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The Wrong Billionaire's Bed reader ï 306 pages Download ☆ Fans of Maya Banks Melody Anne and J Kenner prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boys Club The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business at any cost but success when it comes to love isCadeand it's clear to Reese that blackmailing Audrey with this information can get her to agree to just about anything Like furtive kisses or a secret rendezvous in the woods Audrey may think she knows what she wants but Reese is determined to show her what she needs These boys play well together look for irresistible Billionaire Boys Club titles Stranded With A Billionaire and Beauty and the Billionai A very big thank you to Penguin Group for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI stumbled upon this series while browsing through my Goodreads updates and read rave reviews about it from my GR friends The moment I started the first book I couldn't stop reading It and continued bulldozing right to the second book the moment I was done with the last page of The Stranded BillionaireImagine my excitement when I read that Audrey’s and the playboy Reese’s story was next and my despair when I saw the release which uickly transformed to exhilaration when I found out it was available for reuest in Netgalley and fangirl sueals upon discovery my reuest approvalI really love the idea of these six billionaires who are fast friends and ready to have each other’s backs forming their own secret club The idea was very compelling and the reactions from the heroines from each book upon discovering this secret meeting were very cute and hilarious It was also amusing to witness the exasperated expressions from the non attached for now billionaires when their fellow buddies and heroes of the book brought their heroines to the meetingI was really excited to start on Audrey’s story as I really connected and truly liked her the moment she was introduced in the first book I felt sad and lonely for Audrey locking her real self up real tight with a heavy duty padlock suppressing all her fieriness and feistiness with a cold cool and collected appearance deeply believing that she needs to be the good twin the level headed one to her troubled twin Daphne It was such heartache to see her keeping her self all locked up trying so hard to be the perfect one for Cade and making him notice herBut it was obvious to readers from the previous book Beauty and the Billionaire that Cade does not feel for her in how she wants him to Cade has been the twins’ childhood friend always there for me through highs and lows and it was very apparent that his whole being and attention was heavily directed to messed up DaphneReese the ultimate playboy in the group was the total opposite of Audrey He saw right through her and utterly enjoyed riling her up and seeing her true self emerge Reese was an easygoing hilarious and sly character always finding ways to bait Audrey into taking bets – with sinfully sensual and erotic wages He was a very refreshing alternative to the serious and sober feel of the previous bookWe were all introduced to Daphne went she blew in like a hurricane towards the end of Hunter and Gretchen’s the twins’ older sister story I felt real sorry for her struggling in and out of depressing situation and fully relying on Audrey the steady one I couldn't help cheering for her and really hoping she will turn out all right in the end I was really happy to see Audrey and Daphne’s previously strained relationship slowly mending I guess the next book will be Cade and Daphne’s story? I wonder how it will go HmmmThe Wrong Billionaire’s Bed was such a wonderful read and did not disappoint my high expectations I than enjoyed it and finished it in just two sittings You see I stared it at midnight and read ‘till the wee hours of the morning stopping to only get some sleep and waking up to finally finish it I thought the epilogue was perfect and oh so sweetThank you again Penguin Group for giving me this opportunity to read this story earlier

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Fans of Maya Banks Melody Anne and J Kenner prepare to be dazzled by Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boys Club The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business at any cost but success when it comes to love is a different matterAudrey Petty's always been the responsible one The good twin She'd be the perfect girlfriend for her childhood crush bill 4 It’s not who you think it is Stars I will be first to admit I didn’t like the storyline You have a Heroine who has a crush on her childhood friend who in return has a crush on the Heroine’s twin I’m not a fan of unreuited love however as I continued to read my mind was changed and I started to really enjoy The Wrong Billionaire’s bed Summary Audrey has always been in love with her childhood friend Cade Cade is sweet honest and loyal Daphne Audrey’s twin gets into trouble Daphne doesn’t want to go to rehab so Daphne Audrey and Cade go to a cabin in the woods so Daphne can detox but when they arrive the cabin isn’t empty Reese is a play boy and charmer He doesn’t want to settle but when he meets Audrey he decides to stay and see what happens Audrey I really like Audrey even though she’s kind of pathetic I mean its obvious Cade is in love with Daphne and I kid you not I cringe at some of the scenes Like when she gets tongue tie around Cade and Cade is super sweet and Audrey mistakes it for something maybe It’s just kind of sad However when Reese comes into the picture it gets better Reese Reese is sexy and kind of a playful jerk Audrey isn’t his type but there’s something about her witty personality that draws him towards her There’s plenty of banter between the two and yes it’s lust at first site Of course the eventually the physical only last so long before it gets emotional Overall The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed isn’t my favorite read but it was enjoyable I didn’t enjoy Audrey crushing on Cade but I did like Reese and Audrey interacting It’s kind of a long book but the characters are really developed You also get some glimpses of who Daphne and Cade are which I can assume there will be a book on them If you are a fan of the series like me you will not be disappointed REVIEW | REVIEW |

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The Wrong Billionaire's BedIonaire Cade Archerexcept that she's pretty sure she's not even on his radar But when fate decress that Audrey spend time with Cade at his remote cabin retreat it's a dream come true Until she meets her worst nightmareBillionaire playboy Reese Durham is used to seducing women to get what he wants But when stiff too proper Audrey arrives at his buudy's mountain lodge it's clear that Audrey's in love with An absolute great read I loved book three of this contemporary romance with a sizzle It had humoremotion and hotsweaty sex LOL Review to Come