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The Vanishing Witch doc ò Paperback read Ü karen maitland ✓ The reign of Richard II is troubled the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners are lining their pockets It's a case of every man for himself whatever his status or wealth But in a world where nothing can be taken at face value who can The reign of Richard II is troubled the poor are about to become poorer still and landowners are lining their pockets It's a case of every man for himself whatever his status or wealt After the lacklustre The Falcons of Fire and Ice Maitland is back on great form with The Vanishing Witch If you've read anything by the author before nothing in this fifth novel will come as a big surprise it's set in the Middle Ages has lots of characters there's murder witchcraft and something that initially seems like a romance but is actually much twisted This time we're back in England Lincoln to be precise after Falcons' sojourn to Portugal and Iceland It's 1381 and wealthy merchant Robert Bassingham finds himself torn between his wife Edith who is succumbing to an inexplicable illness and an enigmatic attractive widow named Catlin Meanwhile an impoverished boatman named Gunter is struggling to protect his family from rising taxes and rent All of these characters and their children are haunted by the menacing presence of a man dressed as a friar is he a ghost or someone seeking revenge on an old enemy? And who is the all knowing presence narrating the story? Historical context is provided by a backdrop that includes the Peasants' Revolt with several of the characters finding themselves drawn into the rebellionOver the past year I have often complained about how soapy and contrived I think modern historical fiction has become Characters with too modern attitudes and speech historical inaccuracies and a general feeling of 'trashiness' pervade so many of these novels even those acclaimed as literary triumphs that I struggle to stop myself from being so annoyed I can't enjoy the book at all Not because I'm some great history expert who's offended by the lack of accuracy I'm just fed up of encountering the exact same thing in book after book I really enjoy Maitland's books not only in spite of these things but actually perhaps perversely because of them Even though I know what to expect from the author it's still refreshing to read a historical novel that has fun with its premise and handles its characters lightly rather than trying to be desperately serious and attempting to create an 'authentic voice' Ironically it's this lightness combined with what seems like genuinely detailed knowledge of the time period habits and customs at a local level as well as bigger societalpolitical events that makes the characters seem believable The Vanishing Witch doesn't match the brilliance of The Gallows Curse and perhaps isn't uite as original as The Owl Killers but it's an enjoyable read that I found instantly engrossing and strangely comforting It's immensely frustrating that one character in particular doesn't get their comeuppance view spoilerLeonia obviously knife emoji and I liked Catlin I wanted her to get away with it hide spoiler

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H But in a world where nothing can be taken at face value who can you trust? The dour wool merchant? His impulsive son? The stepdaughter with the hypnotic eyes? Or the raven haired wi This novel takes us from September 1380 to September 1381 and takes place mainly around the city of Lincoln The main plot revolves around respected wool merchant Robert of Bassingham married to Edith and with two sons Jan and Adam When Robert is approached by wealthy widow Catlin he is flattered and happy to help give her advice Before long Catlin has wormed her way into Robert’s affections and into his household although Edith’s maid Beata is suspicious of her motives and Jan feels he is making a fool of himself with the younger womanA side story concerns river boatman Gunter who lives with his beloved wife and children in a small village outside of the city Work is hard to find and the family live in poverty but their troubles are about to be increased with the new poll tax This was a tax to be paid for every person in a household over the age of fifteen and not trusting those paying to declare everyone in their family Commissioners would visit and carry out intrusive and crude investigations into the age of children living there which caused outrage among the people already struggling to pay I have read and enjoyed all of Karen Maitland’s novels and this is certainly one of her best Anyone familiar with her books will know that there is often a magical element to her stories and this is the case in this one too With tales of ghosts sorcery and witchcraft this is a tale of murder and magic From the beginning we doubt the motives of Caitlin and her children – the arrogant Edward and the sinister Leonia – and her designs on Robert and his familyAlthough I really enjoyed the mystery concerning Robert of Bassingham I felt the storyline concerning the Peasants’ Revolt worked less well This is a pretty hefty book but still the author perhaps tries to fit too many side stories into the plot However as always her characters are interesting and her ability to create a realistic historical background excellent Each chapter begins with spells and anti witchcraft charms taken from medieval texts and folklore which help set the scene and create an arresting atmosphere Lincoln is a city where the rich fear attack the poor fear starvation and unrest lurks alongside the spirits in the narrow lanes If you enjoy historical mysteries then Karen Maitland is an author that you should certainly add to your reading list

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The Vanishing WitchDow clutching her necklace of bloodstones? And when people start dying unnatural deaths and the peasants decide it's time to fight back it's all too easy to spy witchcraft at every tu I was pretty excited when I received a copy of this to review via Bookbridgr because I've enjoyed all Maitland's work so far And this is certainly very much like her other work in tone and style the historical setting carefully drawn; female characters focused on as least as much as the male ones; hints at supernatural aspects without anything being completely overtUnfortunately it also has the kind of plot and twist I expected from Karen Maitland's work as well It's very effective in the first couple of books I've read by her but I predicted it here and that took away some of the enjoyment She still has great control of pacing a great handle on her characters and how they relate to each other how people manipulate each other But I expected the story to play out as it did almost from reading the first hundred pagesIt's still a good story but that knowing really disappointed me I'm hoping for something different from Maitland's next novel something that will surprise and intrigue me the way her first book did instead of just being enjoyable I've read all her other books in almost one sitting but the last two have been comfortable just books to sit down and read when I had time I'm hoping for the compulsive uality of the first couple