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Confederates Dont Wear Couture characters í 107 ☆ Publishers Weekly praised the  Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink author Stephanie Kate Strohm for turning a strong heroine and a few surprises into a clever tightly written book that will keep readers wondering who will become Libby's Mr Darcy This romantic seuel follows suit in high style HLibby's Mr Darcy This romantic seuel follows suit in high style High style hoopskirts that is When history nerd Libby's fashion designer best friend asks for help selling his gowns to the wives of Civil War reenactors?. SNAPSHOTLibby’s light summer adventure takes her once into matters of the heart ghostly mysteries and historical hijinx The hardcore Civil War reenactors bring an interesting subculture and historically relevant settings to the series—now if only Libby and Dev could stop lampshading how dorky they feel everything is and let the reader enjoy it for five seconds This second installment is sure to appeal to those familiar with Libby’s world a light and fluffy read with fast dialogue and a uick paced plot Others may be jarred by the clunky info dumps lack of depth and how many of the characters ring as tragically stereotyped The biggest offender is Libby’s sassy gay best friend who comes complete with Starbucks addiction a distaste for anything that isn’t high fashion and a string of meaningless loversSuch character personality shortcuts detract from what could have been a uniue point of pride for YA reading history buffs military reenactors and even patrons of such educational living history eventsIn general Libby makes for a vapid self absorbed protagonist book smart than life smart She never feels as though she believes her own ‘history nerd’ tagline Moreover the amount of geek shaming throughout the book from both Libby and others feels as insulting and outdated as their pop culture referencesAppropriate for ages 14 Some strong or suggestive language Light sexual situations Some alcohol use but no illegal substances Light hearted situations GET IT ON YOUR SHELF If you– Enjoy Legally Blonde style stories– Are a fashionista history buff or a unicorn combo breaker of the two– Need a short uick read– Love a love triangle and swoon over ghost stories– Have ever been curious about Civil War reenactmentsReview originally featured at

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?she jumps at the chance to frolick on a nineteenth century playground But Alabama's no sweet home sweltering heat no Starbucks a vengeful ghost And the boys Miss Libby's got the North and the South fighting for her hea. When I first received this book to read and review I was beyond excited as I did uite enjoy its predecessor Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink I found Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink to be exactly what I needed at the time a fun flirty and lighthearted read However I must admit that I didn't like this book near as much as I did the previous My largest complaint about this book was lack of communication on the characters parts Because the characters Libby and Garrett especially lacked in communication they were constantly jumping to conclusions resulting in unnecessary and frankly childish results Had the characters communicated with one another I don't think that 34 of this book would have existed That being said I do appreciate the amount of research that Stephanie put into this book I learned about the Civil War and its various battlefields than I thought possible from a YA book Further I do appreciate the humor in these books humor stemming namely from Dev and from Cody an overly cocky 14 year old with his eyes on Libby All in all while this book didn't uite do it for me I do think that those looking for a fun and uirky read with a historical slant will be than happy with it Further despite only being meh about it I don't regret reading it as it did provide me with a few hours of entertainment and I will read any future books that Stephanie may write in this series

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Confederates Dont Wear CouturePublishers Weekly praised the  Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink author Stephanie Kate Strohm for turning a strong heroine and a few surprises into a clever tightly written book that will keep readers wondering who will become. Review Posted on Reading Lark 52313 really enjoyed Libby's romp through colonial history in Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink but I LOVED her road trip through the South as she and Dev followed Civil War reenactors on their living history adventure Dev and Libby plan to sell their fashion wares to all the women along the way who want to look their best for their soldiersI've always been interested in studying the antebellum and Civil War eras so perhaps my fondness stems from the historical pieces of this novel I knew I was going to love this one when it opens with Libby scouring the digital archives at UNC; she is mesmerized by the diary of Sarah Morgan Dawson I've read Dawson's diary and also used to spend my free time scouring the digital archives Yes for me fun is spending time reading and analyzing primary sources That's what makes Libby a character I adore and Stephanie Kate Strohm's novels such fun reads for meStrohm has done than just craft an immensely entertaining and hilarious story; she has done a tremendous amount of research to make sure the history is correct and that she accurately portrays the experiences of those involved in Civil War reenactments These are the hardcore history nerds who aren't afraid to don scratchy wool uniforms in sweltering heat Authenticity is crucial I also loved seeing places that are familiar and dear to my heart crop up as settings The scenes at Boone Hall were some of my favorites and were so easy to visualize That plantation holds many history nerd moments from my pastIn addition to the historical elements Strohm's writing is stronger The dialog was spot on and I found the pacing to be perfect This was the exact sort of novel I needed to help combat a super stressful work week It's impossible to read this story without cracking up The banter between Libby and Dev is one of my favorite aspects of Strohm's books and this one delivers in spadesFurther I loved watching Libby grow as a character She's young and naive in the first book but you can really see her entering a new phase of her life in this one She's matured and mellowed Her signature style and spirit are still present but she seems focused this time around That could be in part due to her relationship with Garrett I won't go into details about what happens between these two but it's not all smooth sailing and rainbows Prepare yourself for some rough watersI also enjoyed the addition of some new characters Beau is a particular favorite of mine His sweet southern charm oozes off the page Beau is certainly swoon worthy and would make an excellent book boyfriend I highly recommend you get to know him this summer Southern charm aside I love that he is a history nerd That's always a plus in my bookWith its historical tidbits hilarious conversations and conflict this is one of my summer must reads and a 2013 favorite Strohm has promised lumberjacks in her next book I can only say BRING IT ONOne Last Gripe There were moments when I really disliked Garrett That was an uncomfortable feeling for meMy Favorite Things About The Book Libby's outfits the history and the humorFirst Sentence Ah Mr Yankee I readFavorite Character LibbyLeast Favorite Character I didn't have one