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characters ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Rachel Curtis I am not a slut although I’ve been called one often enough Yeah I spent three months screwing one of my college professors but I was crazy about the guy Then he broke up with meI am not a bitch although people like to say I am I kept our relationship secret I’m not responsible for telling the university administrators about it but a lot o. I'm Chloe I 'm a twenty year old art history major And Chloe now has a hot twenty six year old hot bodyguard named Jack 3 Jack kept me going for sureChloe slept with her Professor and things didn't turn up well for both of them She is now a target where everyone dislikes her for getting their favourite Professor in trouble She starts to get threats and her parents are worried Hence Jack comes in as a solutionThere is attraction between us They want each other and yet they resist it The story was fast paced there were funny moments Rachel Curtis has a very nice writing style it was easy to read and understand Princess I promise you'll know if I come on to youIt means we're not going to rush through it like horny teenagers We're going to take our time How far will these two survive if they are in relationship Are those threats serious or were simply just for funAnd epilogue was so unfair It is partially leaving us hanging I need hope there is of Jack and Chloe Happy readingARC provided for tour

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review Knowing Jack Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Å I am not a slut although I’ve been called one often enough Yeah I spent three months screwing one of my college professors but I was crazy about the guy Then he broke up with meI am not a bitch although people like to say I am I kept our relationship secret I’m not responsible for telling t Round intimidating everyone who approaches me and looking obnoxiously hotThis is what I am I’m Chloe I’m a twenty year old art history major Kind of shy although I pretend not to be Stubborn enough to stay here for my senior year even though everyone hates meAnd I’m stuck with JackHe calls me “Princess” but I’m not a princess eith. 45 I WANT TO KNOW JACK STARS I seriously loved this book The little teaser really reeled me in and there is so much to this story I just know there is I have to know about Jack I feel like we only scratched the surface with himI liked having Jack's POV throughout the book it really made him even panty dropping amazing Chloe's could be annoying but not to the point that it got in the way I almost found her amusing because her lists were funny to me and made me giggle I enjoyed the fact that the whole story is based on the fact that Chloe slept with her college professor who is no longer at the school yet it is not the whole story This story is how she deals with everything after and how she gets to well know Jack sorry Cliche' I know Jack is seriously swoonworthy I love a man who talks goes a little caveman and then can back it up on top of it Seriously LOVE JACK But Rachel Curtis that endingUGHBut you got me hook line and sinker Please tell me I get to know of Jack and we get another book because otherwise I may just curl up in a fetal position and rock myself to sleep each nightThis honest review is done in exchange for an ARC through Net GALLEY from RACHEL CURTIS Thank you

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Knowing JackF students still blame me for getting their favorite professor firedI am not a drama ueen although everyone thinks I am now When I got a few nasty messages I just deleted them When I got the threat I assumed it was someone being stupid I still think that’s all it was My parents worry though so they hired me a bodyguard Now Jack follows me a. ARC was provided by the authorpublisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest reviewDo you read the blurb before you read the book I mostly read it before I decide to read the book But I should've known better that I shouldn't too rely on the blurb before I read the book because sometimes it misleads me When I read the blurb of this book in NetGalley I was intrigued Somehow I thought it will contain a drama with some kind of suspense andor thriller scenes since the main character Chloe has a bodyguard Jack Apparently it's all about knowing Jack literally In this case the title suits well since there is barely anything else aside about Chloe's trying to know Jack the whole time I honestly don't know what I should feel about it Should I disappointed because there isn't much story in it or should I be happy since the title has already tells much You tell meAs you may read in the blurb it's about Chloe who has a bodyguard after her affair with her professor which caused him to get fired from their university Her parents feel there are death threats to her Therefore they hire Jack That's why Jack gets his job in the first placeAlthough most of the story is told from Chloe's POV there are chapters from Jack's too the prelude interlude is told after a couple of chapters from Chloe's POV and postlude In prelude he's attracted but I feel like it's a lust than just an ordinary attraction to her from the first time he lays his eyes on her Apparently she feels the same which she tells me from the first chapter from page four to be exactly It's basically what she talks and thinks all the time in a whole book Here is what she says ” I can't think about anything except Jack and his big body and his strong hands and his rough jaw and that deep hot knowing look in his eyes” She desperately lusting on him her words not mine keeps thinking about how sexy Jack is and wanting to have sex with him And everything he says does and even when he doesn’t do anything she only hears his voice makes her shiver and uiver and her girly parts clench again it's her words not mine She tells me all those things too many times She also has annoying habit giving me advice about how to or what I supposed to do when I face certain kind of situations First couple of chapters is about a situation regarding on a hot bodyguard since she knows it well and is on man fast I’m on a man fast Fasting from food is supposed to be good for you – clear your body clear your mind get you refocused on what’s important So this year I’m fasting from men so I can focus on what’s important”Apparently she fails it miserably And instead of focus on what’s important such as finding who send her text message and post her photos on Tumblr she keeps lusting him and doesn’t understand why he couldn’t be with her She said on the blurb that she's a shy girl I don't think I agree with her because there isn't anything that mention or prove that she's a shy girl I don't know what to call her thoughJack also isn't better than her When it's time for him to tell me his POV he has the same things in his mind How beautiful and perfect Chloe is though she's a tiny small girl; acts and thinks like a caveman; and attack first ask later to someone who approach her He also has an annoying habit He keeps thinking about her flirting with her mad of her then have sex with her before he realizes that it isn’t good for their bodyguard protectee relationship This pattern happens many times All the while I keep thinking where is the death threat that Chloe's parents afraid of I think it's just in their thought and mine too when I read the blurb So who did send her text messages and post her photos on Tumblr you ask Wellthere is a bad guy here but it's so obvious I don't have to think twice to guess it And when they can tell who it is it is just so so so I feel relieve that finally the story endedPS to readers who have read it please tell me whether view spoiler your copy of this book is ended when Jack said what Or I got the incomplete copy I think I can understand if the author wants to make a cliffhanger ending but there is nothing else after Jack said it I mean there is no an acknowledgement a thank you page or whatnot not even a blank page to Indicate that the story finished I feel like someone torn the page so I got the incomplete copy hide spoiler