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read epub ´ Spares author Michael Marshall Smith ê Paperback ´ Spares human clones the ultimate health insurance An eye for an eye but some people are doing all the takingSpares the story of Jack Randall burnt out dropped out and with a zero credit rating at the luck bank After five years lying low on a SpareOnif he and the spares can run fast enoughSpares a breathless race through strange disturbing territories in a world all too close to our ownSpares it's fiction But only just Spares was written way back before Michael Marshall dropped the Smith from his name was just starting out as an author and was single handily responsible for some of the best British sci fi that had been seen in years The third of his offerings after One Of Us and the ground breaking Only Forward Spares was a novel that redefined the term Cyberpunk and gave us something entirely different from anything we had seen before Part comedy part tragedy part post modern satire Spares takes us on a dark journey into an all too believable future where cloning is commonplace and shopping malls are located in vast spaceships that can move about whenever the need arisesJack Randall is an ex cop with a past A former soldier he managed to destroy his life through drink and drugs and has now ended up as a caretaker at one of many cloning farms all across the country The clones are owned by the very rich and famous and should anything happen to them doctors come in the middle of the night and remove the appropriate organ or body part from the relevant clone it is Randall's job merely to make sure they are kept fed and wateredOnly as he begins to sober up and straighten out Randall begins going outside his remit He slowly begins to believe that the clones are not just eating sleeping and defecating machines but people in their own right And one night he lets them all goWhat follows is a gritty sci fi thriller noir as Jack Randall returns to his old stomping ground meets up with some old friends and attempts for the first time in his life to do the right thingunfortunately taking the moral high ground isn't always that easy as Jack is about to find outMuch as Iain M Banks writes both sci fi and mainstream fiction so too has Marshall in later years dropped the sci fi element to his books and instead gone the dark thriller route with stuff like The Straw Men trilogy and The Intruders This I believe is to his detriment as he has never been as good a writer as he was at this stage in his career when Spares was released His characterisation here is spot on his plotting suitably dark and complex and the story moves at such a pace that at times it is almost impossible to keep up Think the likes of Blade Runner here and you won't be far wrongThis remains one of my favourite books of all time and reading it again recently I was reminded of just how good and relevant it still is today It's dark themes of the sinister side of cloning may only pay a small part in this novel but they help make it one of the most memorable sci fi novels of my generation

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Zero credit rating at the luck bank After five years lying low on a Spares farm looking after inmates that can't even spell luck he is finally faced with a chance at redempti Michael Marshall Smith totally blew me away with Only Forward so Spares was going to be a tough act to follow Unfortunately it wasn't uite as great as Only Forward few books are but the uality of writing was right up to par I get the feeling that MMS' stories are an outlet for him to get a few things off his chest His characters tend to wax philosophic during lulls in the action and where this seems to annoy some readers I found these lulls the best parts of the novelLike Stephen King MMS has his finger adroitly placed on the pulse of the human condition HuhI don't think I've ever used the word adroitly before HmAnyways everything from relationships addiction or just gettingthrough the day are explored through his hero's musings All that aside we have a story that many have likened to a Blade RunnerComa sort of thing And it certainly has that Blade Runner feel to it a vertiginous ANOTHER word I've never used noir and I'm not a big fan of noir it's been done to death action mysteryBut as per MMS' track record there is much to things than meets the eyeMan where does this guy get his ideas Acid Dreams Whatever it is dude keep it up and keep writing this stuffFolks this is one of the most talented guys writing today Besides taking you on a mind trip his pacing is excellent you feel for his characters and his touches on the human condition are bang onThere's even a laugh or two To witHe was uglier than three types of shit in a one shit bagI was set on giving Spares another 5 stars I wish to heck I could give it a strong 45 because as good as it was I wish I had a betterunderstanding of what The Gap was Don't let this discourage you though Even though it was a little foggy to me it didn't detract from the story at all I just accepted it for it was and let him carry me through the storySowhat to rate it I liked it a lot even loved it at times but it wasn't Only Forward soAh what the heck It doesn't cost anything and this was a feat of the imagination and this guy deserves a lot of exposureI'm rounding up this up to a 5 So there Read Michael Marshal Smith You won't forget it

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Spares author Michael Marshall SmiSpares human clones the ultimate health insurance An eye for an eye but some people are doing all the takingSpares the story of Jack Randall burnt out dropped out and with a This book was TERRIBLEI had 2 chief complaints with the book1 The writing is piss poor2 The story has almost nothing to do with the Spares A fitting title would have been Crackhead Ex CopLet's just assume for a moment that Michael Marshall Smith actually wrote a book about the Spares Here's a rundown of the completely believable premiseIn the near future rich people pay lots of money to keep clones of themselves in farms Whenever injured the rich people just carve a piece off the spares and patch themselves up They pay A LOT of money to do this Also these farms are run completely by robots So far so goodOkay well using common sense the rich people then decide these completely automated farms need a human element why So who do they hire to oversee their expensive and delicate investment A CRACKHEADStory over That's the stupidest thing I've ever heardOf course the spares are completely superfluous in the story and barely appear outside a single chapter The actual plot centers around the aforementioned crackhead running around a 200 story city that used to be a flying mall what pretending to be a cop but really just shooting smack and making trite commentary on the retarded future the author scribbled downOh and then he goes to a hallucinogenic Vietnam dimension discovered by cats not joking and takes drugsIf the story wasn't bad enough Smith constantly uses made up terminology which he doesn't bother defining or explaining for several chapters He peppers these code words throughout dialogue which tries to be clever and gritty but just comes off as stupid and self smugAs a bonus the Kindle version was riddled with typos I've seen typos in e books than I ever saw in printed books but the Kindle Edition of Spares took it to a whole new level The publisher should be ashamedIn summary a stupid story that's poorly written which should be avoided at all costsThis was uite possibly the worst book I've ever readTERRIBLESKIP IT