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read Pact author Wildbow kindle ¾ ebook Ö Blake Thorburn was driven away from home and family by a vicious fight over inheritance returning only for a deathbed visit with the grandmother who set it in motion Blake soon finds himself next in line to inherit the property a trove of dark supernatural knowledge and the many enemies his grandmoOf dark supernatural knowledge and the many enemies his grandmother left behind her in the small town of Jacob’s Bel After being unable to read anything but WORM over the course of 6 months during my commute to and from work I was excited to read PACT While Wildbow's writing style is engaging as usual it seems they fell into telling rather than showing As a result I couldn't make it past Collateral 46 Positives I Love Maggie In fact when I was ready to put the book well phone in this case down reading Histories Arc 2 made me excited enough to continue reading I wanted her to become a main character And I'm sure she doesI just didn't have the patience to get to that partI applaud Wildbow for choosing to make a protagonist with depth To many authors steer clear of creating haunted protagonists because they have had happy childhoods or choose to insult those who have had difficult childhoods by creating a caricature instead of a human being If you have never been homeless it's not easy to write about a teenager who has been homeless so perhaps this is why Wildbow chose to tell rather than show Or perhaps Wildbow can relate from first hand experience but fell into telling instead of showing because for some reason they felt it was important to get Blake's past out there asap instead of revealing slowly over time through interactions with others If it's the former I think that doing research and interviews of persons who have been homeless or broadening your social group to include people who have had a difficult past can make it possible for writers who lack experience to write a character authentically That being said nothing about Blake came across as inauthentic Instead Blake just felt flat because he told and alluded so much to his past in an unnatural way Once again Wildbow takes a tired genre dominated by cheesy flat or awful characters and shows us how it can be engaging if done right It felt like I was reading an episode of Supernatural that's a compliment by the way With some editing and re framing PACT could be good Why I stopped readingThe conversation between Blake and rose in Collateral 46 summarizes everything I don't like about the book Wow was that conversation difficult to read I couldn't finish the chapter Blake stop narrating your life to us Nobody does that I could not imagine two people actually having that conversation in real life It didn't feel believable I thought that Skitter was cold and distant because the author chose to make her that way However after reading PACT I felt like Wildbow is perhaps in many ways like Skitter because Blake felt cold and calculating in many of the same ways The way he described his emotions the way he explained to us his reasoning it felt too much like WORM's protagonist Maggie is unusual but we learn about her in a natural way Maggie has two gay dads she has an arguably traumatic past she has attitude and spunk and mystery Blake is also unusual and sassy but the way we learn about his background feels false I'm excited to read TWIG Perhaps I'll give PACT a second chance another day

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Blake Thorburn was driven away from home and family by a vicious fight over inheritance returning only for a deathbed Kind of like Worm but not as good unfortunately In fact I probably wouldn't recommend reading itThe writing is better than the writing in Worm from a purely technical perspective but the story isn't very good It has the fatal flaw that the rules of the universe feel arbitrary When characters in Worm solved problems I would sometimes find myself thinking Wow that's clever and when new powers were introduced I would immediately try to work out their implications When characters in Pact solve problems I find myself thinking huh I guess that's how the author arbitrarily decided magic works in this situation and when new powers are introduced I shrug because I don't think I can really learn much from their descriptionsThe only reason this isn't a 1 or a 2 is that some of the characters are truly wonderful If you can power through the first two thirds there's a romantic subplot involving a sewer mermaid from the gaps between reality and a bogeyman made of sticks that would have earned this 3 stars all by itself Those two characters felt human together than most actual human characters Even good writers have trouble making me care about stuff like that Patrick Rothfuss is probably my favorite writer but if Denna had been cut out of Kvothe's story entirely I wouldn't care one bit Auri is another uestion but now we're getting side trackedAnyway there are a few arcs in here toward the end where that old Worm feeling took hold and I stayed up late reading but overall I can't recommend it very highly If you loved Worm and want read it and hope for the best otherwise there's probably something better to spend your time on

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Pact author WildbVisit with the grandmother who set it in motion Blake soon finds himself next in line to inherit the property a trove Pact is what happened after the fantastically triumphant Worm In it we see a young adult plunged into a world of magic a world of ancient pacts and karmic debt of oaths enforced by a universal device Demons and goblins angels ghosts and fairies all work within simple laws and practitioners stake out their claims on the world using themI really love Pact's premise This is one of the most intriguing most intricate bits of urban fantasy world building I didn't know this at the time but it blows Neverwhere out of the water It would make a fantastic game if anyone could figure out how to implement it Who wouldn't want to choose an implement and a familiar stake out a claim to a demesne and forge alliances amongst the local powers building themselves up from nothing Pact also has a great underlying theme In this world of connections and ties of realpolitik and local suabbles the theme beneath it all is family Even though our protagonist detests his family who are to a large degree an array of sociopathic possibilities he comes to rely on them as much as he relies on his few 'real' friends Once their interests are aligned they fight with him and they are assets in the war against the outside world Those two great concepts together with the specific flavours applied should have made this an excellent book But it's not and instead of enthusing about it I mourn it The thing that killed Pact was the pacing and the violence Almost every chapter the protagonist is stumbling directly from one fight to the next losing something persevering past something but always winning Evenas I marvel at the intricate relationships and fantastic characters I grow tired of this relentless battling always with the same cadences never with time to relax all reflection taking place mid battle as the protagonist reaches for reserves of reserves of reserves in their sixtieth consecutive fight to the death This setting this story deserved better This world deserved drawn out conflicts blows exchanged as if in a chess game internal development to match external threat It didn't get it Wildbow is a skillful writer and integrates commentary on this pacing into the story but it is fundamentallyflawed nonetheless