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READ Ó The Long Way Home (A Secret Refuge Series #3) ´ Will the War's End Bring the Highwood Family Together AgainWhen a disastrous decision by the new wagon master forces Jesselynn Highwood and her companions to separate from the wagon train she races back to Fort Laramie to find a guide to take them to Oregon But the guide hasA far different plan and following her heart Jesselyn agrees to join him her rag tag band in tow The ensuing journey is fraught with hardship and danger Is hope for the future sill a prospectBack in the East Louisa Highwood and brother Zachary are captured by Union soldiers. The Long Way Home by Lauraine Snelling is the third book of “A Secret Refuge” series that kept my attention all the way with excitement and adventure including family drama traveling with a wagon train a bear attack imprisonment weddings Indians and establishing a new home Although this is Christian fiction it is not a predictable ending where all the loose ends get tied up It is a family saga that emphasizes all are created eual regardless of geographic location or skin color This takes place near the end of the Civil War and covers the effect the war had on both the lives of the south the north and even the west I enjoyed this entire series of light reading and was happy with the ending I liked that not all the slaves were mistreated My favorite characters in this series were Jesselynn Thaddeus her little brother Meshack a very smart strong Christian former slave and Wolf a half breed wagon master I highly recommend this series if you enjoy reading about the Civil War eraThis is the 8th book I’ve read this year about the 1800’s during the Civil War era and I would rank it second to Michael Phillips’ Shenandoah Sisters seriesKaren's review

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Will the War's End Bring the Highwood Family Together AgainWhen a disastrous decision by the new wagon master forces Jesselynn Highwood and her companions to separate from the wagon train she races back to Fort Laramie to find a guide to take them to Oregon But the guide has. I fell in love with A Secret Refuge series by Lauraine Snelling since the first book Daughter of Twin Oaks which started the saga of the Highwood siblingswho were in search of safety and peace in the Civil war torn America But the ending was rather disappointing; very rushed hopping to finish typeIn book 1 Jesselyn masuerading as a boy was journeying with 3 of her freedmen a freedwoman and her youngest brother barely 3 yrs old Thaddeus Being the eldest daughter of plantation owner Joshua Highwood who died of war injury left Jesselyn with loads of responsibilities Her mother Miriam had already passed away giving birth to Thaddeus The wretched war took Adam her eldest brother the next Zachary being MIA for sometimes Their biggest pride and joy were the thoroughbreds they reared in their stud farm for which Twin Oaks was famous in the area Joshua wanted his horses safe from the marauding army and Jesselyn had to take them somewhere safer far away from Twin OaksBefore beginning her journey Jesselyn send her two younger sisters Louisa and Carrie Mae to Richmond to their Aunt Sylvania so we get to see their stories simultaneously Jesselyn journeys pretty much into the unknown not knowing if her Aunt Agatha and Uncle Hiram who lived somewhere in Missouri were even alive or notAlong the way Jesselyn now called Marse Jesse to fit her masuerade saw destruction pain and misery of the war than she ever hoped to lay eyes on It shakes her strong religious foundation that their mother instilled in them very badly She uestions God's wishes feels angry at His apparent whimsy at the suffering of His children She feels that it shows He doesn't care much by letting the suffering going on for so long Only Meshach one of her freedman and friend would tell her otherwise; that she shouldn't lose faith and continue to hope for a better dayThe Highwoods' story continues in book 2 Sisters of the Confederacy where Jesselyn found nothing but destruction in Missouri Agatha has been left destitute after Hiram's death and Jesselyn now had one mouth to feed in her little mishmash band of people which also included an orphan girl named Jane Ellen and an orphaned infant named Sammy; both casualties of war It seemed Meshach and Ophelia married sometimes in between the books which was never mentioned with Ophelia now in the family way They'd also adopted little Sammy as their ownAll through their journey Jesselyn had taken in soldiers as they found them buried people after people and dodged several dangerous situations One of those soldiers before he went home showed an interest in her after finding out her sex uite accidentally He promised he'd join them again in near future However after months of separation Jesselyn had to come to the decision that it will never work Sgt White's last letter confirming him unable to keep the promise only solidifies thatIn the meantime Carrie Mae had gotten married in Richmond and has found herself in the family way Louisa on the other hand continues her work as a volunteer nurse at Aunt Sylvania's where they were keeping recuperating soldiers When she was working at the hospital she met a soldier forming an instant attraction to him Lt Lessling seemed like the man she'd like to spend her life with But he had to go away on an urgent summon from home Unfortunately for Louisa the dream of settling down remains a dream when later in the story she hears of Gilbert's train being sabotaged There were no survivors I was heartbroken and wanted this to be untrue Around the same time she met Gilbert Louisa stumbled upon Zachary in the hospital unrecognizable with his severe head wound and other injuries Even though he survives he's not the same man any Zachary has lost a lot both physically

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The Long Way Home A Secret Refuge Series #3For smuggling medical supplies into Richmond Can Louisa find a way to obtain her brother's freedom before it's too lateRare courage and dogged determination will be hallmarks of the Highwoods' long way home Their futures and that of their beloved Twin Oaks hang in the balan. WOW was it a long way to the end In the book when Carrie Mae's baby was born I thought about Gone with the Wind and the statement maid by Scarlett's maid Prissy Carrie Mare's maid almost said the same thing Then when the former slaves Mashak's baby was born and the farther raised the baby in the night reminded me of rootsIn the book we went from 1863 to 1865 from the end of one chapter to the next We never found out what was Carrie Mae's second baby was I didn't like the ending