´ 240 pages ↠ Randarenewables ´ In his uproarious first novel Martin Amis author of the bestselling London Fields gave us one of the most noxiously believable and curiously touching adolescents ever to sniffle and lust his way through the pages of contemporary fiction On the brink of twenty CFather and meticulously plots the seduction of a girl named Rachel a girl who sorely tests the mettle of his cynicism when he finds himself falling in love with he I've given up trying to defend Martin Amis books I tend to agree with every criticism that people offer but to me they've missed the point He's so wonderful to read because he has technical mastery than any writer of the last fifty years that I've read He can make his prose and conseuently his characters do absolutely anything he likesAs this is his first novel the pyrotechnics are somewhat muted making it probably one of his accessible novels He has focused a bit on characterisation creating Charles Highway who can stand as the eual of any of the unpleasant young men of literature in my opinion He's at once detestable and forgivable and he's instantly recognisable to anyone who's ever anticipated the sexual act with eual measures of dread and excitement or felt an odd pleasure at coughing up a livid green lump of mucusIf you've never read Martin Amis or wondered what goes on in the head of self involved young men this is a good place to start

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In his uproarious first novel Martin Amis author of the bestselling London Fields gave us one of the most noxiously believable and curiously touching adolescents ev I first heard of Martin Amis through the fellationary I refuse to accept the unreality of this word anecdotes of his late friend and tireless polemicist Christopher Hitchens Now Hitch for those who don’t know is a man of such intensity that the normal rules for using lugubrious in a sentence which is to say; don’t do not apply So hearing all his praise for Amis sank an image into my psyche into the binary operations of my most atavistic operating systems a conceptual depth charge descended bobbing like a giant rotten apple on black streams of lizard consciousness The picture of a man in a gimp suit leaning over a bowl of cereal which instead of confections in the shape of happy iconography is heaping with words like tumescent postprandial scabrous emetic detumescence termagant extempore pubical okay that’s not a real word either Fiendish spoonfuls disappear into the grim aperture of his executioner’s mask His hunger — never satedNeedless to say I’ve been in a state of confused arousal ever since So I thought it’s time to explode this mine using the soft water logged organic tissues which comprise my being to muffle the detonation Thus have I ridden The Rachel Papers like the proverbial Texas Rattlesnake with my thighs gripping all the while with force enough to explode two good sized cantaloupesWhat’s it about? Well it’s about a self obsessed twat with a frail constitution and ego who meticulously chronicles his manipulative hijinks the bulk of which are directed towards obtaining a rather ordinary girl who has etched herself large in his imagination due to the difficulty in obtaining her Not to be thwarted by what he views as her simian boyfriend he draws upon his self aggrandizement to further self aggrandize using notebooks to codify mannerism affect ambient lighting conditions and speeches which beg borrow steal and sometimes confabulate insights he has gained from being a bed ridden book worm in the past all in order to loom eually as large in Rachel’s mindAll of this was humorous and oddly charming from a self insertion perspective Where I couldn’t help but imagine being Rachel and breaking this conniving little shit from sucking eggs using my own diabolical snares Which funnily enough made me sympathize with him because maybe we’re cut from the same cloth and he just has the unfortunate tic of scribbling out his machinations like an action item list After all I have set up vignettes within my own room to evoke certain impressions in visitors Leaving an art pad out with Boltzmann’s euations scribbled on it and stained just so with Rorschachs of Jaegermeister will in eual measure attract and repel prospective mates So if I can accuse him of anything really it’s being unbearably fastidious and going to pieces when the bottom falls out Roll with the punches you insecure phlegm ridden weasel Break ‘em from sucking eggs I will But on the other hand Maybe I would’ve pity shagged He’s a bit adorable in a horrible person kind of wayAnyway the story wasn’t terribly interesting to me if not for the fact that it was written by Martin AmisAllow me to clarify If the writing style of the book can be imagined as a window then it can range from opaue to completely transparent Sometimes Spot jumps over the fence and sometimes Spot luxuriates in rich prose doesn’t manage to clear the hurdle at all and snags his beanie babies in an unceremonious landing Which is a thinly veiled commentary on the pursuit of happiness See what I mean? No? Forget it You’re a terrible dog anywayNow with Amis it’s a bit like a foggy mirror in the loo You see shapes being traced in real time by someone on the other side Something beautiful and impossibly detailed defying the normal restrictions of phalangic art You’re astounded to see the nervous system of Hyena Matriarch materializing slowly This also allows you to glimpse something of the responsible party “Wait Is he”Next to this beautiful cross section of Crocuta crocuta of the Hyaenidae family The ueen’s arterial branches coalescing and terminating in a frighteningly large clitoris which she uses to absolutely terrify the males of the pack any time there’s a row that needs sorting Look this up if you’re curious There’s something else taking shape“Is that a penis on a skateboard? Wait Is that the author over there rubbing one out?”And that’s pretty much Martin Amis What a treasure

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The Rachel PapersEr to sniffle and lust his way through the pages of contemporary fiction On the brink of twenty Charles High way preps desultorily for Oxford cheerfully loathes his If Philip Roth is correct and life is misunderstanding people then I remain awed by the riddle which is Martin Amis His first novel The Rachel Papers injects self awareness into satire leaking a fecund foam which changes everything about how we regard the way we live now The insecurity of adolescence is illustrated by our protagonist one Charles Highway who diagrams said angst and provides cross references from the literary canon One can imagine the reader or protagonsit saying bugger Holden Caulfield then recognizing that Highway has likely compiled a list of ten reasons as to his superiority over Mr Caulfield During a lazy gap year Charles writes drinks and woos the titular Rachel Life doesn't meet his precis Plans have to change Matters become a little Meta and we are left a little uncertain about what is actual and what is fictive This is one of the most hilarious novels I've read Numerous passages left me almost convulsing with laughter