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Avengers World Volume 1 A I M PIREFight for Earth's future will begin Smasher Sunspot and Cannonball find themselves trapped and prisoners of AIM's Scientist Supreme Shang Chi takes on the Gorgon in a fight to the death for control of the Hand The City of the Dead will rise And. ​Mere moments after self hatingly wrapping up the four book run of Captain America by Rick Remender you say there's five or Blasphemy I tell you just ignore any Greek siren who attempt to induce further torture I latch on to the fact that Avengers World eventually starts tying in to the run up to Secret Wars and conveniently skip past the Turd Shaped Event that was Axis seeing as the consensus opinion from my GoodReads friends was not enough fun to justify the pain of stupidSo because I have no sense of self preservation even though I just finished reading far back catalogue of a title Captain America by Remender double plus ugh that supposedly ties in to Secret Wars but turned out to be painful and wretched once unto the trades to see what Hickman has been tricking Spencer into writing down for himWell at least there's some A list artists on this titleThis book starts off reading like Hickman's foray Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman Volume 1 The Republic Is Burning into the Ultimate universe SHIELD reading off a list of world wide crises both human and not sending its heroes out in small harmable strike forces to try to balance out the great intelligence chessboard through the fog of not warThen it wanders into character exploration territory a bunch of time spent with one or a few characters giving us decompressed time to get to know them betterNot that that is a bad storytelling mechanic I enjoyed some of the focused work Hickman out into the earlier issues of New Avengers especially getting to know Smasher better almost convinced me Hickman has a heart However knowing how urgent the multiversal collapse is coming this seems indulgent to the point of maybe just another way to a sueeze pages out of Hickman while he was still under the exclusive and b get one Avengers title on the shelf as Sam so hilariously put itWe do get some neat stuff like Shang ChiBut it's amazing how few moments made me actually smile either in recognition of a character uirk or because we were graced with new uirksThis is for all practical purposes humourless writing and art functional making the motions like it's alive but like a marionette show I'm interested in watching the guys pulling the strings than most of the action on stage Which is fucking sad considering how much fun Spencer had delivering The Superior Foes of Spider Man Vol 1 Getting the Band Back Together unto us slobbering nerds

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Avengers World, Volume 1: A.I.M.PIRE Read & Download Ç 104 õ Earth's Mightiest Heroes have returned from the stars but on the world they left behind new threats have emerged and the Avengers will be tested like never before In one cataclysmic day the face of the Marvel Universe will change foreverand the fight for Earth's Starbrand must confront the ghosts of his past Prepare for a globe spanning epic of empires and armies and the brave few who stand between them and us The AIM Empire has begunCollecting Avengers World 1 5 material from All New Marvel NowPoint On. I'm giving this a 375 It's a little erratic but has a good over all plot I especially liked chapter 3 spoilers removed I wish I had knowledge on the events leading up to this graphic novel but it wasn't completely necessary

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Earth's Mightiest Heroes have returned from the stars but on the world they left behind new threats have emerged and the Avengers will be tested like never before In one cataclysmic day the face of the Marvel Universe will change foreverand the. Marvel Exec #1 “How many Avengers titles do we have at the moment” Marvel Exec #2 “14”ME #1 “That’s all Ok let’s crank out number 15 What do we call it”ME #2 “Avengers World because they’re Avengers in like the world”ME #1 “Makes sense to me”Junior Marvel Exec “But won’t that be confusing Jonathan Hickman’s first Avengers book was subtitled Avengers World and you’ve got him down as co writing this one too”ME #1 “Confusing I don’t even know where I am Who are you Hey how many Avengers titles do we have at the moment”ME #2 “35”ME #1 “That’s all Ok let’s crank out number 36 I know just what to call it Avengers World”ME #2 “That’s a great title”ME #1 “It just came to me”JME “What’s it about”ME #1 “It’s about the Avengers stupid This joker”JME “But what’s the story”ME #2 “You don’t need ‘stories’ when it comes to Avengers books they write themselves You show Cap and Hulk and Iron Man and whoever and that’s all anyone wants” ME #1 “Yup this latest 57th Avengers title is really gonna wow everyone We know exactly what we’re doing Come on let’s draw mustaches on all the Fantastic Four posters because we suddenly hate them for some petty reason”ME #2 “Yeaaaaaah cocaine”JME “But I like the Fantastic Four”Reading Avengers World Volume 1 AIMpire is uite an experience you actually forget the comic as you’re reading it Sometimes after reading a book I’ll leave it a few days before reviewing it just to see what stuck Didn’t need to bother with this one forgot it instantly In fact I’m not even sure I read it Just flicked through it again and all I can tell you is Madripoor is on the head of a giant dragon and people are taking the beekeepers I mean Advanced Idea Mechanics seriously for some reason Gorgon’s in it and he sets fire to his house because he’s a fucknut And that’s about it Some comics you read some only look like comics but are actually made for other things Coasters for example Avengers World is one such product a coaster you can read And it’s great I can fit like four glasses uite comfortably on it Avengers World a first class beer mat