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The Ultimate Betrayal Book Æ 192 pages Download É Wedlocked A marriage in crisis I never meant to do it she was just there when I needed someone Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage or so Rachel had always believed But her happy life was shattered when she was told that Daniel had been having an affaiGe but was it too late? Could she ever forgive Daniel if he had committed the ultimate betrayal? By the author of House of Glass winner of the Romantic Times Award for Best Presents Plus of 19 Michelle Reid is one of my favorite HP authors She knows how to bring some genuine emotion even when working with very common tropes but this story was different in that it was less tropey and realistic in scope There was no private island no amnesia no blackmail etcThis story isn't my usual taste I waffled on reading it and tbh it won't be a re read for me simply because it's not my cuppa and not a fun sort of angst But I have to give credit to Reid for her ability to bring the angst in a way that feels real and had to rate it accordinglyI've never been through what the heroine went through but I could see myself reacting in many of the same ways I particularly identified with one part because I had to turn the page to get to it and it was so crazy that I was thinking the EXACT same thing the h was thinkingShe'd just struck out angrily and bitterly at her cheating H in a way that she was ashamed of and while understandable given how utterly devastated she was it didn't put her in the greatest lightI was thinking 'damn girl Why'd you have to go there? You had him where you wanted him' I turned the page to find that her thoughts were She felt ashamed of herself and angry too because in lashing out at Daniel like that she had given him the right to attack her when until that moment she'd had everything stacked her wayPetty huh? But that's exactly how I'd have felt Like her I wanted her behavior to remain above reproach so that he felt even worse about what he'd doneProblem is there were children involved It wasn't just about the heroine scoring points off the hero They had twin 6 year olds and a 6 mo old The book also dealt with how children are affected by this sort of adult drama Both the Hh tried to hide their problems from the kids but the 6 year olds were attuned than they expected That part was painful because it's hard to enjoy any point scoring no matter how well deserved that ultimately hurts innocent childrenSo not an easy read but effective for what she was trying to accomplish A few spoilery observationsview spoilerI was impressed that the unplanned pregnancy toward the end did not magically heal the relationship I think pregnancy is often used as a magic wand in romance and sadly people try to use it to solve problems in real life too I was a little disappointed that Reid pulled her punch in the end and revealed that the H never actually slept with the other woman It turned out that he got drunk and passed out at the other woman's apt but nothing happened She just let him believe it did out of spite since he told her it was over after that They did have an emotional affair and he was leading toward sleeping with her no doubt but it didn't actually happen Perhaps Reid felt like she couldn't achieve a believable HEA in the short format of a HP if the H had gone all the way Honestly she may have been right I know if I were the heroine I'd have preferred the way it turned out but I think the plot choice took a chink out of the realism Reid had achieved Then again we don't come to HP for reality hide spoiler

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Ved But her happy life was shattered when she was told that Daniel had been having an affair Then she realized that they'd been growing apart for years Rachel wanted so much to save her marria Any way you look at it cheating is a fast track to ruin a relationship Trust is a very fragile thing and once broken it can never regain the same credibility and value as it once heldIn the post Clinton Lewinsky era even physical cheating has found different categories As a reader when I see the excuse that it never got that far I uestion how far the physical infidelity got When the front of the husband's shirt and even his hair reeks of another woman's perfume I say it got too far When he decides to go to another woman's apartment with the full intention of cheating on his wife and children when there are children involved in my book the adultery is not only against the partner but cheating on their children because their lives are going to suffer as much if not and the psychological trauma is as bad heshe has severed the trust line When he didn't complete the act because he was too drunk to perform I say the intentions were all there The way I look at it in this story he physically and emotionally cheated on his familyWhen there is a long term emotional cheating as it was in this case the destruction is beyond imaginable and the author did a fantastic job portraying the effect on the mother in lawthe children and the wife The excuse that we read is the most popular excuse being used in real life I was not the top priority any and it made the book realistic He enjoyed the company of another woman over his exhausted wife and his sick children I mean who wants to come home to children suffering from measles and a wife who has had a hard pregnancy and is now taking care of 3 sick children while wearing no make up and the same t shirt she put on first when she got up when he can wine and dine and go dancing or to the theater every night with a top female corporate attorney with not a strand of hair out of place and no other care someone he enjoys talking to and spending every spare of time with Which is worse?I love how the person who broke the news of his infidelity was blamed instead of the real guilty party Isn't that usually the case and the reason many people close their eyes to their acuaintances unfaithfulness?What made me like this book is that he had to watch another man wanting his wife and kissing her For few months every time he tried to be intimate with his wife his infidelity and the other woman's image stopped his wife cold in his arms and he had to live with no real sexual fulfillmentDo I believe the lead female character made the right choice? Personally I don't I would take the 3 kids and walk away with half of his company after I would utterly destroy his reputation but she wanted to be a mother and have someone to take care of every other aspect of her life She had no life no friends outside her cozy home She had no intrigue or ambition outside the walls she built around herself and her family Her 6 years old daughter had courage then she ever did She didn't care if he ever allowed her to be part of his life outside their home as long as he came home and played the daddy part and made love to her every now and then and took her to the neighborhood restaurant when she didn't have to get dressed up She wanted certain easy comforts in her life She was basically the little girl who plays house It made it realistic because most women who stay in a marriage after infidelity do it for the very same reasons It is about security of having a certain life style and not losing the dream they had as a little girl a cozy house beautiful kids and a husbandI believe this book was really about how a woman's personality affects her reaction to cheating

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The Ultimate BetrayalWedlocked A marriage in crisis I never meant to do it she was just there when I needed someone Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage or so Rachel had always belie Re The Ulimate Betrayal Michelle Reid takes on that ubiuitous myth of the Seven Year Itch It isn't only a movie with Marilyn Monroe It is also a sort of urban legend that says the seventh year of marriage or thereabouts after people have settled into the 'rut' of the familiarity and routine of marriage one or the other spouse might strayIn last century that was commonly thought to be the male partner of the marriage as the wives were usually busy with motherhood and house runningThis h Rachel is the 24 yr old housewife mum in this situation The book opens when her last remaining school friend a London career woman herself calls her up in the midst of evening kidlet feed and bedtime rituals to let her know her 31 yr old entrepreneur Captain of Industry husband Daniel is having an affairRachel is in shock she met Daniel when she snuck a night out at 17 and fell head over heels in love at first sight Daniel was 24 and had a solid plan to become a Master of the Business Universe but his fierce attraction to Rachel kinda threw a wrench in the plansIt is strongly hinted that Daniel had planned to dump Rachel mostly because he thought his career goals should be met before he took up a family and marriage but Rachel's surprise pregnancy with twins put an end to that line of thinking Daniel and Rachel get married with Daniel shielding the sheltered Rachel as much as he could just like her parents did as he moves on and moves up in the business worldSo Rachel's neat cozy little world is shattered when Daniel comes home that night and by the look on his face she knows what her friend said was true Daniel has been seeing another woman Daniel tries to explain that Rachel was dealing with sick twins and a fractious new baby she was feeling ill herself and Daniel was fighting a takeover of his companyRachel responds to that in a VERY negative manner she takes him to task for being a cheater when she was trying to keep the house and home going and Daniel swears it was a mistake and will never happen again Rachel doesn't care her trust is shattered and she wants a divorceDaniel doesn't leave and there is angry sex that ultimately Rachel can't respond to and verbal fights and the overriding need to keep this huge chasm of doom from enveloping the kids Rachel also realizes that while everyone else has been growing and changing she has stagnated Daniel has obviously moved into a sophisticated world and Rachel wants to stay in their cozy older but small house and just be a mum Rachel figures Daniel never brings business associates home because their lifestyle definitely doesn't reflect his CEO status and she both regrets and resents that Daniel hides them from half of his life So it is with a serious sense of resolve that Rachel decides to take herself in hand and get some interests outside her home and family Part of it is that Daniel doesn't communicate about his life outside their home and Rachel believes that he feels ashamed that he got trapped by a teenager and that he is ashamed of her The other part of it is that Rachel gave up the potential for an art career to marry Daniel she doesn't regret it cause she really really loves Daniel and motherhood is her avocation but she also never got to develop her own inner self and now she feels it is hindering her from making a break from or resolving things with Daniel Rachel knows that in order to have any sort of resolution one way or the other SHE has to grow as person While Rachel doesn't hold herself responsible for Daniel's affair she does see how her naivety and blinders might have contributed to the other problems in her marriage There is also Rachel's very deep need to make Daniel hurt as much as she does and she flat out tells him she wants to see him bleed So Rachel cuts her hair buys a new wardrobe and get a much updated image It was a funny moment for Rachel she is doing an image in the mirror inventory and decides she needs a new look I was highly entertained by her thoughts of dumping the baby in Daniel's arms in his big time office while she took the day off to pamper herself Sadly Daniel's very nice mother came to watch the babyDaniel comes home to the change and he does the usual HP inscrutable male act It is clear that he thinks Rachel's new look is round two in their ongoing war and he offers to take her out So with her daughter's full fledged six year old encouragement Rachel dons a daring red dress and sallies forth to battle Daniel also gets a huge lecture from his mother who is very proud of her single parenting of her successful son But his mother also makes it clear that she really loves and likes Rachel a lot and that Daniel needs to be very careful cause if Rachel decides to dump his hiney he will probably be in a world of hurt Daniel gets all dressed up himself to take Rachel out and it isn't to the local Italian family bistro either He takes her to a very upscale London place and Rachel gets to see the other side of Daniel's life for the first time She doesn't like it much especially when they keep meeting people who clearly know about Daniel's ex girlfriend and assume that Rachel and Daniel are newlywedsThere is one man in particular that is really flirty with Rachel and Daniel gets super jealous Rachel thinks it serves him right he has hidden her and their kids for all this time and she isn't happy about it Tho I kinda got Daniel's reticence about his family I was married for years before my co workers figured it out to their great and everlasting shock I just always felt that what was personal in my life had no place at work nor did I want to deal with the gossip that went around like it did with some of my co workersDaniel tries to explain that he keeps his private life just that private but Rachel is humiliated all over again and feeling even alienated from Daniel Things go from bad to worse when her school friend shows up while Rachel and Daniel are dancingThe woman accuses Daniel of cheating on Rachel again and then makes disparaging comments about Rachel herself all the while making it clear that she resents Daniel for turning her buffet offer down So we learn that Rachel's friend wasn't really being a friend when she called Rachel she wanted Daniel for herself and was stirring the pot The woman can't see Rachel's face so she has no idear until Rachel turns around that she just spilled the beans on her whole campaign Rachel stares her down and the woman fades into the HP mists but Rachel has some hard uestions for Daniel about why he never said anything and he only says he did not want to hurt her feelingsRachel is a confused mess still but she and Daniel do manage a breakthrough on the Purple Passion moments Rachel isn't feeling as fulfilled as she used to so she has to wonder if she is ever going to get that back and Daniel takes off again for business Rachel resents that he is trying to force her to trust him when she isn't sure so she decides to take an art class The teacher happens to be the potential OM she met during their dinner in London He uickly makes it clear that he isn't adverse to being her partner in a revenge affair and when Daniel sees the OM one night after he gives Rachel a ride home and kisses her Rachel pulls away he soon learns that turn about is a skillet whack to the head Daniel becomes very uncommunicative and probably thinks Rachel is having her own affair She is not but the kids start acting up and the atmosphere is hostile Rachel starts feeling sick and Daniel gets angry because she doesn't call him to come home But Rachel never has called Daniel at work not once in seven yearsMR uses that to highlight the very separate spheres that Daniel and Rachel have fallen into it is a very stereotypical role assignment Rachel deals with all the home front stuff and Daniel goes out to hunt for dinner Daniel's reaction is meant to show that he does want to participate in the running the homestead just as his taking her to dinner at a place he is well known at in London can be interpreted as him letting her into his other world but Rachel can't uite see that yetRachel keeps going to her class even in the face of Daniel's disapproval and another big blow up happens when the frustrated wanna be OM gets rejected and throws it in Rachel's face that Daniel's former fling is a hot shot lawyer and Rachel is totally inadeuate in the eyes of the world as Daniel's other halfDaniel freaks out when Rachel gets home and Rachel is so furious she lets him think what she wants Daniel is very intense when he declares that he only wants Rachel and he demands her trust but Rachel isn't sure she is ever going to trust him againThen Daniel's fling calls the house and Rachel is hurt and furious and so is Daniel Things are looking decidedly grim and it is almost Christmas and their house is too small for all the visitors and Rachel doesn't want live in help and everything is a huge mess There is still boudoir bouncing moments but even tho Daniel begs for forgiveness Rachel can't seen to find it in her and she knows she is holding back on the intimacy because she still can't stare into Daniel's eyes during intimate eventsThen Rachel stars worrying that the boudoir bouncing isn't up to Daniel's standards any she had to rearrange a bunch of rooms to get everyone to fit into the house and Daniel flips out He is apparently EXCEEDINGLY wealthy and he wants to move to a bigger house that reflects that He is also irked because he and Rachel are going to have to give up their bedroom to her parent's for two nights The fight clears the air a little and Christmas goes well But Rachel is still worried about how unsatisfactory their formerly spectacular love life is going and she knows that Daniel can now be tempted She is also still doing lots of sketches and drawings and for some reason even tho she did not go back to the classes the sight of her sketch pad makes Daniel very upsetMR gives us the only POV of Daniel in the story when he mother calls work one day cause Rachel is having a huge crying jag Daniel rushes home and he thinks maybe the OM did something horrible to to her and he is going to break his face He still believes that Rachel is having an affair with the OM as she hasn't chosen to enlighten him mainly cause she is irked that he thinks she would stoop to his level I was really impressed that here is a man who is still determined to hang on to his wife even if he thinks she is cheating on himThen Rachel announces it is all his fault cause she is preggers and as usual he failed just like the first two times to 'take care of things' and Daniel is overjoyed It was a very funny scene Rachel has a bad reaction to the pill so every time they have a baby it is Daniel's fault cause he offers to be the one to take care of the birth control and he fails Rachel tells him he may be able to run a million companies but he is useless and she will be dead by the time she is thirty at this rate This means they have to move Rachel has to accept the staff that comes with the house and Daniel is finally getting the material things he wants Rachel is now determined that they will stay married She has three kids soon to be four Daniel is a good father and she figures if he only strays once every seven years or so she can tolerate itDaniel isn't so accepting tho he throws down an ultimatum that she either accepts him as he is and starts looking at him in bed or they won't be in bed together any Daniel is probably feeling irked because Rachel does no drawings of him and only has one caricature of him as a devil in her sketchbook Rachel feels like Daniel doesn't belong to her or really love her any and with that ultimatum that Daniel throws out she doesn't know what to do Then the twins run away after a fraught morning of Rachel trying to pack up a house and the kids making messes trying to help and Rachel is very preggers and she yells at them Rachel is frantic and then Daniel's secretary calls the twin's called a taxi to take them to Daniel's office and Rachel rushes over there in leggings messy hair and an old shirt of DanielsWhen she gets there she passes out in Daniel's office in sheer relief while his whole company looks on in surprised wonder that Daniel has such a young and pretty wife with passel of kids to boot and is very solicitous of them it is uite a change from his usual formidable man in charge demeanorWhen Rachel comes to from her faint the twins are contrite and Daniel wants to seriously talk Daniel explains that yes he was going to break up with Rachel all those years ago But only because he was obsessed with her she had a great chance at a good career and he really believed that he was wrong to tie her down and confine her at 17 Then she got pregnant and he was really really happy cause she had to stay with him and he got to keep her This also probably explains his 100% percent failure on the birth control front Daniel keeps impregnating her to make her stay with himHe also feels guilty cause he took some big risks to build his conglomerate and he also deliberately kept Rachel and his kids out of the business side of life because he wanted them cloistered like they were his seekrit garden retreatThen another company tried to take over his firm and Rachel and the kids were ill and he went off the rails when Rachel couldn't be as supportive when he would come home to her and he just went nuts His fling consisted of taking the woman out around London but NOT sleeping with her and then he got drunk one night an ended up at her flat but he was too drunk to do anything Tho he really did not know that until the OW called the house to stir things up and told him nothing happened while she was hurtling insults at himDaniel explains that the takeover attempt scared him then Rachel found out about his very bad behavior and even tho he thought she might leave him he had to hang on for grim life because he loves her beyond reason Rachel tells him that nothing than the kiss Daniel saw ever happened with the OM and she also asks Daniel how does she know he won't go off the rails again Daniel tells her it did not work the first time and he has a healthy respect for her abilities now Rachel lets him know that he needs to ask her what she wants out of life not assume things because while she liked art and she thought about a career as a teenager she really enjoys being a wife and mother and domestic engineering is the career of choice for her So while Daniel tells her he mourns the infatuated teenager she used to be he is also very happy with the strong woman she has grown into There is also the realization that both of them need to communicate and both of them need to be able to lean on each other even if it that means stepping into the other's usual sphere to get through tough times instead of Daniel doing all the protecting and Rachel doing all the home running Rachel has never stopped loving him even when she hated his guts so she tells him just that Daniel's sincerity and his re avowal of love convinces her that they can go on together happy in love and building a life a on much firmer foundation for the big HEAThis one is very intense and very very well done It is a very good exploration of what can go wrong when two people marry relatively young and don't communicate or share large parts of their lives with each otherMR also makes it clear that while Daniel did not physically cheat he still committed a HUGE betrayal The time Rachel took to recover from that was realistic as was the transformation of Rachel's character when she took steps to establish her own identity outside of the traditional wife and mother roles This is on the HP reuired reading list Not only it is a classic angstfest of cultic proportions it is also a very realistic look at what might occur after the newly wedded HP bliss wears off Life isn't always little white cottages and roses even in HPlandia and this book is an excellent emotional exploration of how a couple can find their HEA once again