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read epub  Slave to Love Kindle Edition ↠ Sweet Nights No Promises After her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress Mac's first marriage had left its scars on him but he still seemed to give most of his time to his ex wife and spoiled daughter Roberta faced a hardHildren she craved she'd have to leave But could she really give up the love she shared with Mac? A love that brought with it no promises but the sweetest nights of passion? Worst book by this otherwise much liked author

Slave to LoveHildren she craved she'd have to leave But could she really give up the love she shared with Mac? A love that brought with it no promises but the sweetest nights of passion? Worst book by this otherwise much liked author

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Slave to Love Ñ Sweet Nights No Promises After her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress Mac's first marriage had Re Slave to Love Michelle Reid makes her h a very distant sloppy second in this story of an H who continually prioritizes his ex wife and his Parvo toxic bovine daughter over anything other than his mega corporate business in lifeMR lets us know that the h has been the H's live in girlfriend for just about a year She is the PA for his younger brother in the family firm and met the H a few days after she started working there the H wasted no time in sweeping her off her feet and into his bedThe problem the h is having isn't that she wants to marry the H necessarily she understands that he is gun shy after he got his suitably appropriate wealthy teen aged date preggers 19 years earlier and the two families were happy to force them into a shotgun marriage The H and his ex were massively unsuited to each other but they stuck it out for ten years and then divorced after his ex wife brought another man into the marital home while the H was off on business and in front of his daughter The divorce doesn't please their now 18 yr old daughter who firmly wants her parents back together and the girl takes on a level of nastiness usually reserved for HP OW to force itWhen the book opens the H's daughter is wandering around her birthday party that the H invited the h to hoping she wouldn't show telling everyone that she is outraged that her dad's bimbo has been let in to contaminate the bonhomie family togetherness moodThe h who got pawned off on the H's brother so everyone else at the family party can ignore or insult her is finally realizing that the H only wants her for her bedroom skillz and has no intention of ever making her a significant part of his life Because the h is the child of two environmentalist parents who also made her a distant second priority in their lives while she was growing up the h is finally figuring out she needs to move out and move up with a man who is actually man enough to stand up to the manipulative family the H doesn't have the chutzpah to deal with She is really tired of being second to everyone else's priorities The h concludes that if she eventually wants a husband and a family she isn't going to get it from the H who can't even make it clear to his own people that she is important to him Tho I would also recommend not responding to the nickname 'Bunny' if you don't want to be thought of as a guy's bimbo blow up toySo the h gets the H's brother to take her home from the party early and moves out of the H's flat that he put her in for easier access When the H furiously corners the h at work on Monday because the h wasn't where he put her when he called the h calmly points out that for all his ranting and raving he only called he did not leave his devoted family to actually look for herThen the h tells the H they are through she wants to think about staring a family and she needs to find a man to do that with The H complains that she has years as she is only 25 the h responds with a tart 'I should wait until your through with me then?' The H does manage to look a bit abashed at that statement because he uickly retaliates with the strong application of roofie kisses and attempted lurve force mojo moves The h is perilously close to weakening her stance but the H's brother saves the dayWe get a big scene where the H and his brother suare off over who has dibs on the h To her horror the H winds up punching his brother in the face and the h kicks both of them out cause she isn't the brass ring on the local merry go round Then the H manipulates the h into an overseas business trip on her own so the H can try and corner her thereThe H's brother managed to get one of his friends to woo the h on the trip trying to thwart his brother's devious plans for seducing the h when he crashes it The H manages to mess up the OM seduction attempt but does do a lot of sexual harassing of the h on his own when he suggests the h sleep with him and he will save the business deal for his little brother and preserve lil' brother's status in the family firm That may be a problem for some readers of the book The H is the Head Honcho and ultimately the h works for him That leads to a lot of abusive and outright sexist behaviors that the H never makes up for So try to keep in mind that we aren't very far out time wise from the flagrant misogyny of the HPlandia of the 70's and 80's and adjust your mental mindset accordinglyEventually the H manages to seduce the h again she just has NO resistance to the H's lurve force mojo which really messes with her attempts to leave his hiney The H is thinking he has won and the h will be his blow up doll to play with again when the phone ringsThe H's ex wife is in hospital with a serious infection so the H and h have to rush back to England The H's daughter manages to corner the h in the hospital waiting room and makes all kinds of vile and nasty accusations to the h about the H two timing her with his ex wife and various other tarty tramps names Then when the H shows up the daughter dramatically throws herself on her doting daddy and accuses the h of being mean to her and wanting her mother to die The H kicks the h out of the waiting area and tells her to leave full of contempt for the h who abused his precious bovine parasite The h is finally done with the H and leaves the country with her parents for two weeks The h and her parents have a little mini reconnection while educating us readers on on environmental preservationWhen the h gets back to England the H is furious she walked out again and the h tries to resign The H also admits he deliberately set the h up on the business trip and then he practices roofie kisses on the h Sadly she totally melts and all the calcium she recently acuired is flushed away by the Lurve Force Mojo The H refuses to accept she is leaving and asks her to wait a week while he travels for business The final day of that week arrives and the H's daughter shows up at the h's office and runs her sewer swilling mouth again This time the h doesn't tolerate the brat's excrement laden mouthy spewing and proceeds to deliver a very well deserved and long time coming verbal smackdown It is the very very best moment of the book The h does it with class and dignity but she does do it very well and the H is nowhere to be found to ruin anythingThe H's daughter then has a conniption fit and the h doesn't care At least she doesn't until the H shows up and starts to berate the h for being mean to his daughter So the h explains just what the girl has been doing behind his back and also explains that the H better help the girl sort her baggage or he is going to have a problem child for lifeThe H's answer to that is to drag the h over to ex wife's house and both the wife and the H tell their daughter they are not getting remarried Then the H tells the h he is marrying her and the h goes utterly brain dead The H's daughter decides she will have fun driving daggers into the h if she is her stepmother and the bovine little blob pustule fakes a conversion in attitude which the h believesHowever the h does gather her wits enough to say no to marriage with the H so he gets to make a pretty decent I am sorry I treated you like dirt speech which does convince the h he loves her and he does a pretty good apology tooThe h and H then realize that they need to cement their newfound commitment on the Golden Shores of Transcendent Bliss and we leave them planning the wedding and lurvin' it up for a sorta sparkly HEAThis one is very intense and it is very well written I just have no hope that the H will be able to hang on to his manly Alpha mojo for than a night or two This H was clearly a wimp in the face of his family and his daughter was probably a better Alpha so I am not holding out hope for the long term HEAPlus I think if the h gets a few Flinstones with extra calcum the h might actually develop enough spine to dump the H her job and find another HP millionaire to get herself an HEAStill I liked the story and I liked the h As far as OW drama goes the H's daughter was exceedingly excellent and that makes this one a pretty nice jaunt for an HPlandia outing but a bad day on the long term HEA believability front text ☆ Slave to Love Ð Michelle Reid

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Michelle Reid Ð Slave to Love mobi Left its scars on him but he still seemed to give most of his time to his ex wife and spoiled daughter Roberta faced a hard decision if she were to have the commitment and c 35 stars rounded upI was going to avoid this one but heard it called disturbing and my draw to train wrecks pulled me in However I found this to be a rather fun story about a heroine Roberta who was fed up with playing second fiddle to an ex wife and child 18 year old child being chased hot and heavy by an overly amorous hero Mac who is unwilling to let her go Lot of angsty moments dealing with with H as well as neglectful parents and angry teeth gritting scenes when you just want to bash the H in the face with a lamp for the crap he loads onto the h Although the h did indeed let him get away with much than he deserved she at least let him have it in the kisser often and strongly enough to keep me from losing too much respect for her The utter possessiveness and high grovel level from the H helped too So if you like them angry and angsty with an uber possessive H who refuses to give up his territory then this one might be fun for you