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Lex Unconventional Hearts #1Chose? With the deep scars and raw truths her past contains is anyone capable of accepting the real woman trapped inside or will she remain alone forever? Caution This book contains sexual content which may include multiple LGBT scenes Some intense emotional scenarios including ones of abuse might be difficult to read For ages 18 Erotic Romance This book is a standalone part of a series Approx 140K words in length This is not a FF sto Lex by S K Logsdon was unlike any other story that I have ever read This author is new to me I've had the book for months before getting round to reading it This book is about 2 people who have been treated very badly; both were abused children who grew up into successful but broken emotionally challenged adults with lives filled with pain anguish

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Ntire adult life staying busy working at her own company that is until her best friend Roni persuades her to give online dating a try When she concedes Lex uickly discovers that the world of online dating is nothing like she's ever dreamed The mysterious charm of her online crush leaves her reluctant and afraid to let love in As two men enter her life outside of the online dating world she's left confused and overwhelmed Who will she I would place this novel under the LGBT GenreThis is my first every SK Logsdon read and I have to say it was amazing I knew from just the cover and synopsis that I needed to live breathe and eat this book but surprisingly it was so much Lex is not like anything I have ever read – and before you go and say that it probably is because you can tell from the synopsis that it is about an abused and sacred woman moving forward in life well than I will have to say you are write – but it’s so much than that Lex’s story goes beyond being abused and hurt from her past The whole character of Lex is like none other and will have you opening your heart and mind to something different but yet something beautifulI was floored when I started reading Lex and getting to know her better because I didn’t expect any of what was thrown at me Yes it’s a love story about finding your true soul mate and yes it’s about a woman who is slowly starting to get a new life one she has never thought she would ever have or even deserved There are many hidden secrets when it comes to Lex and I can almost guarantee you that you will not see it coming until its smacks you in the face and is like BAMNot only did I fall in love with Lex all of her but I also fell in love with Gage and The Suit Master Gage is the confident attorney that is thrown into Lex’s life and not in a good way in the beginning Gage has many different sides – he can be sweet and charming and a total ass when needed Gage literally makes Lex’s blood boil and has her considering manslaughter doesn’t sound like a bad idea The Suit Master is charming and poetic and has a way with words that pulls Lex under his spellMy heart broke for her because Lex truly felt like she didn’t deserve happiness and would never find it She has Gage chasing her in the annoying way only Gage can do and has an amazing and charming man The Suit Master trying to swoon his way into her life Lex is closed off and has steel walls built around her heart because all she knows is pain shame and disappointment and will not put herself in that situation again because of her earth shattering deal breaking secretWhen Lex’s secret finally comes out in the open will she find herself alone again? Will the huge secret that Gage is withholding from her cause their relationship to shatter before it’s even begun? Will the Suit Master finally persuade Lex into finally meeting him and take their onlinetext relationship into the real world or will his secret too ruin everything?SK Logsdon dared to give us something so different and out there in hopes that we love it and I must say I definitely did I praise her for taking the chance on this book and nailing it down to the last period I felt like there was such a deep and important message in this book Love is blind; he has no color no gender and no age and is always beautiful If you take one thing away from this book I would hope it would be that you need to love yourself and accept yourself as you are You need to not worry about what everyone around you looks at as normal and love yourself for who you are and accept yourself at you are Everyone can love and whether it’s between a man and woman woman and woman or man and man it’s always beautiful and something everyone needs Beautiful job SK I can’t say anything than thank you for writing such a risué and true novel about acceptance and love

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Download Book ☆ Lex Unconventional Hearts #1 ↠ 482 pages à S.k. logsdon ï Note This is a story of finding oneself through the horrors and pains of life This isn't just a story about love It's a story about anguish This is a story about Lex's journey to acceptance Not for Close minded Note This is a story of finding oneself through the horrors and pains of life This isn't just a story about love It's a story about anguish This is a story about Lex's journey to acceptance Not for Close minded people Lex Keagan isn't your typical woman Her past has left her broken and afraid yet she remains bold and successful As a result of her painful past love has never come easy; therefore she’s convinced herself to spend her e Wow I finished reading Lex a few days ago and Iam still thinking about it I have been trying to figure out how to review it without giving all the secrets away So I hope that Iam able to do it justice and convey how much I think you should read itFirst let me tell you Lex is out of the box Way out of the box And if you are a closed minded person then this one is not for youHere is the author's warning Note This is a story of finding oneself through the horrors and pains of life This isn't just a story about love It's a story about anguish This is a story about Lex's journey to acceptanceCaution This book contains heavy adult sexual context which may include ff andor mm scenes Some heavy emotional scenarios including ones of abuse might be difficult to read For ages 18Not for Close minded peopleSo on to my review I love a book that keeps me guessing Lex is book 1 in SK Logsdon's new series Unconventional Hearts Lex kept me on my toes I was not sure what to expect with it and Lex was such an amazing surprise that Iam going to be author stalking until the next book in the series comes out I loved Lex She was not your typical heroine She was confident self sufficient smart sassy and successful She was living her life the way she wanted to and taking names while doing it She was a bit of a loner and had major trust issues but as you are able to see into her past you begin to understand why she keeps to herself She throws her life into her successful business and work is her life's mission She has given up on love and resigned herself to a life of being single Lex was a survivor She was able to overcome a past that literally makes your heart hurt for her When most people would of folded and given up Lex rose to the top and didn't let it keep her down She was amazingThe leading man was lush I don't want to name him because it will ruin the surprise And I must say that figuring out who he was a huge part of the book I will call him Suit Master and as you read the book you will understand why Suit Master went above and beyond to win Lex's heart He was absolutely amazing His determination to win her over surpasses anything I can accurately convey with words His patience and understanding of her were out of this worldLex and Suit Master meet via an online dating site And as he begins to woo her Lex's old fears begin to surface and she pushes him away at least she thinks she does Suit Master is not one to give up easily and is out to prove that he is the one her soul needs Their love story is not typical It is not fluffy And this story is so real you almost feel like you actually know the characters The emotion the author was able to capture pulls and tugs at your heart strings and you want to reach in the book and soothe Lex's wounded soul At times you want to cry with her times you want to cry for her and times you want to stand up and be her cheerleader Lex is a story of acceptance and one woman's journey to loving herself and risking it all for love And I realize that this whole review is cryptic and vague But I do not want to ruin the story for you And I promise that once you dive in you will understand why it was so hard to write a review for this one But I can say get your one clicker ready because this one is not one to be missed