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Characters È The Star Wars 102 Æ Before Star Wars there was The Star Wars This is the official adaptation of George Lucas’s rough draft screenplay for what would become Star Wars—the film that changed motion pictures and the world You’ll see familiar characters and places—but not all is the same in this long ago and faraway galaxy Still strapGhts Princess Leia Han Solo and a battle to defeat the evil Empire The deluxe oversized boxed set edition contains the entire saga plus extras in three deluxe foil stamped hardcover volume. Behind every great story is obvious a story about that which never got told namely the original tale From the script to the screen is one thing but what about from the writer’s head on to the initial page That’s what makes THE STAR WARS – a retelling of George Lucas’s rough draft – honestly even worth the time of day After all there’d be zero interest in revisiting any number of forgettable films that come out of Hollywood but this is STAR WARS This is the film that shaped a generation of filmmakers and filmmaking itself This is history Do you really want to know what history looked like before it became – well – historyNOTE The following review will contain minor spoilers necessary solely for the discussion of plot andor characters If you’re the type of reader who prefers a review entirely spoiler free then I’d encourage you to skip down to the last three paragraphs for my final assessment If however you’re accepting of a few modest hints at ‘things to come’ then read on From the product packaging “This is the official adaptation of the original rough draft screenplay by George Lucas for what would become Star Wars But this long ago and faraway galaxy is unlike the one you’ve seen in the films Strap yourself in for high adventure and lazersword duels Jedi Knights and Knights of the Sith a familiar Princess Leia and a very different Han Solo and a battle to defeat an evil Empire”Let me just say this right off the bat thank GOD for rewrites Otherwise if THE STAR WARS is any indication it’s very unlikely that there would be a Star Wars franchise – the entertainment juggernaut that just keeps on giving to its billions of fans around the worldNow that said don’t get me wrong I’m probably as big a Star Wars fan that you’ll find anywhere I’ve seen all of the movies Read many of the books Followed both the original Marvel series as well as the Dark Horse properties Watched the TV shows Argue about its merits online Even enjoyed a good deal of the Preuel Trilogy though I won’t split hairs on how it divided fandom But the bottom line is that inspiration needs proper cultivation and THE STAR WARS – this unblemished look back at what could’ve been – is full of blemishesObvious inspirations rise to the surface right away The work has a very Flash Gordon feel to it – there’s a big universe out there but much of it seems to revolve around a single world or two those being managed by Lucas’s version of Ming the Merciless aka Darth Vader The Jedi clearly draw similarities to Samurai warriors And those opening panels have a very Western feel with the heroes being stuck out on the Wild Frontier The bad guys show up with intent to do some bad things and that brings our General Skywalker out of retirement setting the whole tale into galactic motionHowever it’s rare to find so many flat and dimensionless characters in anything other than two D but that’s what so very much of THE STAR WARS is one heavy struggling for screen or panel time against the others Vader’s basically a charmless thug; Yoga’s a fat guy with warts and pointed ears; and these castles and rooms look far too Earthly for me to accept them as anything other than belonging to this worldThankfully it doesn’t take long before Artoo Detoo and See Threepio to show up and – as they did with the films – give this story some life beyond the ink and page They still end up second fiddle to a bunch of whiners who spout such heavy handed gibberish about politics so much that I had to fight to turn the page It isn’t hard to see the Preuel Trilogy in this creation; everything from the Original Trilogy outside of the obvious was still several rewrites away In many ways what plays out in these pages almost seems like some crackpot’s idea of what fanfic could be take all of the elements of one cinema classic stick it in a blender and then pour it out in some new shape to see if it tastes the same Well the ugly truth is here it doesn’tIt’s hard to believe that such a heart warming tale as STAR WARS A New Hope came from anything so grim forced and humorless as THE STAR WARS Still stranger things have happenedTHE STAR WARS is published by Dark Horse Comics The script is written by JW Rinzler; the art which is uite inspired is by Mike Mayhew; the colors are by Rain Beredo; the lettering is by Michael Heisler; and the Cover Art which is pretty fabulous is by Nick Runge For those of you who grew up on an island STAR WARS is the creation of George Lucas There’s a terrific last chapter that fleshes out some of the peoples places and things that way an illustrated companion book should It comes with the cover price of 3999 a bit steep for my tastesRECOMMENDED mostly as a curiosity than anything else Seeing the kindasorta how it all began is definitely an interesting exercise for fans of George Lucas’s legendary STAR WARS but so much of THE STAR WARS feels incomplete rushed and dare I say forgettable from a storytelling perspective There are obvious seeds of what was to come in here but – by the time all is said and done – I found it hard to tell how much of that was due to Lucas’s eventual tinkering with his original script or scribe Rinzler trying to throw homage back to the Original Trilogy All I can say is “Thank God this isn’t the version which made it to the silver screen”In the interests of fairness I’m pleased to disclose that the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics provided me with a digital reading copy of THE STAR WARS by reuest for the expressed purposes of completing this review; and their contribution to me in no way shape or form influenced my opinion of it

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D the world You’ll see familiar characters and places but not all is the same in this long ago and faraway galaxy Still strap yourself in for high adventure and lazersword duels Jedi Kni. This story is terrible to be frank The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because of its historical interest and because the art by Mike Mayhew is really uite goodI can't really be too harsh in judging this mess of a story with its overly busy plot lame characters and clunky dialogue because it is a rough daft after all and George Lucas never intended for this to be seen At least I hope not Even by the standards of the early 1970s this is pretty ridiculous It's not even a decent attempt at a Flash Gordon pastiche honestlyBut the most interesting thing about it is the comparison to the final version of the story as realized in Star WarsHere R2D2 speaks English and is a crabby little tin can with arms Han Solo looks remarkably like DC's Swamp Thing Luke Skywalker is essentially the Obi Wan Kenobi character while Annikin Starkiller plays the role Luke did in the film Everyone including the Stormtroopers wave lightsabers around and Darth Vader doesn't wear a face mask although he does have a robotic eye Chewbacca is some kind of Yeti and the rest of the Wookiees live as the Ewoks did with a whole Battle of Endor type set pieceYou can see how Lucas rearranged and recycled various bits and pieces even reusing specific lines of dialogue and whole scenes but there's no real way to see the direct lines of continuity between this and the final product I find it impossible to puzzle out the thought process Lucas went through to get from A to Z other than the fact he must have watched some John Ford movies and a couple pirate movies to filter his homage of Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress throughThis version of the story is far less epic than the movie and the story beats come at awkward times It's also a lot bloodier with people and pets dying left and right throughout generally cut in two by a lightsaberThe Force is called The Force of Others which makes even less sense and they apparently run on a VERY long day as the time is generally given in incredibly high increments like 55 and 64 o'clock or something I honestly just glazed over when he threw in technical jargon because it literally doesn't mean anythingSo to sum up not good in and of itself worth reading only if you're interested in seeing the original version of this story Even then I would buy it

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The Star WarsBefore Star Wars there was The Star Wars This is the official adaptation of George Lucas’s rough draft screenplay for what would become Star Wars the film that changed motion pictures an. In years past while sleeping my mind would come up with alternate versions of movies and show them to me in my dreams They may have had characters and locations in common with the original films but as soon as I woke up I knew that wasn't the way the film went This alternate version of A New Hope is like one of those dreams While I'm glad this wasn't what we got in celluloid form it's still fun to see a very different take on Lucas' space opera