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Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Joe Hill Ollapses in terror The chaos gives rise to ruthless Cremation Suads armed self appointed posses roaming the streets and woods to exterminate those who they believe carry the spore But Harper isn’t as alone as she fears a mysterious and compelling stranger she briefly met at the hospital a man in a dirty yellow fire fighter’s jacket carrying a hooked iron bar straddles the abyss between insanity and death Known as The Fireman he strolls the ruins of New Hampshire a madman afflicted with Dragonscale who has learned to control the fire within himself using it as a shield to protect the hunted and as a weapon to avenge the wrongedIn the desperate season to come as the world burns out of control Harper must learn the Fireman’s secrets before her life and that of her unborn child goes up in smo. 35 StarsThe world was suddenly catching firesuch a promising beginningsuch a wonderfully threatening title and book cover butTHE FIREMAN just wasn't what I was expecting or at least hoping for Without giving any part of this entertaining story away; yes it was indeed entertainingentertaining but often predictable and a bit ludicrous here and there but still very entertainingAfter the excellent beginning the story travels a different path that I won't divulge here except to say I wanted to experience of the whole world's post apocalyptic existence and I wanted THE FIREMAN himself to be well than he wasOverall I enjoyed it snickered at the many King isms along the way and really didn't mind the 747 pages but truth be told sadly it just didn't light my fireThank you Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for the ARC

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Free download The Fireman è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ From the award winning New York Times bestselling author of NOS4A2 and Heart Shaped Box comes a chilling novel about a worldwide pandemic of spontaneous combustion that threatens to reduce civilization to ashes and a band of improbable heroes who battle to save i From the award winning New York Times bestselling author of NOS4A2 and Heart Shaped Box comes a chilling novel about a worldwide pandemic of spontaneous combustion that threatens to reduce civilization to ashes and a band of improbable heroes who battle to save it led by one powerful and enigmatic man known as the FiremanThe fireman is coming Stay coolNo one knows exactly when it began or where it originated A terrifying new plague is spreading like wildfire across the country striking cities one by one Boston Detroit Seattle The doctors call it Draco Incendia Trychophyton To everyone else it’s Dragonscale a highly contagious deadly spore that marks its hosts with beautiful black and gold marks across their bodies before causing them to burst into flames Millions are infected; blazes erupt ev. The people in charge can always justify doing terrible things in the name of the greater good A slaughter here a little torture there It becomes moral to do things that would be immoral if an ordinary individual did ‘em They have been trying to take us down for uite a while Some may enjoy the end of the world EotW arriving in the form of an incoming asteroid Hey it worked for the dinosaurs Alien invasion is always popular Very big in the 50s whether by maleficent alien civilizations or maybe a nice juicy mobile plant of the triffid variety Viruses have been pretty big the last few decades global pandemics whether of alien or Terran origin Zombie apocalypse is all the rage today whether the zombies are animated by a force of nature or not How an author takes us from the pre disaster here through the horrors to there wherever or whenever there may be is the fun But many of these entertainments carry a stowaway EotW tales exist not only to titillate and elevate our blood pressure but to deliver a core of perspective along with the fun The collapse of civilization is a favorite mechanism for writers looking at the core of human nature Imaginative tales go to extremes to point out things about the here and now Joe Hill from USA Today Joe Hill has come up with a truly ingenious mechanism for bringing about his apocalyptic vision Draco incendia trychophyton is a spore with some unusual properties smoothly rolling off the tongue not being one of them The skin of people who have been exposed to it erupts in what looks like burger meat that has been way way overcooked interspersed with lines of gold The affliction comes to be called “Dragonscale” or ‘scale for short It gets worse Not long after initial exposure most of the afflicted spontaneously combust The spore spreads like wildfire and soon the entire world is ablaze This Freightliner snow plow could be better called a Frightliner for its use here Harper Grayson a school nurse is practically perfect in every way She is both kind and firm with her young patients an admirable combination she employs when dealing with adults as well Her hero is of course Mary Poppins Throughout the 747 pages of this book the page count may vary with the edition there are many references to PL Travers’ magical nanny too many to list here But you should know that Harper totes her belongings in a carpet bag once had a dog named Bert and in the imagined film of the story of her life she wants to be played by Julie Andrews In an interview for his last book Hill said I was thinking about Lon Chaney who had line about “There’s nothing funny about a clown at midnight” I think that’s part of the horror writer’s job to create unsettling juxtapositions You find something that seems harmless and innocent and pair it with aspects that are disturbing Christmas is a joyous occasion it’s a time of pleasure and family but there’s something about Christmas songs in the middle of the summer that’s not uite right from Nightmare Magazine interviewThe juxtaposition of Harper’s Disney ish aspect which stops just short of animated bluebirds chirping away on her shoulders adds a nice dollop of sweet to the sour of the apocalyptic landscape Harper and her husband Jakob have talked about ending their lives themselves rather than burning to death like the Dragonscale sufferers But when she discovers that she is pregnant the appearance of tell tale black and gold on her skin presents not a death sentence but a challenge She has seen ‘scaled mothers deliver uninfected babies and hopes she can too Jakob has other plans The Fireman of the title is John Rookwood Harper first encounters him when he insists on crashing the very long line outside the hospital where she is working after the school has been shut down carrying a boy with a severe illness Later as vigilante groups spring up to exterminate the infected so called Cremation Suads he leads her to a place of safety John’s talents extend beyond being handy with a halligan being kind and protective toward children and looking steamy in a yellow slicker He can control his dragonscale and do some pretty interesting things with it You wouldn’t want to make his blood boil John still carries a torch though for his old flame It may not be a roue mallet but John’s halligan comes in pretty handy The Fireman can be read on at least two levels On the surface this is a can’t put it down amazing scifihorror adventure a barn burner of a read exciting fun and very very scary It will keep you flipping the pages so fast you might generate sparks I recommend reading with a glass or bottle of non alcoholic liuid near to hand Harper is a wonderful character I mean really a young nurse pregnant fleeing dark forces while trying to figure out how dragonscale works and how it might be controlled a woman who is the epitome of cheerful and positive in a very bleak time just hoping to live long enough to deliver her baby into the hands of people who can care for him or her Add a damaged hero in John an ally who can help her find a haven if one really exists but who comes with a bucket brigade of baggage Good guys bad guys and plenty in between a lot of action and a wealth of creativity All that said there is something going on here This is not just some cozy catastrophe in which a group of survivors carve out a manageable modus vivendi in the shadow of global horror Hill is not only looking to give his readers a good scare He wants to offer something substantive The Fireman delivers what the best speculative fiction provides a look at contemporary reality through the lens of fantasy John brings Harper to a place where others with ‘scale have come together for group support and defense The place is called Camp Wyndham And for those to whom the name is unfamiliar it might help to know that John Wyndham was the author of a 1957 novel The Midwich Cuckoos You might know it better as the film Village of the Damned The lovely kids in this tale of dubious parentage are possessed of a group consciousness Members of the Camp Wyndham community all with ‘scale have found that under certain circumstances the spore allows them to join into a joyous group rapture they call The Bright This entails a loss of self which not everyone is all that thrilled about somewhere between the ecstatic experience of a full bore revival meeting and a hive mind Hill also references Jack Finney’s book made into multiple film versions The Invasion of the Body Snatchers Carol said “Sometimes when I’m in The Bright I would swear I feel my late sister standing right next to me close enough so I could lay my head on her shoulder like I used to When we shine they all come back to us you know The light we make together shows everything that was ever lost to the darknessHarper clamped down on a shudder When they spoke of The Bright they had all the uncomplicated happiness of pod people When we lose ourselves in a group think situation morality goes out the window Why have a head at all if you only use it to ditto someone else’s psychotic rage The relevance to our world is blazingly clear whether the group be political or religious There be dragons there And there is a very real uestion of whether cooler heads will prevailThere is consideration as well of how people reach out to help those in pain or in danger Maybe like the way Chris Christie locked up a nurse returning to the USA after she had been helping Ebola victims in Africa In addition to seeing the ‘scalers as infected see them as unwanted immigrants as a despised class See them as Syrian refugees fleeing civil war See them as Costa Rican children fleeing north to keep from being forcibly drafted into drug gangs Even a Trump sized wall cannot keep out a global pandemic Fear can usually be counted on to drown out most kinder impulses often with the assistance of small arms We get a taste of this here as Cremation Suads do for spore victims what the SS did for Jews and others or what I am sure many Tea Baggers and militia groups would love to do to progressives immigrants members of the LGBT community and ethnic and religious minorities here in the USA Erstwhile residents of Auschwitz might recognize how some of the constabulary treat their prisoners in Hill’s dark landscape All the nastiness is done with the eager support and encouragement even participation of a particularly sociopathic hate radio jock broadcasting on a radio station with appropriate call letters Hill tips his hat to luminary writers who have written about despotism and apocalypse In addition to John Wyndham noted above a boat is named for Margaret Atwood author of The Handmaid’s Tale and the MaddAddam series Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn author of The Gulag Archipelago gets a mention as does Cormac McCarthy for The Road There are almost certainly of theseOver his entire oeuvre Hill has demonstrated considerable glee in referencing the popular culture in which he was raised MTV VJ Martha uinn gets a lot of ink Song TV and movie references abound But his largest source of material here is Disney The Mary Poppins references in support of Harper’s character are legion But there are plenty of others including Toy Story and a somewhat obliue reference to Pinocchio A ref to a classic Coke commercial also resonates creepily He even references his own work a bit I spotted one link to NOS4A2 but I bet there are plenty I did not check the DNA of character names against the Stephen King Joe Hill character database there probably is one of names used in their books but generally Joe has taken to tossing in refs to his dad’s work These are always fun to spot The writing of one particular character here is very reminiscent of Jack Torrance’s magnum opus in The Shining Not so much the form but the impact and the revelation it contains about that character As with the haunted Torrance this guy blames others for all his problems And shining is referenced as well although of a sort different from that possessed by Danny at the Overlook when the Camp Wyndham folks link up in The Bright Hill has even said of The Fireman “it’s my version of The Stand soaked in gasoline and set on fire” So what comes next Fire is often used as a cleansing image in nature and religion Burning the earth as Maine and the world is scorched may allow new growth in the same way that new growth arrived in the years after Mount St Helen’s blew Is that a factor here Cleaning via fire so something new can grow I won’t burn the ending for you but it did suggest that Hill will be adding some logs to the flames of this story in future volumes No inside intel just a guess I am tempted to suggest that readers of The Fireman will feel the burn but that might imply that Hill has indicated a preference in the Democratic primary for Bernie Sanders He has not But I can say that The Fireman is certain to be both one of the hottest books of the year and one of the coolestReview posted March 25 2016Publication date – May 7 2016EXTRA STUFFIn the epigraph to the novel Hill includes three diverse uotes one from Springsteen one from Mary Poppins and one from Fahrenheit 451 All were sources of inspiration It should come as no surprise that before settling on the final title the original name for Bradbury’s classic was “The Fireman”Links to the author’s personal Instagram and Tumblr pagesYou can read an excerpt from the book on Entertainment WeeklyInterviews Joe Hill Calls Bullshit On The Crazy Artist Cliché on Buzzfeed – by Haley Campbell Pouring Gasoline On the Fire With Horror Author Joe Hill on Writers Bone – by Sean Tuohy Interview Joe Hill Part 1 by The Geeks Guide to the Galaxy for Nightmare Horror and Dark FantasyReviews of other Joe Hill Books Full Throttle Strange Weather NOS4A2 20th Century Ghosts Heart Shaped Box December 6 2016 The Fireman is voted the GoodReads Choice award winner for Best Horror book of 2016

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The FiremanErywhere There is no antidote No one is safeHarper Grayson a compassionate dedicated nurse as pragmatic as Mary Poppins treated hundreds of infected patients before her hospital burned to the ground Now she’s discovered the telltale gold flecked marks on her skin When the outbreak first began she and her husband Jakob had made a pact they would take matters into their own hands if they became infected To Jakob’s dismay Harper wants to live at least until the fetus she is carrying comes to term At the hospital she witnessed infected mothers give birth to healthy babies and believes hers will be fine too if she can live long enough to deliver the childConvinced that his do gooding wife has made him sick Jakob becomes unhinged and eventually abandons her as their placid New England community c. WINNER OF BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF 2016UPDATE Dropping this to two stars because it really was only an okay read In time it might drop to a one star because the I think about this book the I dislike itIt is with a heavy heart that I must give this book three two stars Last night I was certain it would be four stars this was before I realized how short sighted the novel really is but after much consideration I just couldn't do it Hopefully I can effectively explain whyBefore I ever started this book I said to myself Self you're not going to mention Stephen King or The Stand in your review Hill has proven himself as his own author and he gained an audience before anyone knew he was King's son So yeah don't mention that shit because to do so would make you an asshole Cool Cool Well fuck me I can't do that Yes The Fireman is Joe Hill's book but it is so packed full of Stephen King Easter eggs and nods to The Stand that it is impossible for me not to talk about them So I will get them out of the way up front Damn near every chapter of this book has a reference to Stephen King The book is nothing like King's post apocalyptic masterpiece but it is stuffed to the brim with plot points and characters that mirror King's novel But this is not to say that you're missing something if you haven't read The Stand well you're missing a lot considering it's a fantastic book but that's not the point I'm trying to make Let's say you haven't read The Stand shame on you and you decide to pick up The Fireman If you do so you'll have a complete thrilling experience with no confusion because the Easter eggs are hidden in the way Easter eggs should be hidden In such a way as to make fans giddy and those not in the know not feel confused For instance there's a character named Nick in this book Nick is a deaf kid Nick Andros from The Stand was also deaf If you haven't read King's book you're not missing anything Every single Easter egg in this book is like that Unlike some authors myself included Hill never makes you feel as if you're missing something I dig that very much I had a fucking blast finding all the references and my only complaint about the amount of Easter eggs is that Hill only dropped one for his own work I would have loved to see something about Judas Coyne or Charlie Manx or the murder of a girl named Merrin or a couple people discussing an inflatable boy or a nod to a horror story about the Buttonboy or a comic titled Locke Key Hill's brand is full of fantastic lore and characters and I feel as if he doesn't value his own work as much as he values his father's Hill spent so much time and effort distancing himself from his father's legacy so he could rise on the current of his own abilities but now that everyone knows his real name is Joseph Hillstrom King it feels like he's playing second fiddle to Pops That being said this book shines with Hill's love for his old man I get it I simply hope that in the future there's Hill in Hill's work and less King Wow I went off on a tangent Back to the story The Fireman is an odd bird; a mixture of the beginning and middle of The Stand and Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The former so than the latter That's right this book is like Harry Potter than it is The Stand Most of my reasoning will be in the Spoiler Discussion at the end of this post but suffice it to say the book is built on the same chassis Hill even mentions Rowling in his dedication thanking her for showing him how to tell his story In my opinion though Hill tells the better story But there are certain sections that outright steal from Rowling's book Some might call these tributes but because Hill's story strongly depends on certain plot points he borrowed from Rowling I call it stealing Once again on that in the Spoiler Discussion section Because there is so much in this book Hill got from other sources I cannot give the book a perfect score I didn't imagine I would ever say this about a Joe Hill book but the amount of unoriginal ideas in this novel is staggering The I think about it the it feels like Armada by Ernest Cline only better written and not so obnoxiously obvious with its pop culture referencing Hill's tributes are subtle but there are so many of them they start to form a pile you cannot ignore That being said The Fireman is highly readable One of the most well written books I've read this year His prose sings its so well tuned Even the lulls engage the reader and I never felt as if I was reading information I could do without A note on the hardcover version It's fucking gorgeous There's almost imperceptible dots of ash on every page but they never interfere with the readability of the words I dig the cover too which is a perfect blend of gloss and matte finish The attention to detail is stunning So niceAnd everything else I want to talk about is spoiler related so if you've read this one I'll see you in the Spoiler DiscussionIn summation While unoriginal to the point it becomes predictable the book is an fun okay time I want to see Hill go back to his own brand next time though instead of playing along the path of the beam I hope that he'll continue to build on King's lore instead of stealing from it There's nothing wrong with a tribute as long as it's transformative in nature Anything less is stealing And that's what this felt like; a friendly robbery Final Judgment Not entirely Hill's creationSpoiler Discussion Wherein I discuss and spoil The Fireman The Stand and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixview spoilerYo How's it going Great book huh I enjoyed it anyways So how much referencing did Hill do Lemme count the ways1 Deaf character named Nick is obvious reference to Nick Andros from The Stand See also Assholetraitor character named Harold CrossHarold Lauder of The Stand and the pregnant Harper Francis Frannie Graysonthe pregnant Francis Frannie Goldsmith from The Stand 2 Twice Hill writes that a character forgot the face of their father which is a reference to King's Dark Tower series3 Hill describes those with Drangonscale as shining which could be a loose reference to his father's book The Shining Also in the dedication to The Shining King says This is for Joe Hill King who shines on In The Fireman Hill says in his dedication For Ethan John King who burns bright4 A character named Mindy shouts My life for which is a reference to Trashcan Man in The Stand who was wont to say My life for you Although Mindy does not say you she uses actual character names5 There's a face in the fire ala Sirius Black in the Harry Potter books Other Potter plot points are female dictator type character who is unbending and ruthless; much teen angst from Allie; a secret society that might as well be called the Order of the Phoenix because The Fireman creates an actual fucking phoenix with his powers; a wizard in this case a burner coming into their own and learning how to use their powers; and so on This book really is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix just with a brand new paint job Sad part is I never would have noticed if Hill hadn't said JK Rowling whose stories showed me how to write this one in the dedication page 6 A reference to Tom Gordon from The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon I know Tom Gordon iswas a real baseball player but think about all the baseball players in the world Don't you find it funny that Hill chose to use him of all people7 Nozz a la soda is a nod to King's Dark Tower series which puts Hill's book on the path of the beam9 Flaming hand of God saves the day I don't care if in Hill's book Nick makes the hand this is an obvious nod to how King ends The Stand8 John Rookwood's fire truck falls into a collapsed overpass much like Stu Redman of The Stand falls into one in King's book Both men break their leg and are unable to go forward of their own power John does continue the journey but must be dragged whereas Stu is left behind This entire ending was also reminiscent of Roland's battle with infection in The Drawing of the Three 9 CHRISTMASLAND Finally Hill references his own workTo wrap up if you guys didn't read the credits at the end of the book you really really should The story continues there where we find out the real ending This has been fun Thanks for joining me hide spoiler