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A New York Christmas Christmas Stories #12Y Jemima is excited about the prospect of a Christmas adventure in a strange big city but little does she expect to be enlisted on a top secret mission by Brent’s brother Harley to track down Delphinia’s estranged mother After some detective work and a little luck they manage to locate her lodgings but to their horror they find Maria dead Truly her parents’ daughter. It was a heartwarming 'choked up' feeling to sit down and crack open the story of a young lady that I have known since she was born in fiction land that is Jemima Pitt is the grown daughter of the two main characters of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt historical mystery series I have been following that series from book one through book thirty with Jemima uietly in the background growing up and apparently getting the best that both parents have to offer when it comes to personality and characterJemima's story is part of the author's uniue and delightful Christmas story series in which she takes a side character from the main series and makes him or her the main character in their own little mystery set during the Victorian Christmas time In Jemima's case her story takes her out of England and all the way to turn of the century New York Jemima is twenty three and ripe for adventure She is accompanying a younger girl as her companion to the girl's wedding Both the families are wealthy and part of a business partnership Phinnie is marrying into one of the most powerful families in NYC Jemima experiences a few twinges of envy for Phinnie's happiness but she is shrewd enough not to envy the girl her circumstances Jemima wants what her parents have a love that defied class financial circumstances and even family when necessary Her parents are friends and partners with respect to go along with a deep passionate love So even if it means standing by watching other younger girls get their matches she is resolved to do soAfter they arrive in New York and settle in with the family of Phinnie's fiance' the older brother of the groom Harley makes an unusual reuest of Jemima He is worried that Phinnie's disgraced mother who left Phinnie and her father when Phinnie was only two years old might try to crash the big society wedding bringing disaster on the family and Phinnie Jemima agrees to help search using knowledge she has learned from listening to her father talk about his police work over the years Unfortunately the search brings Jemima trouble than she bargained for and she now only has a few short days to prove herself innocent of a murder With a bit of Christmas hope determination and the help of a young police officer she races against the clock to prove her innocence and find the real culprit while maybe getting exactly the Christmas gift she neededThis was engaging from cover to cover I loved the characters the plotting the twists the glimpses of turn of the century NYC and the little romance snuck in for good measure As with many of these Christmas novellas I was so vested in the story that I was bummed to have them end I could have used a few pages so the ending didn't feel so abrupt but really that's not exactly what I want Okay I really want Jemima stories now and I would love the follow up with her parents after her big NYC adventure and the changes it will bring to JemimaAll in all heartwarming exciting and engaging new installment to the Christmas Stories series It could standalone or be read out of order with its chronological place in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series but it would be my recommendation not to read it until after Death on Black Heath is read due to a couple mild spoilers These are recommended for those who enjoy authentically historical and mild on the romance Historical Mysteries or Historical Romantic suspense with a detecting pair for the hero and heroineMy thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review

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A brand new Christmas mystery and the very first set in New York City from New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry featuring Charlotte and Thomas Pitt’s daughter JemimaDecember 1904 Jemima Pitt now twenty two agrees to act as a “suitable companion” to her friend Delphinia who is traveling to New York to be married to Brent Albright toast of New York high societ. Super clueless selfish unsympathetic characters Obvious from the beginning who did it Over the top Hallmarkesue Gag me with an ornamentEdit I'm being unfair I don't recall any ornaments in this book

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A New York Christmas Christmas Stories #12 Download ↠ 104 ó A brand new Christmas mystery and the very first set in New York City from New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry featuring Charlotte and Thomas Pitt’s daughter JemimaDecember 1904 Jemima Pitt now twenty two agrees to act as a “suitable companion” to Jemima is determined to unmask the killer and enlists the aid of handsome young police officer Patrick Flannery to do it And along the way she comes to learn an important lesson about staying true to oneself no matter the cost Once again as only she can Perry delivers a darkly suspenseful ultimately heart warming novel that truly captures the essence of the holiday spiri. treachery and hopeAnne Perry's superb writing skill continues to delight me What goes on beneath the surface of her stories is always a pleasure to ponder In A New York Christmas sacrifice and love shine through uestions follow uestions seemingly dark and despairing and yet a light shines through and truth is revealedIt's 1904 and Thomas and Charlotte Pitt's daughter 23 year old Jemima journeys across the Atlantic as a companion to a wealthy young woman Delphinia Cardew who is to marry into a well to do New York family the Albrights This was to be Jemima's 'first real adventure of her life'There are strange undercurrents amongst the Albrights Jemima is unsure about Phinnie's brother in law to be Harley Phinnie moves between spoilt heiress aware of her alleviated societal place and insecure young womanA mystery surrounding Phinnie's mother Maria comes to a head and Jemima finds herself in jail charged with murder The Albrights draw ranks and Jemima although still residing in their house is left to fend for herself Will she ever see London and her loved ones againIn her search for the truth and in order to clear her name Jemima finds herself travelling the length and breadth of New York supported by the young police officer who arrested her the upright and delectable Patrick FlanneryFor Jemima a Christmas time miracle is going to be neededSpurred on by the thought that she needs to clear her name or suffer incarceration Jemima applies the logical thought and investigative skills that she has imbibed from the hearthIntrigue and surprise are part and parcel of the final outcome A NetGalley ARC