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ePub Ê mobi A Wolf at the Table · 9780312342029 Free ´ “As a little boy I had a dream that my father had taken me to the woods where there was a dead body He buried it and told me I must never tell It was the only thing we’d ever done together as father and son and I promised not to tell But unlike most dreams th“As a little boy I had a dream that my father had taken me to the woods where there was a dead body He buried it and told me I must never tell It was the only thing we’d ever done together as father and son and I promised not to tell But unlike most dreams the memory of this one never left me And sometimesI wasn’t altogether sure about one thing was it just a dream” When Augusten Burroughs was small his father was a shadowy presence in his life a form on the stairs CAVEAT This book is potentially triggering for survivors of physical emotional andor sexual abuse as well as animal loversI heard Augusten Burroughs said and I paraphrase that Running with Scissors was a joyous romp compared with this book Now that I have read it I understand why Running with Scissors does seem like a collection of insouciant anecdotes juxtaposed with the raw unpolished emotionality that Burroughs unfurls in this narrative I've read doubts from others about what in this book happened and what was less than 100% factualwhether or not every event in this book occurred is really a small detail To me Burroughs here exposes the terror the powerlessness the confusion of being the victim of an abuser against whom one can not have agency can not escape can not rationalize People wonder why victims stay in bad situations and this book expresses that slow upheaving descent into abuse vividly the complexity the confusion the instability that keeps the victims scrambling and unsureThere are some moments of inconsistency in the voice that Burroughs uses in his retelling shifts in persona from child to words that seem likely to come from an adult and some lapses in time that elicit frustration But this is part of what makes this precisely a re telling a re living a re memberance Burroughs is as one would piecing this back together The seamed echos make it that much realistic that much like the re claiming and re telling of other abused people's stories that I have heard like my own voice tooIf you try to be the enforcer the lawyer the law when you read this you might be disappointed or frustrated But if you come to it as the listener the empath the psychologist you can learn from his story

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A cough from the basement a silent figure smoking a cigarette in the dark As Augusten grew older something sinister within his father began to unfurl  Something dark and secretive that could not be named Betrayal after shocking betrayal ensued and Augusten’s childhood was over The kind of father he wanted didn’t exist for him This father was distant aloof uninterestedAnd then the “games” beganWith A Wolf at the Table Augusten Burroughs makes a uantum leap into unt I think this is a fine book but I have no idea if you should read it or not If you don’t know what I know maybe it won’t be worth it to you Because I think at its heart this is less a memoir for me than a book of kinship a description of what it is like to be small and terrified held in thrall to a mentally ill and at times despicable parent to never feel peace to watch creatures you love die or in my case disappear entirely without a trace and have nothing you can do about any of it I felt a great connection with Burroughs as if finally there might be a person on this planet who could hear the story of my own life and nod and not pepper me with uestions as they tried to understand how a man can be a monster to his family and a kind a polite family man to strangersRead my entire review here

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A Wolf at the TableApped emotional terrain the radical pendulum swing between love and hate the unspeakably terrifying relationship between father and son Told with scorching honesty and penetrating insight it is a story for anyone who has ever longed for unconditional love from a parent Though harrowing and brutal A Wolf at the Table will ultimately leave you buoyed with the profound joy of simply being alive It’s a memoir of stunning psychological cruelty and the redemptive power of hope WowThis is a tough one A tough review to write a tough book to readNormally I like Burroughs' books but I am truly torn over this one Things I liked The description the imagery I truly FELT not just UNDERSTOOD what he was writing I also liked the way the book flowed It was chronological for the most part which made sense but it wasn't rigid It wasn't a day by day diary of his life That would've been too much Finally I liked the threads he wove throughout the book his father's health knee skin the drinking the animals his fear of beinglooking like him the idea of loneliness There are but I don't want to risk spoiling anything Finally I liked the ending It was well paced and appropriateThings I didn't like The beginning was hard to get into He begins the book when he is less than a year old and talks about that time as if he has actual memories of it It was hard to believe which made it hard to read I don't usually care about that kind of thing but somehow it bothered me here He just went on and on about life and huge thoughts he had at such a young age Again usually I am happy to extend grace on the details for the sake of telling a good story but it was all just too much Also the voice in the book was awkward In the beginning he tried to use a childlike voice to reflect the age he was writing about but it just didn't work for me I found it distracting and awkward than authentic Finally the subject matter was simply tough to stomach at times That's not entirely Burroughs' fault of course It happened; he was just telling the story But at times it felt dramatic than it needed to be to get the point across Some things felt like punishment to the reader than necessary detailAll in all it's a well written book that's simply tough to read at times But I'm glad I did