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The Rockers Babies The Rocker #6 doc é Kindle Edition ´ randarenewables å NEW COVERMature Content Not Intended for Readers Under the Age of 17The Rockers’ BabiesAfter the nightmares of our childhoods my guys and I have finally found the happiness we deserve Shane is getting married Drake and JessNEW COVERMature Content Not Intended for Readers Under the Age of 17The Rockers’ BabiesAfter the nightmares of our childhoods my guys and I have finally found the happiness we deserve Shane is getting married Drake and Jesse are going to be fathers and I’m making I can't express how happy I am when I was reading this book and when i started flipping through the pages that this book is from everyone's POVNo offense when I read the blurb I was a bit sad that Emmie and Nik were getting ANOTHER book This books is not only in their POV but also in jesse Layla Drake Lana Shane Harper and get this AXTON DALLASAll couples still have yet to have their happily ever after No doubt that all couples are in love with each other but there's just a bunch of shit going around them Whether it's new worries or bad pasts coming to come haunt themThere's a lot of story lines going on and I could not put the book down THe book was not full of sexual honeymoon stages which was something I'm actually happy about If I want to go back and re read the book I don't know where to start cause there's just so much good stuff going onI can't wait for this Axel and Dallas book come out they have a lot of stuff to settle And Axel has a lotttaaa explaining to do He's still not on my favorite list he'll get there if he does everything ok

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My own career with Nik’s encouragement It’s taken a lifetime but finally we have moved onI should have known better than to think life was just going to be simple from here on out I knew from firsthand experience that right when you get comfortable and content t Ok so I might be the only one who says this but then nothing ventured nothing gained right? Honestly I skimmed all the reviews that spent many a copious amount of words to express their undying love and devotion to this particular book in the series and I thought Awesome I can't wait to read this one It may not be as sappy as I'm thinking it's gonna be WRONG Now either I really was a man in my former life and an insensitive one at that but Hay zus H Christ but what the hell did I just skim through? Granted the book is named after their babies but I expected some kick ass rock n roll stories here not a frickin' coo fest mixed in with a gratuitous amount of graphic sex scenes Literally aside from the big scare in the book the novel was comprised of little than mushy I just threw up in my mouth inducing declarations of lurve and thank the gods ugh for my beautiful amazing who just birthed my super precious Look at them awwww hangin out with Uncle juxtaposed against the OMG you're soooo hawt that I have to expletive right now or I'm gonna dieeeeee and let me play with your expletive while you expletive my expletive I have no issue with any of these things separately or even together but to have it be wash rinse repeat throughout the entire novel got belligerently really fast And again not sure if it's just me or not and even if it is I'm ok with that too But all the women in this series bug the everloving piss out of me Emmie tops the list I want to punch this girl in the throat Not sure how an author can turn her from a scared neglected little girl who has no education or mentor in the biz of the music biz all the way into a supremely bitchy personal assistant slash manager slash rock empire goddess knower of all but surrrre go for it What bugs me so much is that her uber bitch ways is why they all love her so much?? I'm gonna have to invoke the WTF law here people Why why why??? How? As for the rest of the women they all seem to spend the time outside of bed doing little than filling their own heads with manufactured insecurity and jealousies that make no kinda sense You take a hot man who does anything you want or even suggest gets you anything you need and boffs your brains out on a regular basis but you don't know if he really loves you or not? And Any skank in the vicinity is definitely the one he'd consider cheating on you with even when he can't remember her name? Riiiiight Sure I may be talking about one of the specific chickies here but go ahead insert a name any name and it's pretty much the same sad rock ballad here folksSo as I conclude my rant what it boiled down to for me was that I wanted something where the women don't act stupid and overly emotional but they did I wanted to read a good storyline where something happened Negative on that front and if you're gonna say view spoiler oh but Lucy almost got kidnapped Then to that I reply with 'holy smokes that's the big plot twist? A contrived kidnapping that could have easily been erased from the book and no one would miss it?' It didn't add any characterstory development It was just another opportunity for one of the couples to freak out lose their shit and then make sure they bang to reaffirm their loveugh vomit hide spoiler

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The Rockers Babies The Rocker #6Hose bitches Fate throw a curve ball into the mix I wasn’t expecting the possible tragedy that we are faced with I’m the strong one the one that has to help the rest of them through the tough times but I don’t know how strong I can be for them through this Emmi I’ve been with Demon’s Wings from the very start From the first book where I became hooked on Emmie and Nik’s story to the last book where we see all the band members loved up and their significant others pregnant or with a child already I cannot tell you enough times my love for this series Each book gets better and better and my love for all the characters overflow in each book too the we get to know them – although I have to say Drake is still my favTerri Anne has created an amazing series a loving group of characters and an even outstanding backgrounds for each band member and each girlfriendwife – despite the fact that the band members and Emmie all grew up together they all had different backgrounds to one another but yet they are brothers in every sense of the word They will do anything for each other and will be there at the drop of a hat especially for Emmie whom they have protected since she was a little girlIf you have read the books or just read my reviews you will know that each member has overcome their past with the help of each other and their girlfriendswives They have found The One and your heart becomes so proud of them for struggling yet overcoming their past for finding love and not letting it go And now we are on the sixth and final book for Demon’s Wings it made my heart tingle knowing how happy each member are to see them come so far in their lives over the past years and to see them content with their love and where they are up toThe Rockers’ Babies is just that We see Lana and Layla pregnant in which we saw in The Rocker That Needs Me Lana and Drake’s book we see Shane and Harper blissfully happy and engaged we see Nik and Emmie and Mia all cute and Jesse and Layla and Lucy one happy family with 2 on the way And then we have Axton from OtherWorld pinning for Dallas and what he stupidly lostI loved that Terri had alternative POV’s from each character so we were kept up to date on how they were feeling how their lives were going especially when a dramatic moment occurs When this certain storyline was mentioned I knew something was going to happen My heart was pounding I was turning every page hoping to God nothing would happen and every little twist and turn proved it couldn’t be stopped Dear gods I was on tenterhooks throughout this part of the bookI teared up a lot during this book From happy tears to sad tears you really go through the motions and not everything is plain sailing oh no As i’ve mentioned above there are certain sub storylines with each couple that will tear your heart apart but it makes them stronger together and alone and you know that they can get through anything with their close knit family around themGods I adore this series and Terri so much I am so glad I came across this series back last year and I am so happy to have found a series that has a special place in my heart Terri’s writing has gone from strength to strength throughout the series she has put some much effort into each member’s book and I cannot wait for Axton and the OtherWorld member’s books nowBut I hope that the gang are still mentioned I’d love to see where they are in their lives