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Everyone has a secretGabe Hyde is on borrowed time He's been hiding his identity for over four years hidden from the world that used to adore him obsess over him driven to the edge of insanity by one poor choice But that one choice altered the course of his life forever Pretending isn't all it's cracked up to be especially when pretending means hiding your real self from the people that care about you the most But if anyone ever discovered the truth it wouldn 45 Toxic StarsReaders don’t know who the real Gabe really is He is hiding something pretty big scratch that it’s HUGE I will not reveal any aspects of his secret but for me part of his secret it hit too close for home I was crying or choked up pretty much the whole read ”I was playing a part I was Gabe I would never be him again I would never be my past again” ”I could be her friend I could be Wes’s friend Hell I could even be a good cousin to Lisa but I’d never end up with anyone My soul mate? I’d already met her” Rachel Van Dyken perfectly weaves all the characters in this story without overshadowing Gabe Wes was once again a fantastic friend and he added so much to the story for me Gabe’s situation was truly enormous and seemed impossibleThrough the pain and heartbreak delivered through Gabe’s piano playing Saylor sees Gabe and they form a connection ”Maybe some of his talent would rub off on me I didn’t play like that I wasn’t raw I was practiced” ”I need to stay the heck away from Gabe – he’d be toxic” Gabe helps Saylor add emotion to her piano playing while Saylor starts to uncover what Gabe is hiding ”That” He leaned in “is how you perform Like every kiss is both your first and last – like you’re saying both hello and goodbye – like you’ve just been bornlike you’ve just died” I found the story to be BEAUTIFULLY written all along ripping my heart out page after page Gabe was indeed a real ass to Saylor in the beginning and the their paths crossed his ability to push her away is compromised and he finds himself torn ”Gabe” Saylor kissed my mouth “For what it’s worth I still want to be in the story even if it meansI walk away empty handed Even if it means I walk away without my heart” My only issue with the story was on Gabe and Saylor’s ending Believe me there is going on in the story so when things wrap up I felt that they were in a good place BUT not as advanced as the author placed them and would have been happy with them getting to know each other without the bells and whistles at the end Overall this story was very well written and the author delivered some truly fantastic uotes She captured all the characters’ feelings with true artistic skill and delivered a great seuel Death and love are the only two things that exist in this world that are strong enough to alter the course of your life of your destiny They either propel you or paralyze you In the end the choice is always yours Wes

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Toxic Ruin #2Her knees so weak she couldn't form coherent sentences for weeks afterwards But the closer she gets to him the confused she becomes He isn't who he says he is and he's hiding something big What happen when two worlds collide? Two worlds that never should have met in the first place? Some secrets are too big to be hidden forever the only uestion? Will his destroy everyone he loves? Or finally bring about the redemption he's been craving for the past four year 25 starsIt’s always disappointing when I start a review with a HUGE SIGH but here it is SIGHSummarySaylor is the virginal freshman She loves music and the only problem she has is stage fright Saylor’s life is warm and bubbly until she runs into Gabe Gabe is tatted dark hair and pierced He seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder and is nothing but intriguing Four years ago Gabe and his girlfriend get into an accident which resulted in his girlfriend being mentally and physically handicapped Gabe has never been the same sinceReviewI’m going to be blunt and say this Toxic did not work for me which is a huge disappointment considering I loved Ruin so much The main problem I had with Toxic was chemistryThere was absolutely no chemistry between Saylor and GabeHeck I felt for Gabe’s girlfriend than I did for Saylor and Gabe’s relationship The first half of Toxic is not a romance book You really didn’t get into anything romantic until the mid way and even then it was brief at best The first half of Toxic is Gabe unleashing his demonsI love a damaged Hero but I felt Gabe was a bit weak and annoying Many times I wanted to say “suck it up buddy Yeah your girlfriend is not all there and she lives in a group home but she’s alive and you need to do the best you can do” Gabe isn’t coping with his girlfriend’s accident because he believes it was his fault I get his pain I get it but I am not sure if the ENTIRE book could be based on itWhen Saylor and Gabe do interact it’s very minor and it’s always filled with crazy tension I love tension but this story is tricky because you have the broken girlfriend to think of So all this time I wonder how Gabe can truly move on from his girlfriend?I am not even sure there was a storyline past Gabe having this secret Oh you think he would let Saylor know? Of course not so of course Saylor is confused You have this Hero who is hot and cold and doesn’t offer explanationsI didn’t see what Saylor saw in Gabe had it been me I would have walked away a long time agoThen you get to the climatic ending and I was just rolling my eyes on the cheesiness It was just too typical and I was so fed up on the whole Gabe broken girlfriend and Saylor dynamic I just wanted it to endHad there been chemistry and build up between Saylor and Gabe I would have a different opinion now but for the first time I didn’t care if the Hero or Heroine got together Series Order REVIEW |

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read reader ☆ Toxic Ruin #2 ´ ebook ✓ rachel van dyken Í Everyone has a secretGabe Hyde is on borrowed time He's been hiding his identity for over four years hidden from the world that used to adore him obsess over him driven to the edge of insanity by one poor choice But that one choice altered the't just be his life at risk but hers Saylor doesn't hate men Just Gabe Only Gabe He's a reckless happy go lucky silver spoon fed pain in her ass Everything about him makes her and confused Unfortunately they both donate time at the same Group Home If she wasn't afraid of flunking she'd be long gone She hates that she's attracted to him almost as much as he hates that he's attracted to her and she can tell especially since their first encounter ended up making ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review 6 Breathtakingly Beautiful Stars Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken was simply breathtakingly beautiful I absolutely love this book I couldn’t put this book down and the only time I did was to wipe all the tears shed Toxic was of those books that consumed and owned me If you haven’t read Ruin I highly recommend you do In Ruin readers were introduced to a Gabe who was fun protective loving and happy But in Toxic we are introduced to a different Gabe He is still protective funny and loving but this time we get to see another side Broken depressed remorseful and secretive Gabe’s story left me a beautiful mess My heart ached Many tears were shed I really don’t want to say much but his story will make you FEEL and it’s one of those stories that must be read and experienced to understand Gabe’s pain heartbreak anguish shame guilt and love When his secrets begins to unravel and truths are finally revealed my heart broke If I had to describe Toxic with a song it would have to be The Passenger “Let Her Go” Staring at the bottom of your glassHoping one day you'll make a dream lastBut dreams come slow and they go so fastYou see her when you close your eyesMaybe one day you'll understand whyEverything you touch surely diesBut you only need the light when it's burning lowOnly miss the sun when it starts to snowOnly know you love her when you let her go Ms Van Dyken took her readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions filled with so many twist and turns So many tears were shed when it came to Saylor and Gabe This couple especially Gabe literally gutted my heart I felt every ounce of their pain heartbreak love and happiness If there was ever a couple that I wholeheartedly rooted for it would have to be Saylor and Gabe Each moment they were together you could feel how much they loved each other Every kissed touched music played and words exchanged were so heartfelt and meaningful The last 15 chapters my heart was breaking and I was left a blubbering mess Tears were streaming down the face that I had to take a moment to calm myself since there were times I couldn’t see the words in my kindle What I truly love about this book was the overall message Love Heals There are not enough words to express how much I loved and highly recommend this book Toxic is definitely in my list of 2014 favorites Toxic literally broke my heart twisted it shattered it to pieces and slowly piece by piece taped it back together Be prepared to fall live love and breathe Rachel Van Dyken