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Savor the Moment Summary à 8 µ Laurel McBane sempre recorreu às amigas para apoio especialmente uando o sonho de freuentar uma escola de culinária uase foi arruinado pelos problemas financeiros dos seus pais Agora Laurel retribui a generosidade das amigas criando bolos extravagantes ue acrescentam um toue perfeito à empresa de casamentos ue fundaramDo ue outras e Laurel está convencida ue o advogado bem na vida está fora do seu alcanceAté ue certo dia Laurel perde a cabeça e surge um beijo uente e inesperado entre ambos Cheia de dúvidas e sem saber o ue esperar do futuro conseguirá transformar esse momento de paixão em algo mais etern. I love the way Nora Roberts crafts her characters You're sure to fall in love with them while they fall in love with each other This third installment of The Bride uartet doesn't disappoint in any way Del and Laurel verbally spar with each other and the dialogue snaps as you'll laugh at their witty comebacks at one anotherWhile Mac and Carter continue to be my favorite couple of this series this comes a very close secondLaurel is one tough cookie to use a baking analogy and she has loved Del all her life finally she decides to do something about it In comic retaliation Del steals her shoesyou'll have to read it to understand all of thisThe love story is wonderful but what makes this series so enjoyable is the four friends and the relationship they all have and the friendships between the men in their lives as they get to know one another The scenes where the four women are together discussing everything from weddings their own as well as others to their love lives troublesome parents etc are often laugh out loud funny One last thing I love all the initial speak that the girls do together and in this book you'll learn a new one HJSOh and even though we aren't yet to his story I'm already a teeny bit in lurve with Mal Can't wait for the final book

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Laurel McBane sempre recorreu às amigas para apoio especialmente uando o sonho de freuentar uma escola de culinária uase foi arruinado pelos problemas financeiros dos seus pais Agora Laurel retribui a generosidade das amigas criando bolos extravagantes ue acrescentam um toue perfeito à empresa. 3 12 starsOnce again NR proves how good she is when it comes to write friendship Unfortunately that got in the way of the romance and I didn't connect with Del and Laurel's love story Del was a nice guy but too smooth and perfect to raise my temperature Laurel was a bit harsher than him but her bouts of temper felt forced to me because they were irrational and came out of nowhere Okay that is known to happen in Romancelandia but that behavior is usually associated with a character who's also irrational and that wasn't Laurel's caseSo all in all this was a slightly better than average read to me mostly because I enjoyed watching the friends' dynamics Del and Laurel's romance was kind of meh I was happy with their HEA but I wouldn't be devastated if they had decided to stay just friendsNow I have a long wait until Happy Ever After the last book in the series I really hope it's worth the wait and the series ends with a bang

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Savor the MomentDe casamentos ue fundaramLaurel acredita no amor mas é demasiado discreta para os luxos desejados por outras mulheres O ue ela aprecia mesmo são homens fortes e inteligentes como Delaney irmão da sua amiga Parker por uem Laurie sente uma paixoneta desde criança Mas algumas paixões duram mais. And yet another Nora Roberts winner in this amazing series And this time though it still revolved around the friendship between Mac Emma Laurel and Parker the story was mostly about the romance between life long friends Yes you’d think it was pretty much the same as in Bed of Roses between Emma and Jack but the thing is Laurel and Del Parker’s older brother have known and been friends each other for her entire life So the switch held much danger and possible obstacles For them both but mostly inside their little “tribe”So the same fears and worries as with Emma and Jack were there but much augmented because of that longer friendshipBut it was beautifully done if you ask me much better than in Bed of Roses especially since the hero Del had no obvious and well known commitment issues Jack had He was much laid back and relaxed when it came to his “thing” with Laurel and he had no compunction in stating his love for her since everybody knew he loved her Pity that since the words held no “special meaning” being said so many times before no wonder she was skeptical and a little skittishAnd that is the biggest problem I had with Laurel It didn’t overly bother me since I understood her reservations but still sometimes she came off as a bit too impulsive in her judgment And too stubborn to listenor talk about what bothered her But her love for Del was there and I forgave her ;Now onto the less friendship romance thingy Well it’s true Sure the girls were still tight as ever they talked they laughed they cried they ribbed each other but there was that much appreciated lack of “friendly intervention” at the end that was present in both previous novels and an especial “burden” in Bed of Roses First it was because Laurel was reserved by nature preferring to solve her problems on her own and second there was no big rift between her and Del to demand an intervention in the first place Sure she made a mess with her stubbornness and refusal to listen but it was uickly resolvedAnd who resolved it Del of course Who’s become my favorite hero in this series a few pages into this story Who wouldn’t want a guy like Del Who wouldn’t love a guy like Del He was overprotective self assured caring loving tender funny sexy my mouth watered reading the pond scene and romantic the awwwwww factor in the ending was all himI love my girls the uartet and I love Carter and Jack but Del is by far my favoriteI’m sure he’ll fall into second place today as I start reading Happy Ever After because there’s just something about Malcolm Kavanaugh that “inspires” me I cannot wait to read about him and Parker If the sparkage these two produced in Savor the Moment is any indication the fireworks will go through the roof when it’s their turn Can’t wait happy suealWell this series is shaping to be my favorite short series I’ve read in my life Romantic funny sexy sensual light weight emotion engagingA truly awesome read