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characters An Unspeakable Crime ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Was an innocent man wrongly accused of murder On April 26 1913 thirteen year old Mary Phagan planned to meet friends at a parade in Atlanta Georgia But first she stopped at the pencil factory where she worked to pick up her paycheck Mary never left the buildiWas an innocent man wrongly accused of murder On April 26 1913 thirteen year old Mary Phagan planned to meet friends at a parade in Atlanta Georgia But first she stopped at the pencil factory where she worked to pick up her paycheck Mary never left the building alive A black watchman found Mary's body brutally beaten and raped Police arrested the watchman but they weren't satisfied that he was th. I had heard of this murder before reading this book but I had no idea that it lead to the birth of the Jewish Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and to the revival of the Ku Klux Klan I will NEVER understand prejudice It's so illogical Yet when a mob gets hold of an illogical idea everyone is afraid to think contrary to it for fear of being attacked themselves which makes those few like Governor Slaton who did speak out all the heroic Leo Frank certainly did not get a fair trial and probably did not commit the crime for which he was convicted What bothered me especially was this p97 Why did every court rule against Leo Frank For a start each court's decision had to be based on points of law not common sense I thought the law was based on common sense I've seen in my own workplace strict adherence to rules flying in the face of common sense I think there are times when common sense which is God given should overrule man made laws This book is written for high school students and indeed should generate much discussion The last chapter raises uestions that will get them thinking Alphin also includes books and web sites for further research I think I'll look for Steve Oney's book And the Dead Shall Rise for a deeper look into the caseHighly recommended

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E killer Then they paid a visit to Leo Frank the factory's superintendent who was both a northerner and a Jew Spurred on by the media frenzy and prejudices of the time the detectives made Frank their prime suspect one whose conviction would soothe the city's anger over the death of a young white girl The prosecution of Leo Frank was front page news for two years and Frank's lynching is still one. This book was fascinating and so very disturbing at the same time It is scary to see what prejudice can drive people to do

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An Unspeakable CrimeOf the most controversial incidents of the twentieth century It marks a turning point in the history of racial and religious hatred in America leading directly to the founding of the Anti Defamation League and to the rebirth of the modern Ku Klux Klan Relying on primary source documents and painstaking research award winning novelist Elaine Alphin tells the true story of justice undone in America. April 26 1913 Mary Phagan a young 14 year old girl is on her way to a parade but stops at National Pencil Company ti pick up her 120 paycheck The next morning she is found dead in the basement The investigation begins with the African American night watchman that found Mary but Newt Lee is eventually found to be innocent Times are hard in Georgia at the time and as it turns out antisemitism is high because suddenly everyone turns their attention to the director of National Pencil Company Leo Frank Called a 'Yankee Jew' by many Frank will be accused of murdering Mary Several 'witnesses' even get on the stand and start accusing him of having inappropriate relationships with the young girls including a suggestion that he enjoyed oral sex because as a Jew with a circumcised penis it was the only sexual pleasure he could find The case gets a lot of attention and eventually a jury decided that Frank was guilty and sentenced him to hang This was later commuted to life imprisonment giving Frank a chance to appeal But a group of 'townies' including Judge Morris get together on August 17 1915 and abduct Frank and then lynch him As you can imagine I am enraged because the lynch mob never saw any penalties for murdering Frank That's right I said murdering because now in 2019 it seems pretty clear that Frank did not kill Mary It makes much sense that Jim Conley a janitor at the factory actually killed Mary Many years later almost 70 a young boy admits that he saw Conley with Mary but was afraid to tell the truth Several other authors have also taken a peek at the case and tend to agree Leo M Frank was innocent He was murdered because he was Jewish For further reading see And the Dead Shall Rise The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo FrankThis is a great smaller read on the Mary Phagan case It is great for true crime fans And if you ever want to see the ugliness of antisemitism the murder of Leo Frank is an example that resonates today