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Download é PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » James Webb James Webb author of Fields of Fire the classic novel of the Vietnam War former US Senator; Secretary of the Navy; recipient of the Navy Cross Silver Star and Purple Heart as a combat Marine; and a self described “military brat” has written an extraordinary memoir of his early years “a love story love of family love of country love of service” in his wordsWebb’s mother grew up in the poverty stricken cotton fields of Eastern Arkansas His father and life time hero was the first of many generations of Webbs whose roots are in Appalachia to finish high school He flew bombers in World War II cargo planes in the Berlin Airlift graduate. James Webb Jr has a story to tell Among his many credentials he has thus far served as Assistant Secretary of Defense Secretary of the Navy and US Senator from Virginia where after one term he voluntarily walked away from office on his own terms This memoir captures his early days through his Marine Corps service in Vietnam and very briefly touches upon his political career Having written several novels the multi talented Webb has a flair for writing As a military brat the son of a demanding Air Force career officer the Webb family zigzagged across America and for a period England moving sometimes 2 or 3 times a year James Jr noted his father was totally focused even in his spare time driving cross country as if on a B 29 mission “As he drove my mother became the navigator and we were the crew although it wasn’t clear whom he wanted to bombHis eyes were intent never leaving the road in front of us” James Jr saw through the toughness of his father and he desired to create his own markSome higher education schools excel and maintain an excellent reputation because they seek a different path to success Webb sought to enter the Naval Academy and fortunately one major interviewer was looking for “leaders who might turn into scholars not scholars who might or might not turn into leaders” He was admitted to the Annapolis institution graduating with an engineering degree in the class of 1968 Physical conditioning was important to Webb and the gifted boxer garnered a reputation for beating the best in his weight classWith a disdain for communism and socialism and a belief that military service trumps politics Webb committed to Marine Corps service ensuring 9 years of his life college and military would be devoted to dedication and sacrifice at the full discretion of others He served as a combat officer in Vietnam during the roughest period of 1968 69 receiving two Purple Hearts His unit was the 1st Battalion 5th Regiment of WWI fame that my grandfather fought with Webb’s path in life was far from easy but he rose through his own determination to become a role model not just for those of the Vietnam era but for other generations before and after The man with both an engineering and law degree could be a Democratic challenger to Hillary Clinton in 2016

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Characters ä I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ James Webb author of Fields of Fire the classic novel of the Vietnam War former US Senator; Secretary of the Navy; recipient of the Navy Cross Silver Star and Purple Heart as a combat M Literary ground One of the most highly decorated combat Marines of that war he is a respected expert on the history and conduct of the war Webb’s novelist’s eyes and ears invest this work with remarkable power whether he is describing the resiliency that grew from constant relocations during his childhood the longing for his absent father his poignant goodbye to his parents as he leaves for Vietnam his role as a 23 year old lieutenant through months of constant combat or his election to the Senate where he was known for his expertise in national defense foreign policy and economic fairness This is a life that could only happen in Americ. I got the feeling that I was reading a want to be for his next run at office

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I Heard My Country Calling A MemoirD from college in middle age and became an expert in the nation’s most advanced weaponryWebb’s account of his childhood is a tremendous American saga as the family endures the constant moves and challenges of the rarely examined Post World War II military with his stern but emotionally invested father loving and resolute mother a granite like grandmother who held the family together during his father’s freuent deployments and an assortment of invincible aunts siblings and cousins His account of his four years at Annapolis are painfully honest but in the end triumphant His description of Vietnam’s most brutal battlefields breaks new. MEMOIR OR MYSTERYA good book envelopes you with its world and leaves you wanting When that same book leaves you with uestions than answers—much like bomb craters in the An Hoa Basin—you wonder how it really went downThe best parts of “I Heard My Country Calling” are the Vietnam War memories As a marine veteran from that same war I can relate to C rations now MREs immersion foot malaria and booby traps now IEDs that either build character or kill you And yes the book reminded me of that special camaraderie that comes with being a marine That alone made the read worthwhile AlmostWebb also details his early years as a military brat yet there is a strange Disneyesue tone to these sections despite the hardships In fact Webb spends so much time idealizing his father that we wonder why he keeps bringing it up Is he over compensating Or hiding somethingThere are other “craters” in this memoir that should have been written about Obviously Webb gets divorced from his first wife For many of us divorce is a painful and existential process yet Webb never mentions this time in his life The last time we hear of Barbara Webb she is a psychiatric social worker in Riverside CaliforniaWebb mentions his children but never describes his relationships with them or how he raised them if he did while he was moving from place to place in law school trying to find himself and unemployed I admire him for writing “Fields of Fire” I’d admire him if he was bonding with his kids at the same timeThough an Air Force colonel Webb’s father tried to talk him out of serving in the Marine Corps because of the Vietnam War Webb says that he too tried to talk his own son out of another absurd war this one in Ira He never elaborates To raise this parallel and then just drop it is a travestyWebb never goes into detail about his tenure as Secretary of the Navy either Why not What did you do Jim And what did you try to do when you were a senatorI knew before reading this book that James Webb was a bright remarkable man and after his combat experiences lucky to be alive He tells us than once about the times he has won and succeeded in life He leaves out loss and failure yet you know it’s there somewhere I was left frustrated by this book wanting to know the other side of James Webb—Karl Alexander author of “Two” “Time After Time” and other books