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The Whale Song TranslationAuthor Note Please read my blog post prior to adding TWST a work of marine mammal protectionist science fiction with the emphasis on SCIENCE to your listThe Whale Song Translation is a story about sound sounds of language sounds of songs and the sounds that kill When the Navy's controversial sonar experiments begin to destroy Maui's whales an unlikely hero emerges Inspired by his mentor's paradigm busting challenge to open a communications channel with other bi. HorribleTerribleTripeI don't even know how to give this a bad enough reviewThe author has contacted me through goodreadscom to ask that I revise or remove this review He even cited another 5 star review I gave to a book in my collection as proof of my philosophical opposition to his point of viewI generally don't write any review and often don't even assign stars to books I use this website primarily for organizing my own books and to line up potential reads Reviews are given for the few personal friends who follow me Those who know me know the personality behind the review and that I'd welcome discussion if they enjoyed the bookHowever I understand how the author might not appreciate the brevity I still stand behind my preference to give very informal reviews I am not and never claimed to be a legitimate reviewer I read for personal pleasureThe biggest problem I had with the book was the lack of believable conflict The author's antagonists were against whale song research based on religious grounds Honestly I AM a religious person but was confused by this I wondered if there was a religious movement against whale song research of which I was not aware Have I been missing out on my opportunity to protest in Hawaii I even did a little searching for documented religious opposition to the research and found none Though this is anecdotal I also could find no other religious friends who have any opposition to whale communication research I didn't feel the author articulated a true opposition to the research he supports For this reason I didn't believe the conflict Clearly the author is familiar with the technology used in the story If he could have shown the same passion when writing about characters I may have been invested in the story The human element seemed a bit hurried andor superficial while the technical explanations were not totally engaging and therefore seemed a bit too long

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G brained species acoustics professor David Dmitri begins analyzing the songs of humpback whales The uest to decode their mysterious language leads him to an astonishing revelation With proof Dmitri realizes he could rally public opinion and stanch the bloodshed But as his team prepares to launch a voyage of discovery in the Straits of Lahaina others are determined to stop him whatever the conseuences In the spirit of Carl Sagan's Contact and Steven Spielberg's. A 10 Star Book Should Be Reuired Reading I am totally thunderstruck by this amazing book True it is fiction but the underlying concepts are so relevant and compelling While the concepts are transcendent the characters and story are extremely believable and enjoyable I am left wondering why the book has not been shouted about from the mountain tops or at least on NPR It is simply wonderful intuitive and I repeat should be reuired reading Best of all this is the beginning of a series Please read it for yourself ASAP

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characters ☆ The Whale Song Translation ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ø Author Note Please read my blog post prior to adding TWST a work of marine mammal protectionist science fiction with the emphasis on SCIENCE to your listThe Whale Song Translation is a story about sound sounds of language sounds ofClose Encounters The Whale Song Translation is a voyage of discovery into a new frontier the excitement of first contact and the recognition of the intelligence dignity and wisdom of another earthly species Built on fascinating believable science Part I of The Torch of Prometheus trilogy delivers thought provoking breakthroughs about language and intelligence in earth's other big brained beings and explores the intertwined existential crises of humans and whal. Great subject and story lineNew writer so doesn't flow as easyFollow up with Fluke by christopher moore