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summary Fram author Steve Himmer ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF â Fram is the story of Oscar a minor bureaucrat in the US government's Bureau of Ice Prognostication an agency created to compete with the Soviets during the heyday of the Cold War and still operating in the present without the public's knowledge Oscar and hiHis partner Alexi are tasked with inventing discoveries and settlements in the Arctic then creating the paperwork and digital records to “prove” their existence preventing the inconvenience and expense of actual exploration The job is the closest Os. Fram by Steve HimmerAvailable January 13 2015 I received an ARC from the publisherA fantastic romp with an ending that couldn’t make sense any other way Oscar a bureaucrat made dry and brittle by a life of paperwork and duplicate copies lives in his imagination He nurtures a childhood dream of being an arctic explorer something he vicariously fulfills by working at the US Bureau of Ice Prognostication an agency created to counter the Soviet’s Cold War threat The agency never died nor did Oscar’s dreamsHe spends his days living those dreams by imagining what might be discovered in the Arctic then generating the reams of paperwork to prove that these “discoveries” are real Towns schools mining companies and paper mills even hot springs are all drawn onto the vast emptiness of the ice At home he communes with decades of old National Geographic magazines that trumpeted the original polar explorers’ journeys When Oscar is sent on an actual mission to this place he has only ever dreamed about he becomes entangled in a snarl of espionage and rival agencies As he digs deeper into the secrets and strangeness he discovers that the arctic expanse of his marriage has been as important an element in his life as the actual region At the end readers will know that there could have been no other resolution to the bizarre journey that is Oscar’s life If you enjoy this story you might also enjoy The Family Made of Dust A Novel of Loss and Rebirth in the Australian Outback and Reparation A Novel of Love Devotion and Danger

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Fram is the story of Oscar a minor bureaucrat in the US government's Bureau of Ice Prognostication an agency created to compete with the Soviets during the heyday of the Cold War and still operating in the present without the public's knowledge Oscar and. Recently I've seen several references to the value of entrepreneurs and artists courting 1000 true fans instead of casting a wide net and hoping their work will please everybody A true fan evidently is someone who will read everything a writer writes always look at it with depth and clarity and hang in till the end Consider me one of Steve Himmer's one thousand I have never met the man in person but I feel like I know his generosity of spirit well his work with the Creative Writing students at Emerson his editorship of Necessary Fiction and his kindness in supporting emerging writers including me His debut novel 'The Bee Loud Glade' is one I've recommended over and over Even describing the story line of his decorative hermit in that novel is always a joyful experience I think Steve Himmer embodies what it means to be a good literary citizen and this new novel is a gift'Fram' has the stamp of Steve Himmer all over it There's no hermit here but isolation and aloneness and otherness are very much central to Oscar's story So too is a total weirdness of place and the sense that someone not entirely trustworthy is in charge same as in 'The Bee Loud Glade' This time trade the greenery of the glade for relentless white of the arctic circle Yet it's not a cold story Oscar's journey isn't a lonely one even when he is discovering betrayals and new layers of intrigue as he goes mostly against his will Oscar is a loyal mid level government bureaucrat with self confessed polar fever or an extreme love of all things arctic His obsession is taking a toll on his marriage and his nearly nonexistent friendships but it fits well with his career in the secret Bureau of Ice Prognostication Every day he invents and re invents a history of arctic exploration for the American government More cost effective than actual exploration of course and just as useful Little does Oscar know how close he is coming to writing some dangerous true stories into his fictions Soon he finds himself at the center of a wild ride complete with guns and hunters bears and bombs snowmobiles and space heaters and a cross section of history and fiction that leaves both Oscar and the reader reeling Never though does the reader worry unnecessarily about Oscar's fate Himmer's narrator speaks directly to the reader now and then to calm the nerves It's a brilliant story telling techniue and much appreciated in its strategic use It's why I chose to start this review with a comment on the writer himself rather than on the writing In some books the writer is entirely invisible In this one he's in the novel and we're glad Steve Himmer has been compared to David Foster Wallace and I think that's right He has a depth of perception about work life balance that takes his fiction to a higher level I think he must surely be compared to Murakami in the same way his protagonist ends up on a confusing journey toward a goal the reader might never fully grasp or certainly won't fully begin to grasp till the end For a TV comparison think Twin Peaks meets Lost during an episode of the new show Fortitude With a scene of two from 'Alice in Wonderland' thrown in for fun I read this novel in a cold February when Steve Himmer's hometown of Boston is under many feet of snow The whole experience of 'Fram' seems jarring and wacky stuck fast and snowbound yet always moving in the ice in subtle unceasing ways Just right

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Fram author Steve HimmCar has come to his boyhood dream of being a polar explorer until he and Alexi are sent on a secret mission to the actual Arctic which brings them into a mysterious tangle of rival agencies and espionage that grows dangerous the farther north they travel. If Steve Himmer were writing a spy movie this is what it would be like I loved the light touch he had to create a main character with such a big obsession who was treated with the right amount of compassion and realism The action packed race to the pole was such a fun ride it kept me peeking ahead The polar bear scene was a little too sad and violent than was necessary but the interplay of technology and nature made this book sing Looking forward to Himmer's next book