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READ Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Natasha Knight Jake Roark is the husband Megan never dreamed she could have handsome responsible kind hearted and so much Before she ever said her wedding vows though she also knew that he was traditional enough to take a misbehaving wife in hand When the bad habits from the wild life she led before she met Jake begin to resur. Taming Megan is a full time job This domestic discipline story reuires tanning of the hide than taming Megan is a younger wife She's in her mid twenties and running a cupcake business backed by her rich husband Her husband Jake is in his thirties old and wiser A fan of domestic discipline DD it's interesting to see how authors write the females in the story Ms Knight does a good job of showing exactly why Megan benefits from a domestic discipline relationship Some of the decisions Megan makes are mind boggling It's apparent she needs a bit maturity and life experience Jake is the steady husband who can bring logic and foresight to Megan's short sighted plans From a DD perspective this story is rather light The punishments Jake metes out to Megan are lighter than I would have given her The anal play is always a pleasure to read It seems to be a popular punishment yet also a reward in a DD relationship An avid fan of anal the scenes were sweet and gentle Overall this is a short and sweet story about newlyweds going through an adjustment Megan learns what her husband means by a traditional marriage Jake determines he needs to help Megan understand the conseuences of her actions better Ms Knight pens a light and fun read for those looking to explore an DD relationship It's a smooth read with plausible conflicts and good resolutions Recommended for romance readers looking to learn about domestic discipline provided by Manic Readers

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DOWNLOAD Taming Megan (The Roark Brothers Trilogy, #2) ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Jake Roark is the husband Megan never dreamed she could have—handsome responsible kind hearted and so much Before she ever said her wedding vows though she also knew that he was traditional enough to take a misb Face Megan soon finds herself over his knee for a bare bottom spanking Jake's firm hand and old fashioned ways only increase her love for him but when a mistake from the past is suddenly thrust into the forefront of her life and her marriage will Jake's love for Megan be strong enough to keep her in his arms for. I love Natasha Knight She has such a way of bring the characters to life and making you feel like you are right there in the middle of it all whether it’s paranormal action science fiction or in this case contemporary This woman can write This story is a DD domestic discipline story a type I have not yet seen from her A seuel to Taming Emma that can be read easily as a standalone And to be perfectly honest I think it is my new favorite from her I loved itThis was my kind of DD storyI loved both main characters which is sometimes very hard for me to find in contemporary DD The male MC has to be done just right so as not to seem like an overbearing jerk; and the female has to be done with just the right amount of sauciness to make her deserving of spankings bratty but not too btchy; for me to like themAnd I adored Jake and Megan Roark They were realistic but not too realistic and had realistic flaws which made them imperfectly perfectThe spankings were wonderful as always but what really called to me was the beautiful and sexy DS Holy cow I have been braiding my hair and wearing it pulled to one side for days now in an attempt to replay some of those scenes in my mind MmmmmThe plot was fun and engaging with the perfect amount of realism set with a tad bit of fantasy from a cool plot twistThis was a great length perfect for two nights of leisurely reading Not too short not too long Overall I loved this story and think it was one of Ms Knight’s bestI hope she does DD stories like this

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Taming Megan The Roark Brothers Trilogy #2Ever no matter what he learns about her Publisher’s Note Taming Megan is a stand alone seuel to Taming Emma It is an erotic romance novel that contains graphic sexual scenes anal play and spankings including domestic discipline in a contemporary setting If such material offends you please don’t buy this book. This is the second book in the Roark Brothers series by Natasha Knight Jake Roark is 36 years old and a little over a year ago he met Megan who is 26 years old They've been married for three months and Megan is still insecure in their relationship She grew up poor and her parents were complete trash but Jake has never judged her by her past He's old fashioned and believes in Domestic Discipline he only has two rules ; No Lying and No Drinking if He's Not There When they met Megan worked in a bakery and with Jake's help she now owns it Jake doesn't approve of Megan's childhood friend Josie because he believes she's a bad influence and not a true friend One night she goes out to dinner with Josie and ends up so drunk that a friend sees her and calls Jake so he can come get her He's pissed to be called out of an important business meeting to pick up his drunk wife Jake is an Architect who owns his own boutiue firm and he's in the process of bidding on a shopping center that could launch his firm to the next level When one of the men he's trying to get to except his bid ends up being someone from Megan's past what will happen Especially when he tries to blackmail Megan Will Jake still love her when he finds out the truth about her past