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Download The Rule of Metaphor Book Ô 464 pages Æ Randarenewables è Paul Ricoeur is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished philosophers of our time In The Rule of Metaphor he seeks 'to show how language can extend itself to its very limits forever discovering new resonances within itself' RecogniHtful study of how language affects how we understand the world and is also an indispensable work for all those seeking to retrieve some kind of meaning in uncertain times I love Ricoeur and enjoyed his take on metaphor in his slim volume Interpretation Theory Discourse and the Surplus of Meaning and I'm interested in the Cognitive Linguistic take on metaphor so I hope to read this as well Actually Gary Holland recently did an analysis of skaldic kennings using Cog Ling metaphor theory and my dissertation is all about skaldic poetics so it could be that this whole area is a chapter waiting to be concieved I'd better read fast Nov 2008 update have read the first chapter and part of the next and am enjoying it so far He spends a lot of time on Aristotle as with his Time and Narrative volume 1 I think those two works plus the short Interpretation Theory share many of the same concerns and they were all written roughly in the same period of his career well over the course of maybe 15 years but all coming in the period after he took the linguistic turn himself and started bringing structuralism and post structuralism into his hermeneutics Rule of Metaphor also has a good review of his career up to that point in the appendix

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Ery limits forever discovering new resonances within itself' Recognizing the fundamental power of language in constructing the world we perceive it is a fruitful and insig The Rule of Metaphor is a seuence of eight studies which begins with the history of rhetoric moves into an analysis of metaphor a reflection on the nature of language before offering an entire redescription of speculative discourse and the nature of reality Most works of philosophy begin with profound observations before subsiding into repetitions of lesser themes Ricoeur accomplishes the reverse by beginning with interesting exegesis of Plato that eventually culminates in a potentially comprehensive thematization of Western thought and unthought He even sets aside a section on the analogia entis debate where he thoroughly demolishes the presupposed formulations of being and participation through a genealogical evaluation of the metaphorical concepts employed within the structures of theological discourse Honestly he made Barth and von Balthasar repartee on the subject seem completely triteMore than most great philosophers Ricoeur has really done his homework He uite offhandedly engages with the theoreticians of linguistics psychology rhetoric literary criticism and phenomenological hermeneutics while also giving a thorough treatment of the relevant dimensions of the history of Western philosophy And he also throws in a variety of literary and poetic allusions to top it offBecause Ricoeur is so precise in his treatment of his subject matter it is impossible to really summarize the contours of his argument He calls into uestion the semanticsemiotic focus on wordssigns instead calling attention to the holism of sentences and texts He makes persuasive claims regarding the omnipresence of metaphor in language and thought He exerts great pressure on exploring the effects and operations of predication and the copula He unveils the inherent tension within the meaning of truth resemblance and the is He deconstructs and redescribes the false dichotomies of Western philosophy innerouter subjectobject realismnominalism reasonemotion languageobject etc within an illuminating revitalization of the capacity of words to describes things and an eually enlightening recontextualization of speculative discourse in conversation with poetic metaphoricityWittgenstein and Heidegger seem crass in light of Ricoeur He's a daringly provocative thinker

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The Rule of MetaphorPaul Ricoeur is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished philosophers of our time In The Rule of Metaphor he seeks 'to show how language can extend itself to its v I’ve finished the rule of metaphor—a book whose conclusions re philosophy and metaphor are—one must use a metaphor—enlightening One can take from this work of philosophy the fact of the necessary failure of philosophy which is an effect of the failure of language the inability of language to articulate even once the thing the speculative philosopher desires attempts to articulate Metaphor is the conduit from the known to the unknown Metaphor always erases what it writes as it writes leaving only its trace The end of philosophy leads to poetry—the next rung on language’s ladder Poetry the cauldron of metaphor too must fail The final step to being is silence Knowing inarticulate smiling silence