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Penrynin küçük kız kardeşi Paige kayboldu İnsanlar korkuyorBir annenin kalbi kırıkPenryn San Francisco sokaklarında kardeşini arıyor Sokaklar neden bu kadar boş? Herkes nereye kayboldu?Paige karde? SPOILER FREEPicture this the world ends and you’re left with a schizophrenic mother who’s fallen off the deep end and a kid sister that looks like an autopsy victim with razor blade teeth The humans around you are half convinced that you’re hellspawn due to an unfortunate rising from the dead incident your one non familial ally now looks like a creature from your nightmares and since he also thinks that you’re actually dead he’s abandoned you Now you’re being carted off to God knows where with a group of wounded dirty survivors that are probably half a step away from turning cannibal Things can’t get much worse can they? WRONGThings can always get worse I just didn’t realize how much worse they’d get in a YA novel I have to say I love that Ee took it to the place she did There’s a darkness in this book that clings to the pages slithers from the paper to seep up your fingers and wrap its icy tendrils around your heart as you read This book is terrifying but not in the way you might expect Sure there are some suspenseful moments and than a few scenes that will get your adrenaline going but the real horror in this story comes from a surprising source Not the angelic invaders not the monsters that come buzzing out of the darkness in this latest installment but the humans We think we’re so advanced with our smart phones and our global connections So above the rest of the animals on this planet But take away our modernity starve us for a little while and lock us in a cage and you begin to realize why we’ve climbed to the top It’s because we’re ruthless Savage At our core we’re still fueled by the primitive need to survive and this book serves as a haunting reminder of the things we’re capable of and the depths we’ll descend to Penryn is a survivor in the true sense of the word She’s what so many other heroines in this genre claim to be and fail to achieve She’s ruthless Savage And absolutely believable She’ll do anything for herself and her family This makes her a complicated character by nature and one not everyone might warm to because those same instincts drive her to put herself and those she loves above all others She has to make hard decisions in this book has to choose which battles to fight and those choices were part of what made this such a compelling readSo prepare yourself because this book pulls no punches It picks up the blink after its predecessor ended and provides the same non stop action the same gritty dirty and sometimes ugly story of post apocalyptic survival This is easily my favorite YA series of all time and after this latest installment I have infinite faith in Susan Ee to continue to deliverBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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End of DaysAzanmak ya da Penrynin hayatını kurtarmak arasında kaldığında hangisini seçecek?Melekler insanlar ve canavarların korku dolu hikayesi Meleğin Düşüşünün ardından Kıyamet Sonrası ile devam ediy Finish writing this book damnitthen give it me Give it me

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eBook ´ End of Days Ü Paperback ´ randarenewables à Penrynin küçük kız kardeşi Paige kayboldu İnsanlar korkuyorBir annenin kalbi kırıkPenryn San Francisco sokaklarında kardeşini arıyor Sokaklar neden bu kadar boş? Herkes nereye kayboldu?Paige kardeşinin izini sürerken meleklerin gizli planının ?inin izini sürerken meleklerin gizli planının merkezini buluyor ve ürkütücü gerçeklerle yüz yüze geliyorRaffe kanatlarının peşinde Onlarsız meleklere katılması imkansız Tekrar kanatlarını k I was rather disappointed with this seuel because I didn’t find it as exciting an action packed as Angelfall This may have something to do with Raffe and Penryn not being very exciting apart from each other because for the first half of the book I struggled to stay interested On the positive side the second half does pick up after Penryn and Raffe reunites and the horror aspect that we saw at the end of Angelfall really starts to shine through I’m curious to see where this series is going because a large part of World After was about Penryn — once again — going off into danger to save her sister who seems to now have a larger role in this whole Angel Apocalypse thing I really hope books 3 6 don’t follow similar plots There are only so many times Penryn can save Paige before it loses its appeal So I read on Susan's blog that there will be 5 books totalOMG I CAN'T WAIT But I don't know how I'll be able to wait so long sigh