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Free download Forever Is Now (Shooting Stars, #1) 105 î When Alex confronts ex lover Chance the sparks fly But nine years has done nothing to lessen the intensity of the chemistry between themIf you love someone set him free If he steals something of yours hunt him down and make him sorryAlex Bremen is over Chance Ralan Ever since his hiWhen Alex confronts ex lover Chance the sparks fly But nine years has done nothing to lessen the intensity of the chemistry between themIf you love someone set him free If he steals something of yours hunt him down and make him sorryAlex Bremen is over Chance Ralan Ever since his high school boyfriend ditched him nine years ago Alex has. This book was received free in return for an honest reviewI'll admit it took me a bit to warm up to this story However once Chance and Alex meet up again after 10 years apart and the sparks start flying I was all in and finished the last 75% of the book in one day Alex was perfect as the out of the closet old boyfriend angry and upset that his ex trying to act straight rocker Chance recorded a song that Alex had written For his part Chance is apologetic and brave enough to try again and rekindle the lost love he had with Alex Both men overcome pride and doubts to come together in a beautiful HEA The secondary characters were well developed and memorable The author did a great job of emotional development both of the characters and for drawing me in to the story hating and loving where needed The author states that you can stalk herand I just might this was a story well worth reading

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Song Alex wrote for him years ago Alex crosses the country to confront him Revenge becomes a dish best served sizzling hot The two men lock horns but find the chemistry between them has only intensified with time and occasionally love needs to do some growing up before it can be done rightContent Notes Hot GLBT Anal Play Anal Intercourse. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsI actually felt so sorry for Alex His high school love ran away and never looked back choosing his music over Alex Okay But as Alex can’t ever completely let it go because even if he threw out his yearbooks deleted Facebook and avoided any mention of Chance the man was all over the media When Alex is faced with Chance stealing the song Alex wrote for him and using it to propel himself to even fame well gloves are off Alex does documentaries and he does them very well He arranges to do the documentary of none other than Armageddon Showdown and it’s fearless leader Let the good times roll Chance is a rock star who is so far in the closet he could be a coat hanger He bangs women left and right and lives the heavy metal lifestyle Then he records Alex’s song something just gives in Alex and it’s time to face that asshat I liked Miles his assistant and felt bad for him too I didn’t like Chance for a lot of it not going to lie I didn’t want Alex to fall for him again especially as easily as he did Especially after Alex confronts him and he blames the song on “my manager made me” For the love of pete take some responsibility After sex when Chase truly treats him like a cheap whore I wanted Alex to get with anyone but Chase Even after Chase’s “apology” he is still treating him like a dirty secret Made me sad Alex’s actions at the end after the “outing” were so cold I thought it was a revenge thing because really Alex if you are there for him be THERE for him I found the writing to be well done – not flowery or head hopping I do wish Alex had made a better choice about what to do at the end because I really liked him until then This is a one that ran away story that takes a while to actually get to the HEA You have to ignore some asshat moments but it’s a worthwhile read especially for rocker fans

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Forever Is Now Shooting Stars #1Barely thought of Chance at all Sure Alex attended a concert or two when his ex’s band Armageddon Showdown was in the area but that was curiosity than anything else Who wouldn’t want to see firsthand how his once clean cut boyfriend transformed into a pierced and tattooed heavy metal godBut when Chance has the nerve to record a love. I love this type of story plot but I've read Black Hurricane by Erica Pike which has a very similar storyline Both have ex boyfriends that left them a few year back both are now great musicians and both stole the songs that the other MC wrote Both have manipulative managers Lets see what direction this author takes with he storyRead 11 September 2013Rating 225Unfortunately this book did not live up to the hype of Black Hurricane I did not feel the chemistry between the characters and felt that there were to many sex scene's given the size of the novelThe sex scenes were less than lack luster and awkward The following observations whilst reading contains spoilers Their first sex together after the separation didn't work for me Alex still has feelings for Chase but this is also surrounded by the betrayal Chase makes a big loving confession and immediately the fall into bed together But first Chase ask Alex to go somewhere private Their separation was mainly due to the fact Chase wanted to stay in the closet and here while they are getting hot and heavy this is his first though This didn't even bother Alex remotelyHow could Chase deepthroat like a expert This is a guy that hasn't given a BJ in nine years and there time together in school wasn't enough for him to master this skill After the above mentioned sex scene all their problems and issues are suddenly solved They barely discussed Chase's theft of the song and the royalties that should be associated with it He admitted that he took the song without permission but assumes now that they have slept together he can sing it freelyWhy was Alex so upset when Chase kicked him out of the bedroom He had several opportunities previously to get angry about Chase being closeted but suddenly it bothered him He knew what he was signing up for when he entered that room with ChaseHe does not stay mad long and guess what they have sex again All it took was a promise that Chase would TRY Alex should have manned up and told him that the relationship could only start when Chase was openly outThe outing was so predictable I saw it from the moment they mentioned that Miles and Alex had sexI was fine at this point he was outed his manager was being homophobic there was enough drama all round But the author went to far with the dog dying that needed Alex's immediate attention NOW if I thought that was going to far I was shocked by the unneeded car accident What did this achieveI loved the marriage proposal though that was so uniuely ChaseLeft Disappointed