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Everlasting SinKen of Cannot be thought of Cannot allow myself to daydream Daydream That I’m going to become someone That he can There is so much wrong with this book that I don't think I can even coherently convey just how mfing bad it is without having freuent intermissions to my therapist office but I'll give it go Why Would You Possibly Do That? WTF would you tell me that a chick reads two trashy romance novels a week create a 7 minutes in heaven scene for her PUT HER IN THIS MFING CENTURY vs circa Nathaniel Hawthorn and stillyou expect me to believe that a nun has sexual knowledge than this chick?? I'm being completely 100% honest here No exaggeration hyperbole or sarcasm needed I honest to Gawd expected the 18 year old chick to say 'penis Omg what's a penis? What does it do? Wowzers' For f's sake she 18yrs old thought she shouldn't be wet for sex didn't know it would hurt first time thought she was pissing herself vs finding pleasure etc ¥Come on¥ To make it all worse he is step by step explaining this shit to her like an OBGYN would and when I say explain I mean he is saying you're supposed to be wet and Im sticking my finger in you so that I can see how tight and wet you are and know when you're ready so that it won't hurt Early twenties and she doesn't get that some creep asking her what she likes to do for a dateDoggie style perhaps Is sexual innuendo? Have mercy on your readers Seriously But then to have her have sex in a sleeping bag with all the other guys right there and even keep going at it as one comes over and tries to casually shoot the breeze with the male MC really? Do you really expect me to be buying this shit? Virgins Virgins Everywhere I'm A Sinner Listen I value morals I abhor cheating But virgin hordes of this magnitude don't exist outside maybe the LDS or Mennonite communities He's a virgin till college She's a virgin till 18 His sister is a virgin for who knows how long They feel a twinge of guilt at screwing when he still technically has a girlfriend but go at it full force anyway I'm sorry but cheating and the prudish Pollyanna virgin club morality traits just aren't really consistent congruent in the same storyline But then neither is harboring guilt on the level that you'd think he is a mass murderer that skins cats alive for fun just because he screws the girl he loves before officially breaking up with a lush that CHOOSES to drive drunk and kill herself When they finally screw again four years later in the infamous sleeping bag of course disaster strikes again and someone he knows is hurt as he's screwing her It must be a sign from above that he is evil and his relationship with her is evil eyeroll That is until she's near him again then she's just too fing good for him to leave alone despite him going to hell and all I'm telling you this MC would've been the first in line to drink the Jim Jones' Kool Aid Characters Her A little of this A lot of this And this In reaction to this Him He just sounds like someone's grandpa but in reality he's a 20 something that still calls himself Batman Guys stop Justin stood above us and I could see the panic in his eyes Please stop Come on Channing Leave Batman alone He started it Channing grunted while attempting to hit me in the face ^ Does that sound like a 24 year old or a 12 year old? Does this sound like a fight off the kindergarten yard or an UNDERGROUND fight scene? Leave Batman alone I think I might've done some permanent damage to my eyeballs%%%% Serious uestion Did A 12 Year Old Boy Write This Dialogue? I love the feel of your smooth legs against my hairy ones You could have smooth legs too Are you telling me to shave them?I'd never say thatThat's what makes you a man My chest hair makes me a man? Not just your chest hairOh good I was about to say I thought it was my dick that made me a man No comment What's there really to say to shit like that?? Trying Too Hard At Taboo She's he's sisters BFF There is TWO years difference in age here Yet a lot of the thoughts and actions here are to somehow make these two people liking each other taboo off limits and dirty He makes himself seem like a pervert for liking a girl TWO years younger? Wtf? Fake dramatics that's trying too hard at Taboo Taboo this is not Plot After chapter upon chapter YEARS of these two whining about each other they get it on Something bad happens to his girlfriend Clara that makes him go AWOL after taking Riley's virginity It's here that whatever shred I was holding out for to save this disaster shrivels up dies and is thrown in the gutter Four years this dude doesn't speak to Riley because 'something bad' happens to his girlfriend because he did something 'evil' as in had sex with his sister's 18 year old BFF that HE LOVES All of a sudden we go from he is breaking up with Clara the bitch with a drinking problem TO four years of everything the guy does is in Clara's name for Clara because he owes Clara because he's a sinner Again this is ridiculous sanctimonious bullshit AnnnnnnndUnbelievable hits just keep coming WTF kind of underground fight just says 'hey reporter chick So glad to have you here to do an article on our ILLEGAL UNDERGROUND fight and fighters???? YippieWTF kinda underground fight scene sends the fighters off on a bonding camping trip to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in sleeping bags before they fight each other for a chance to win a cough million dollar prize Let me think Yeah the answer is ding ding NONE Hudson is about to fight in an UNDERGROUND fighting match for 1 mil and this dodo female MC asks He the other fighter wouldn't hurt Hudson though would he?But all you guys are so nice Having it explained to her that this is a no rules UNDERGROUND fight for a mil didn't uite sink in because the next chapter over we have to go through it all again You really think he's going to fight dirty don't you? I don't know Justin's face was grim I really don't know He's going to try and hurt him isn't he? I know you said that earlier but I thought it was just conjecture But you weren't just saying that we're you? You think he's really going to try and hurt him Nah they're really there to play chess No shit the dude is going to try to hurt him in a fight A fight with a mil at stake Who Let The Cheese Out Of The Can? The only thing I can say good about the first 80% of this book is that at least it isn't cheesy These people are too busy berating themselves and wondering who hates who for cheese But then at around 80% the cheese explodes flying through the air on the wings of a dove Shh my darling You're my candle and I'm your mothYou're my heart and I'm yours to do with what you wantOh how I love you RileyI want to freeze time I want us to remain in this moment only knowing what we know now I want this to be it I could live the rest of my life just staring at the love in your eyes Yes dear You are my everlasting love Answer me this? Do you know any 22 24 year olds that call each other dear and darling in a non joking way? No? Me either Finally Maybe? No?? Really? Come The Hell On End This Shit Already Fight happens Hudson loses He thinks he's dead with Angels pearly gates the whole nine yards So readers finally get to hear Hudson's logic on why he is such 'a bad bad sinful man' Again you've thought all this time this guy had to be a serial killer the way he carried on Nope All his hell fire and damnation guilt is because he saw Riley delete his girlfriend's drunken texts and thought it was cute that she was jealous So Clara the girlfriend drove her own ass home because he ignored Riley deleting a text And that's the big hoopla how he killed her she killed her own damn self UhmnnnBut as he thinks he is dying he suddenly has an epiphany I want to live so that I can forgive myself Wait Wait Wait What's surviving if it can't be completely guilt free right? Enter Hudson's best friend I'm the reason she's dead Riley She wasn't driving home from the bar when she crashed She was driving to meet me Bam Goodbye guilt Riley and Hudson And they're even such goodie gum drops as to Luke this isn't your fault Well no shit Bottom Line If you've read this and still wonder what my final thoughts are well then this book might actually be a good fit for you Otherwise

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Hudson Blake Tattooed Hot My best friend's brother Off limits except for that one night That One Night Cannot be spo 30 stars maybe 325?I was very excited to read this book but sadly I was let downMaybe it was because of my high expectations?Maybe it was because I read a 7 star in my heart on paper it was only 5 stars book right before reading this one?Or maybe it was just that this book simply wasn't all that greatThe character's voices changed depending on what the author needed them to do and I'm not saying that characters can't change it's just that they kept on switching Once they sounded like some rich British folks form the 1800 and at other times they sounded like themselvesThis just bothered me to no endI didn't really feel much of an emotional connection with either of the MCs The book was funny at times though I'll give it that 'Do you like them his tattoos now?They're just okay I half smiled at himYou're just okay'And the characters did have chemistry between eachotherThe plot wasn't all that plot y DAnyway it wasn't terrible but I was expecting much from this bookExLibris Lit Reviews

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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Everlasting Sin ä FREE È J.S. COOPER È Hudson Blake Tattooed Hot My best friend's brother Off limits except for that one night That One Night Cannot be spoken of Cannot be thought of Cannot allow myself to daydream Daydream That I’m going to become someone That he can see me as someone SomSee me as someone Someone To love To forget To believe To taste To make me forget my everlasting sin once and for al I absolutely loved this bookHudson and Riley first meet when Riley is 6 years old Hudson is mean to her and pinches her until her mother take her to his house and asks him to protect her insteadHudson does just that but as they get older their feelings change and one night changes everythingThey see each other again after 4 years but so much has happened the feelings are still there but is that enough? I think I have a new favorite from JS Cooper This is a must read in my opinion