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doc ☆ Agent White ↠ Michael Kanuckel On the eve of his retirement High Guard First Class Ezra Beckitt is still plagued by the memories and doubts of his last case and something else Something strange happened to him during his rookie year an event that he has since written o Sometimes the Past Has a Funny Way of Catching up to YouWas there ever a time in your life that you went over and over again wondering if you made the right choice A time when you could have been the one to stop everything from going wrongWhat if you got a second chance to make the wrong things rightAfter almost 30 years protecting Hatis City High Guard Ezra Beckitt one of the most respected officers of the law to have ever had the privilege is about to retire He should be happy he's made a real difference in his years as High Guard but it all feels empty and in some way he can't really put his finger on his life feels unfinished Going through the motions and thinking back he realizes there have been times when the strange finger of fate would have pointed him down different paths paths which might have led to a far different outcome if he'd only taken the right step Just when he thinks he'll have to put his past behind him and accept the fate he's chosen new clues and answers to long buried mysteries have come to light and Ezra Beckitt will be called on to be an Agent of the WhiteEual parts fast paced noir and modern fantasy tale this was a uick and involving read I'm sure that for Kanuckel fans the long wait will have been worth it With Agent White we're introduced to Ezra Beckitt one the best High Guards this world's answer to detectives to have ever had the honor of protecting the corrupt and complacent Hatis City Tired but far from ready for retirement he's recently begun to reminisce about his past and the events that led him here Surreal and unusual the world in which he lives is not as it has always seemed Over and over again he is shown the strange link between light and dark truth and fiction so that the hidden world just below the surface of his own will finally be revealedThere's not a lot I can say about Agent White that won't reveal the little nuances of the plot and the last thing I would want to do is spoil it for another reader I really enjoyed reading about Ezra and following the trail that leads him to face parts of himself that he'd left behind Ezra is a strong witty and unusual guy a man who has long felt like another cog in the machine but who's starting to discover he has a lot individuality left in him than he thought There are so many great characters in this book I can't really tell you about and a bunch of great scenes guaranteed to stick with the reader long after they finish the book that ending a few different scenes that play out in a kitchen one of Ez's first memories as a Guard just tons of them because of their cinematic uality Kanuckel is a natural storyteller and this book is just one of many intended to be set in the 3 ages of his world I for one intend to be one of the first people lining up to read

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read Agent White epub ↠ ebook ☆ randarenewables ☆ On the eve of his retirement High Guard First Class Ezra Beckitt is still plagued by the memories and doubts of his last case and something else Something strange happened to him during his rookie year an event that he has since written off as a dream and buried in hi Ff as a dream and buried in his mind Some things won't stay buried though and the past has a way of coming back to haunt the present From the low streets of Hatis City to the lofty passes of a citadel in the rock Ezra Beckitt is about to I was very excited to read this book It delivered on something I had not expected to find here A great mix of film noir meets fantasy You are led down an interesting road following a reluctant hero with a big a heartThere is a lot to the characters and a great back story that comes together and builds an intriguing world As the story unfolded I definitely wanted The ending was a great little twist that was very unexpected but expertly doneMy thanks to the author for a enjoyable ride through the Lyme mountains

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Agent WhiteDiscover that he is a part of a larger world one that has appointed a task for him whether he wants it or not For all of his life Ezra has defended the law but now he must become an Agent of the White And Light cannot exist without Shadow For nearly thirty years First Class Ezra Beckitt has guarded Hatis City For a man who has achieved so much you would have thought that he would happily slip uietly into the twilight of retirementBut not so Ezra is plagued by doubts of his last case and the shadows from his past reach out across the years to reveal themselves in this uniue fantasy crime noir taleThis book is a dream of a read with fast paced action and beautiful prose However what lifts this above the morass of other alternate world tales is this subtext; actions have conseuences and whilst we think that we a free to make our own decisions there are dark forces which subtly influence our every choice often forcing destiny upon usIn many ways this is a superior and better told version of Philip K Dick's The Adjustment Bureau with its secret cabals and competing forcesAn absolute gem that fans of dark fantasy will love Recommended