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Rush by Nyrae Dawn characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Á This heartbreaking powerful New Adult malemale romance will be loved by fans of Jamie McGuire Jessica Sorensen and Abbi Glines as well as by all fans of Nyrae Dawn's The Games trilogy What if you fell in love with your best friend But no one could ever knowBranLps Brandon train his way back to fitness and prepare for the NFL draft As they spend the summer together the two can't deny their attraction the rush they feel when they're together is impossible to deny and neither wants to walk away Will Brandon be brave enough to face the conseuences of following his heart No matter what the co. How can loving someone be wrongBrandon and Alec have a bit of history They're both in college but met several years ago during summer vacation at their family cabins They shared summer after summer growing a strong friendship playing football secretly meeting in their private place in the woods In time both Brandon and Alec realized these feelings are stronger than simple guys hanging out They're gay but both are firmly in the closet Especially Brandon who has high hopes of making it in the NFL Gays in the locker room won't be well taken So Brandon walks away Alec was willing to come out for Brandon but had his heart broken when his best friend walked out of his life He's moved on attending community college being open regarding his sexuality but no guy holds a candle to Brandon So when the phone call comes in with Brandon's phone number on it he's surprised Brandon however hangs up Call it self preservation Alec doesn't call him back Then the call comes from his best friend saying there's been an accident and Brandon needs him Their story begins againThis book was an endearing story of two young men stuck in the closet but painfully in love with each other It's filled with that angsty tug of war between making themselves happy at the expense of hurting their love onesand potentially Brandon losing his career in football It's a constant weighing of risks and benefits Brandon's family will love him no matter what but Alec's dad is a true bigot He knows it'll end up being a choice Either Brandon or his dadand if Brandon refuses to come out of the closet for his team is it fair He's risking it all for a person who won't totally come out I've never read anything from this author and I was impressed As an arc the writing was still perfect character development suburb making the reader feel the torturous tug between love of family and romantic love It's rated NA and scenes are sexy but it's not near as steamy as MM can sometimes be It's a perfect MM book for a first time reader of this genre or if steam isn't an issue It was romantic than steamy Looking forward to reading from this author And I thank you Advanced copy received by Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

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This heartbreaking powerful New Adult malemale romance will be loved by fans of Jamie McGuire Jessica Sorensen and Abbi Glines as well as by all fans of Nyrae Dawn's The Games trilogy What if you fell in love with your best friend But no one could ever knowBrandon Chase has always defined himself by one thing football He's the star. Chicks with Dicks AlertThe voices of the MCs were so interchangeable I sort of got lost in this trite and forgettable story There was a lot of pushpull very little steam this read very much like YA and a lot of whiningself flagellation on Brandon’s part I didn’t like Brand; I didn’t get what Alec saw in him This was chit lit disguised as MM; these men acted like teenage girls deliriously pining for one another and keeping their dicks hidden just in case I’ve read these same themes closeted athletes friends to lovers out for you etc done better in other books

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Rush by Nyrae DaOf the team an idol to his teammates and surrounded by the hottest girls But Brandon has a secret how he really feels about his friend Alec Andrews Rather than confront the truth Brandon pushes Alec away But when Brandon is seriously injured in a car crash the only person who can get through to him is Alec Against all odds Alec he. I was so wrong I don't typically read MM stories It's just not a genre that I've ever sought out or had much interest in reading I'm a woman so obviously I felt as though I'd connect with females in fiction But I love Nyrae Dawn I've read every single story she's published and I haven't found a single one that I could not connect with on so many levels So I knew before going in that if there was an author who could connect me to a MM storyline it'd be her I was so wrong about so many things This isn't a story about two men It's just a story about two people It's about love love that should not be boxed in or labeled or classified At the end of the day love is just love and this book could not have illustrated that any better Rush is the story of Alec and Brandon Two amazing beautiful flawed characters trying to figure themselves out In true Nyrae Dawn fashion this is the story of two people both fighting their own demons as well as navigating their way in a very unstable shaky relationship But Rush is it's Alec and Brandon's struggle with who they are as individuals as men as sons as friends as lovers as students It's everything In some ways I feel like I connected with Brandon and Alec's characters than I ever could with this author's female characters in previous books I was so wrong in my thinking that I wouldn't These characters certainly opened my eyes to things I was incredibly naïve about before Written in alternating points of view the reader is allowed a complete intense look into both of these characters their internal and external struggles their individual personalities I was anxious and angst ridden the entire book through I always felt righteous in my belief system I've always been vocal about my opinions that everyone should be free to love whoever they want and those that don't agree will just have to deal with it I looked at the world through my rose colored glasses wondering what the big deal was why people couldn't just be who they are and not care what anyone else thought I easily assumed that eventually close minded individuals would have no choice but to open their minds because the rest of us were leaving them in the dust with their bigoted opinions But I was wrong I never really considered what it must be like to have to open yourself up and admit who you are like Brandon and Alec did in this story It's not easy It's a torturous suffocating feeling that this author crafted perfectly in this book You can't understand because you haven't experienced it It's easy for people to say when they haven't lived it Alec If you ask me this might be Nyrae Dawn's most perfect story Perfect in it's realness Perfect in the way it reaches inside the reader and never lets go Perfect in the way she crafted these characters and brings you inside their pain their joy their struggles their victories their strength and their fear I was wrong to look at this story as a MM love story Perhaps for classification purposes this story has to be labeled but if the reader takes anything away from this story it should be that we don't need those labels Books might but people do not It's just a love story It's a love story about two people just trying to figure it all out Unfortunately and unfairly these characters face obstacles that most of us can never imagine But we all have faced something Rush might be the literal story of two gay men struggling with coming out and making their relationship work in spite of those barriers But the reader doesn't have to be a gay man to understand what it feels like to struggle with who they are what they want who they love and how it feels to not be accepted for who they are We're all the same