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Spectives producing a richly layered portrait of the writer and the woman that leaves all of her complexities and contradictions intact  Such issues as sexual abuse mental illness and suicide are brought into balance with the immensity of her literary achievement her heroic commitment to her work her generosit So the making of art in reaction to the blows of life is both an active controlling process in which she orderes reality by putting it into words; and a passive self abnegating process whereby she recognises that what she is making is part of something pre existing and universal There is no Shakespeare; there is no Beethoven; certainly and emphatically there is no God; we are the words; we are the music; we are the thing itselfFear as usual in her case became a form of courage The fact that it is still considered humanly possible to write nonfiction in the 21st century is something of both a marvel and a threat Objectivity works cited academic credibility demographic positioning tone syntax words I'm not saying that these are lies but you've got another thing coming if you think your chaotically spawned senses and speech are any accurately all encompassing than those of cats and dogs and marmosets The animal menagerie was a treasure trove for the writing community composed of those close to Virginia Woolf so why distance our passive reading efforts from the origins of the truth we believe ourselves capable of creating To beat less around the bush I certainly found this biography engagingly holistic enough to forgo Woolf bios for the next decade but my lord Lee's agenda Painted Shadow and Secrets of the Flesh both dealt with white women in Woolf's chronological periphery but neither felt it necessary to sanitize their focus to such a neurotypical and non bigoted degree If I wanted to be told a story I would have picked up Flush instead She noted how everyone had a phrase a way of speaking which made them sound in control What is Virginia Woolf According to this weighty 800 page packet of citations vindications and gossip she is someone who has been made one thing and then another ignored and vilified pedestaled and coddled set upon by a misunderstanding public that when considering the debacle that is her posthumous publications may still not have access to all that she ever composed Her most well known works came before her increasing dedication to politics her wealth was derived from a colonialism never touched upon saved as the sort of metaphor that graces the rapturous end of Jane Eyre and her insanity has been chiue when neurotypicals needed inspiration and a barrier when these same neurotypicals needed to claim her as one of their own She might punch me in the face for calling her insane if she were capable of it but as someone who's nearing two decades of inherent suicidal impulses I don't call her anything I don't call myself It'd be fine if she rejected membership in my community but the last thing needed is the supposed writers of her life making her mental struggles anything they were not with all the metaphors of disability afforded to authorship Happily I'm interested in depression I've spent two paragraphs talking about the barriers between this writing and my reading to convey how cold I had to be to get anything out of this To be uite honest the most valuable aspect was how much my mental web of authors and authorial influence was widened around one of my most famous figures from the expected if detested nearness of Rebecca West to the surprising burst of Silvina de Ocampo onto the scene Thinking further back I consider such tidbits as the nitty gritty details of the Hogarth Press the honest for once portrayal of public and private confusion over Virginia Woolf being sexually assaulted as a child by her stepbrothers and just what it meant to have Hitler hovering over the horizon that fucking list the Nazis drew up of targets including the Woolfs and Zweig is the stuff of nightmares but that's some dry stuff cause thanks to Lee's insistence on smoothing over some of Woolf's horrid moments I've no idea what the real difference is between the censorship that interfered with Orlando and that which created Virginia Woolf Sure there's talk about rape jokes and blackface and lifelong classicism but the shooting herself in the foot stunt Lee pulled with Woolf's literary antisemitism in conjunction with her husband makes me wonder what other incidents she didn't even attempt to reason out of bigotry cause she knew it wouldn't work All in all if I'm going to be told a somewhat accurate narrative of a human being I expect a flesh and blood portrait not a bed time story to tuck me in at night Yes I intend to be a dead in future; the dead have so many rights The fact that I found myself reading throughout my effort to study for the GRE English subject test the biography of the author who caused me to cry in the library of the university I was subseuently going to drop out of didn't pass me by I acknowledge that I excoriate Lee out of selfish and possessive reasons as she was in the position to devote herself to the life of someone who changed my life while dead and gone in ways than I can put to words Woolf's feminism and wit and aesthetics don't put an ax to my frozen heart as much as they used to but the plain and simple truth is had I not encountered her when I did I'd be dead four years ongoing from having jumped off some bridge Make of that biographical factoid what you will I think the best these men can do is not to talk about themselves anyOf course none of this would be printed All in all reading this I aimed at increased comfort in the emotional realm and ended up hitting the academic realm instead One would assume as much from a text with a 100 pages of footnotes but being the odd duck that I am that is not always a guarantee Those who are thinking of reading this probably have to fear from boredom than anger so if they're still reading on they're likely wondering when I'm going to finally stop or get to a point or something Sorry kiddos Like I said I don't go for bedtime stories One afternoon in 1939 I was planting in the orchard under an apple tree iris reticulataSuddenly I heard Virginia's voice calling to me from the sitting room window Hitler is making a speech I shouted back I shan't come I'm planting iris and they will be flowering long after he is dead Last March 21 years after Hitler committed suicide in the bunker a few of those violet flowers still flowered under the apple tree in the orchard Leonard Woolf

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Virginia WoolfY and wit  and her sanity and strength It is not often that biography offers the satisfactions of great fiction but this is clearly what Hermione Lee has achieved Accessible intelligent and deeply pleasurable to read her Virginia Woolf will undoubtedly take its place as the standard biography for years to come This was easily the best biography I read all year and possibly the best I've ever read certainly in the top ten Lee shows Woolf from many angles and with many layers allowing her full complexity to shine through never reducing her to just one self

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FREE MOBI ↠ DOC Virginia Woolf 9780375701368 Ã RANDARENEWABLES Ä While Virginia Woolf one of our century's most brilliant and mercurial writers has had no shortage of biographers none has seemed as naturally suited to the task as Hermione Lee Subscribing to Virginia Woolf's own belief in the fluidity and While Virginia Woolf one of our century's most brilliant and mercurial writers has had no shortage of biographers none has seemed as naturally suited to the task as Hermione Lee Subscribing to Virginia Woolf's own belief in the fluidity and elusiveness of identity Lee comes at her subject from a multitude of per This is an excellent erudite and extremely detailed biography weighing in at well over 700 pages without footnotes It is a literary biography and so there is much emphasis on Woolf’s writing Lee knows her subject and her subject’s works and is able to separate the myth from the reality This is very much not a casual read easy biography as it is so steeped in Woolf’s work her life Bloomsbury and her ideas about writing and women It is one of the best biographies I’ve read and is a must for any fan of WoolfAs Lee herself points out Woolf’s voluminous writings and correspondence is still being published; but those who knew her are mostly gone She has been reinterpreted by feminism Marxism modernism and most everyone else since It would be so easy to get lost amidst all the mass of studies and writings about Woolf; but Lee’s book is an excellent start for those wishing to study Woolf in depth For those of us who want a comprehensive literary study of Woolf; this is ideal Lee has written biographies of Willa Cather Edith Wharton Elizabeth Bowen and Penelope Fitzgerald and I have a sudden desire to read them all She has also written about biography and about Philip Roth that one I really must read She has also written a book called Reading in Bed which is a history of women’s reading habits which looks fascinatingI could at this point go on about how much I learnt about Woolf a lot and about what a wonderful writer she was but you already know that What Lee does do well though is analyse the historical context and look at the lives and work of those around her There are lots of interesting leads to follow and I noted down several references to books which I will follow and read if time allows If you are a fan of Woolf this is a must read