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Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings Free download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê Lemuel Gulliver cirurgião de um navio naufragado acorda um dia em Lilliput onde o tamanho minúsculo dos habitantes lhe faz parecer absurdos todos os seus interesses e disputas Uma segunda viagem leva o ao reinDesconforto precisamente por ser inspirado por uma enorme lucidez e uma grande racionalidade As Viagens de Gulliver são escritas para dissipar a nossa cegueira para nos curar das nossas ironias inconscientes Martin Price observa ue “Gulliver é concebido como o herói de uma comédia de incompreensão” Dado ue cada um de nós vive até certo ponto a comédia da incompreensão simpatizamos com Gulliver»Harold Bloo. I picked this up to do a re read Out side of the Lilliput part of the story I remember little about this I read it over 20 years agoThe book is several different stories told by Gulliver on his wild travels They are 1 Lilliput the most famous one people know this story for2 Brobdingnag the opposite of lilliput He goes to a land of giants3 Laputa Balnibarbi Luggnagg Glubbdubdrib and Japan4 HouyhnhnmsIf this book had just been about Lilliput and Brobdingnag it would have been a 4 star read for me but taking the whole into account and it's barely 3 stars There are weird things that happen all through this story In Lilliput the royal uarters are set on fire and Gulliver rushes to helps He urinates on the building to put out the fire The ueen is so upset about this that they want to blind Gulliver The first two parts are interesting Starting in Part 3 things get very slow and somewhat miserable Jonathan is a wonderful writer and that is something but it was miserable trying to get through the end I can't believe I got through this as a kid By the time we were in the land of the Houyhnhnms and he was describing the hair around their beasts anus and their utters I was just done It was horrible The end became a torture I was so glad to be done with this book I'm surprised I don't give it a lower star I know this is supposed to be satire but I don't know what was happening back in the 1700s enough to get the references I can't really enjoy the satire One thing I will never read this book again If anyone asks If you know European history and love Satire then you might enjoy this book All others should read the first two parts and put the book downThe last two parts would be a good torture devise for someone you don't like Just make them listen to it

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Lemuel Gulliver cirurgião de um navio naufragado acorda um dia em Lilliput onde o tamanho minúsculo dos habitantes lhe faz parecer absurdos todos os seus interesses e disputas Uma segunda viagem leva o ao reino dos gigantes onde desta vez o seu próprio tama nho lhe confere uma nova visão sobre o comportamento humano Caindo na mão de piratas ue o deixam à deriva Gulliver visita depois uma série de ilhas onde o con. Okay I didn't finish this sucker It was poor I was kind of shocked I was thinking why does no one point out that this is a giant rip off of Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Honey I Blew Up the Kid It's painfully obvious I don't see why this Danial Defoe mope has not had his ass sued maybe he avoided that by writing his ripoff in a long ass frankly boring olde worlde style so that all the lawyers would fall asleep before they got their writ typed up The other stuff that isn't Lillypoot and Borodbynag or whatever is talking horses and shit and I'm pretty sure they're in Lord of the Rings so ripoff although I never saw that movie all the way through because it's kind of boring and also kind of gayps some real geek types have PMed me saying that Daniel Dafoe didn't write thia d it was Jonathon Swift I mean get a life They're all dead right they're like deader than dead who cares lol

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Gulliver's Travels and Other WritingsHecimento falha o alvo e a imortalidade implica apenas sofrimento A viagem final leva o ao país dos Houyhnhnms cavalos dotados de razão ue partilham o seu domínio com os Yahoos uando regressa a Ingla terra Gulliver é um homem mudado«Swift foi declarado louco em 1742 dezasseis anos após a publicação de As Viagens de Gulliver mas o livro escrito uando ainda possuía as suas faculdades é perigosamente são e causa. This was my favorite reuired reading in high school well actually probably tied with Animal Farm It was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise The reference points I had were cartoon retellings of this from my youth I only really had an image of Gulliver vs the Lilliputians and that was only the most basic giant in a land full of very small people storylines well they were trying to entertain children so it doesn't have to get much complex than that But the book is made up of stories than just Gulliver as a giant hence the Travels plural The content of these stories is witty and not so thinly veiled political and social commentary In the end it didn't feel like reuired reading at all it was a truly enjoyable adventure I was glad to take