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FREE DOC Í READER The FairyTale Matchmaker ☆ E.D. BAKER Ï Cory is a young tooth fairy in training who wants to be anything but that except there's no way the Tooth Fairy Guild or her mother will let that happen After yet another bad night on the job Cory uits to explore other things—like babysitting an adventuO explore other things like babysitting an adventurous Humpty Dumpty helping Suzy organize seashells by the seashore and attempting to finally rid the spiders that plague Marjorie Muffet But it isn't unt This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnWhen I originally saw this coming out I thought it looked really dumb I mean a book about a girl who goes around setting up couples How dumb would that be I barely scanned the synopsis before clicking away and never even gave it a tryUntil a week ago when I saw it sitting on a library shelf and grabbed it because well I might as well because it was there anyway When I got it home and started reading I realized that I'd made a mistake The Fairy Tale Matchmaker was nothing like what I'd expected to be and it was much the better for itAfter all just for starters Cory's world is really fascinating I read a lot of fairy tale mashups but this has to be one of my favorites I mean a world where people communicate by basket mail which is just like texting but way cooler and various fairy tale characters and stereotypes are all mixed together in a magical land that lives next to but is completely separate from the human worldAnother great thing about The Fairy Tale Matchmaker is that it's realistic if the word can ever be applied to fairytale mashups Cory is an adult trying to find a job that suits her and she bounces around doing odds and ends in the meantime There's a beauty in watching the little random things come together in new ways as by the end of the book Cory's found ways to make almost everyone's life a little bit better by introducing them to other people she's encountered in her wanderings I like to think that this same sort of falling into place can happen in real life though I know that's not always the caseMy biggest trouble with the book honestly is the ending Once things get a little darker for Cory and she starts uncovering the hardcore secrets her mother kept from her the book lost some of its appealing rationalism There's a certain appeal in what happens though and I think that it just depends on what sort of mood you're in when you read it For me it worked though just barely and I was interested enough in the turn things took that I immediately went and reuested the seuel I haven't gotten around to reading it yet but I'll be sure to post a review once I do

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Cory is a young tooth fairy in training who wants to be anything but that except there's no way the Tooth Fairy Guild or her mother will let that happen After yet another bad night on the job Cory uits t This is a very fun look at the life of fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters and their world Cory is a tooth fairy but she really hates it It's the family business though so she encounters a great deal of resistance when she tries to find new work She flits from job to job looking for one that suits her and along the way she babysits for the old woman who lives in the shoe sells seashells by the seashore and has other whimsical adventures This is the set up for a new series that is going to be utterly delightful It also to me skews a bit younger than Baker's books like The Wide Awake Princess

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The Fairy Tale Matchmaker The Fairy Tale Matchmaker #1Il Marjorie asks Cory to help set her up with a boy that Cory taps into a power she never knew she had As she tries to understand her new found romantic visions will Cory finally discover her own true pa Grade C Release date October 7 2014This e galley was provided by Bloomsbury and NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe Good the Bad and the Ugly Like I've said before middle grade has been very hit or miss for me lately Unfortunately The Fairy Tale Matchmaker was not one of the better ones I've read Throughout the whole book I felt very confused There wasn't enough world building just many many characters introduced and the plot was much too slow for MG It's mentioned in the synopsis that Cory takes up matchmaking but that plot doesn't appear until at least 60% in Most middle schoolers I know would give up if the plot took that long to develop Also throughout the entire book I was very confused about the characters' ages They talk a lot about dating and a school that sounds vaguely like high school but most protagonists in MG are 11 13Other stray observations the sentences were a bit choppy Voices weren't uniue I did like Cory's grandfather and I wish we saw with him I also enjoyed seeing familiar nursery rhyme and fairytale characters Plus the Boogie Man actually boogies The Verdict Not at all what I hoped it would be If you're unsure about The Fairy Tale Matchmaker I'd skip it if I were you