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read epub ↠ Lady Living Alone Hardcover ↠ peter curtis Ç Originally published under the nom de plume Peter Curtis London Macdonald 1945The nom de plume Peter Cu It takes a 1945 novel to describe a heroine who chain smokes and has nicotine stained handkerchiefs in her suitcase to be described as a pretty little thing The timid Penelope Shadow is a writer of novels successful enough to buy an 18th century Georgian dowager house and employ servants Sh'es afraid of ever being alone after dark Marries a younger man beneath her class love the British stuffiness about class who is so industrious he is said to work like a black She didn't want to do something beneath her because it would be rather infra dig for her ??? Cute and uaint little novel with a bit of excitement at the end

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Rtis London Macdonald 1945 A period piece book written in 1985 but feels like it could have been written in the 1940's The delightful story of a slightly eccentric lady writer Makes me wonder if it is somewhat autobiographical at least as the foundation of the story Fun read I enjoyed Norah Lofts historical novels very much many years ago and the protagonist in this book is researching writing historical novels

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Lady Living AloneOriginally published under The heroine of this book is an extremely silly woman and it's hard to believe that anyone could be such a fool But she does redeem herself with cleverness at the end I rather liked the ending which is the only thing that saved it from a one star rating for me I'm a Norah Lofts fan but this isn't one of her best