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read epub ò Resurrecting Cybele Kindle Edition Ø Cybele Moondragon is an unemployed English graduate student who is disillusioned with her life and tired of being in debt She decides to resurrect a matriarchal cult based on the pagan goddess Cybele in order to make a lot of money and empower men and women who are stifled in traditioNies in hopes of showing her followers the path to spiritual enlightenment Janus is playing a dangerous game of manipulation with his Will Cybele succeed in resurrecting her life and ushering a new matriarchal religion into the world or will she fall prey to Janus's machinations and become the scapegoat in his uest for power and control? You'll have to read the book to find o The synopsis is what caught my attention and I really was looking forward to reading it but what I ended up with was bucket full of confusion and frustrationThe beginning is whimsical with no context but I gave it a fair chance as it might be a way to hook people up but alas it doesn't It further blurs and you can't make head or tails out of it The plot is average and the narration is bad The characters have no depth and doesn't make you feel connected to them The random and multiple change of point of views doesn't help as wellInstead of taking us on the journey through the story it seems like a recollection of the events occurred The lack of proper prose doesn't help as wellSome of the references pop culture were spot on while those to greek mythology were abrupt and sometimes unnecessaryOverall below average read

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Logy graduate student who helps with the funding for the cult but unknown to Cybele manipulates vulnerable members of the cult for his own purposes Gabriel Anderson is an undercover investigative reporter who realizes he can get the inside scoop on the birth of a pagan cult in Winnipeg and its possible links to eco terrorism Cybele slowly discovers that while she leads ceremo I rarely DNF a book and I actually struggled long with this decisionThe premise and plot summary of Resurrecting Cybele sound fascinating and I might have overlooked some of the following points of criticism but in their summation I am sorry to say I did not finish this book at a status of 33% readWhat I liked The premise given through the plot summary and the potential of what had shown through the not so good points I loved the pop cultural references Being a nerd myself I really liked them Also I love stories that build on ancient traditions religions and myths Therefore I was really hoping this was an underrated gem Sadly I fought to get me reading ‘one page’ from the 12% marker on I would have stopped earlier if I hadn’t received a free copy to read and rate on and GoodreadsWhy did I stop?Reason 1 Telling names I don’t mind telling names too much If they actually contribute to the story and feel organic like a character in this setting might actually be called like that If executed well JK Rowling did that most of the time it adds to the text and helps the reader to ‘get’ the character faster The use of Greek and mythological names in this novel was distracting Some I recognised some I had to look up Or – I would have needed to look up But at some point I didn’t bother to Basically every character has an ancient sounding name With the main cast I would have understood but even the side characters I assume they are only supporting cast have weird names Besides those names just don’t fit into a modern day western civilisation setting Less would have definitely been hereReason 2 Show don’t tell The basic principle in writing fiction ever since the 60s or so Don’t tell me “He is nervous” – show me by describing how he can’t stand still has sweaty hands can’t focus on stuff You can’t always avoid a ‘tell’ – but it should be avoided wherever possible Creative writing 101 Like literally – the first thing my teacher started withReason 3 Jumping POVs The point of view POV is I guess a limited first person perspective Meaning we’re in the head of one acting character in a scene and only get the info they have see know I don’t mind if the POV changes but it should not happen within one paragraph and three times within a couple of sentences This is highly confusing and throws a reader off rather fastReason 4 The author uses thoughts to convey additional information Something I don’t usually mind if it is actually contributing and if there’s no other way to get the meaning across But the ‘thoughts’ always were ‘tells’ And could have easily been avoided Having a dialogue ‘showing’ the reader stuff then thought that ‘tells’ what it was supposed to mean only to shortly after that tell straight away what the author wanted to say Sorry – the reader isn’t that stupid Especially if you expect them to have good basic knowledge about mythological and ancient stuff the telling names and overall premises of the novelAll in all those reasons that made the novel a chore to read could have easily been avoided An editor does that They read through your text and show you where the book needs some polishingI am really sorry but I can’t judge the whole novel as I didn’t finish it and with the points given I’ll give it well meant 2 Stars

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Resurrecting CybeleCybele Moondragon is an unemployed English graduate student who is disillusioned with her life and tired of being in debt She decides to resurrect a matriarchal cult based on the pagan goddess Cybele in order to make a lot of money and empower men and women who are stifled in traditional patriarchal religions Cybele is joined in her uest by her best friend Janus Styx a Psycho This is rounded up from a 25 giving grace to a fellow indie author This book should have been a slam dunk for me— a modern reconstruction of an ancient mystery religion in which every character bears a name out of myth I expected some depth and history and mysticism maybe an alternate reality in which paganism is universally accepted and the people are all conversant in mythic tropes I fully expected to wallow luxuriously in itI'll start with what worked The names of the characters the basic idea of starting up a newold religion a familiarity with herbs and potions the restless hunger for something among young folks finding their feet in the world the honesty about one's internal reactions to the people in our lives and our conversations with themSome of the things that charmed me at first grew old very uickly the most jarring being the cultural references At first it was fun and gives the 'in crowd' camaraderie that shared references bring but there were so many and they went on for so long that these were the first passages I began to skim Another was the head hopping Because the book is told so largely from the characters' thoughts there's no way out of head hopping But to do it well and it can be done well although it rarely is there has to be clean delineations between the various heads into which we're hopping and it has to be judicious There were also abrupt changes of scene within chapters with no break or any indication they were coming There's no doubt that our inner critic can be brutal even to those we love But all of the characters in this book are just horrid to best friends and sworn enemies alike The only character I ended up liking was Cassie and that's probably because I was never privy to any petty mean spirited unpleasant inner monologues as I was from other charactersThe tactic of using everyone's inner dialogue allows the author to almost exclusively Tell with very little Showing This wears thin very uicklyThe mythic names trope doesn't work when very few of the characters are at all familiar with myths or paganism in any form I myself do not subscribe to the current fashion of eliminating all adverbs Love me some adverbs But there are very few verbs in this tale that are not appended by adverbs some of them awkward puzzledly embarrassedly They need to get pared way down in the editing process I hoped that by the end of the book Cybele's frivolous basis for starting her religion would morph into something deeper and meaningful But there was really no character development at all Drugging 'followers' without their knowledge cozying up to one's bestie's enemy spying on one's bestie and finally uncovering a death plot and NOT reporting it and instead using dangerous drugs to 'save' those involved in the suicide pact did not endear the MC to me I disliked her far by the end of the book than when it startedI'm sorry this review isn't full of joy I genuinely wanted to love this tale But I rely on honest reviews when selecting my reads and I did not enjoy this book I'm giving it 3 stars because I think the author shows promise and I hope for better things to come from herI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review