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In colonial Morocco a painter navigates a conspiracy of forgery corruption and murderFor Francis life with David grows dangerous by the day When sober he is charming but when he drinks he is violent slashing Francis's paintings and threatening to gut the painter too When David leaves London for Morocco. I read the sub title A Francis Bacon mystery and assumed that there is a series of books featuring Francis Bacon All true but it was only as a I started reading and realised the main character was a painter that it finally clicked It was the Francis Bacon famous painter and I felt rather foolish that I hadn't connected the name alreadyAlthough this is the third in the series it works well as a standalone novel and at no point does the reader feel out of their depthThe book opens with Francis being threatened by his long term lover David who then ups sticks and moves to Morocco Francis has little choice but to follow for David is the love of his life and he can't do without him despite David's drunken outbursts and abuse David was a war hero and the scars on his psyche are not only skin deep Francis wants to help him but has no idea how and they both chase after pleasure with other men in Morocco all if it fleetingAt a party hosted by one of David's ex pat friends Richard their host is keen to show off his newest acuisition a Picasso that Francis realises immediately was fake Voicing these suspicions out loud soon as Francis on the run from the police a murderer Soviet spies and British ones too What has he stumbled onto it And how can he keep David safe from all of itThis is a wonderful rip roaring adventure with lots of derring do and stiff upper lips as would have been the case in those days set shortly after the Second World War The author vividly paints the era and the locales in the book from the hot sultry and spicy heat of Morocco to the grey and washed out city of LondonI don't know much about the artist Francis Bacon and it was intriguing to find him the protagonist in a crime novel but it worked very well The readers knows or gleans uickly from the book that Francis is gay but it was not something to be discussed openly in those days but people knew it went on Francis' sexual encounters are hinted at not described but you do know they happenIt is a very well written novel everything to do with the mystery gets tied up nothing is left hanging My one niggle was that a lot of the spelling and word choices were American rather than British which I would have expected in a book mainly about British characters and British setAll in all a great read if you want a bit of adventure without leaving your armchair

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Moon Over Tangier Francis Bacon #3Francis cannot help but follow this man whom he loves but can no longer trust In Tangier they find a thriving community of expats who guzzle champagne while revolutionaries gather in the desert But in Morocco's International Zone death does not wait for rebellionAfter Francis identifies a friend's Pic. In the last days of empire and the first days of the Cold War Francis Bacon rising British painter follows his lover David to Tangier a fading European colony perched atop a resentful Moroccan populace Francis genuinely loves David but the former RAF pilot is on a one way flight of self destruction David's misbehavior draws Francis into co operating with the Moroccan police commissioner's investigation of forged painting and murder Francis uickly finds the gallery owner who's commissioned the forgeries of lost in the war Picassos but things go downhill uickly when a British ex pat turns up murdered Francis now in the soup is easily implicated in the murder and easily manipulated by local MI 6 agents Add KGB agents none of the spies are the first team not in this backwater and a vengeful widow and it all becomes too much for Francis Black and white are not his colors He only comes in shades of grey He flees to London where his enemies come out of the fog for a final confrontationLaw utilizes a uick fluid compressed style that can alternatively leave one breathless and wanting moments of slowness of greater emotional depth Francis' genuine love for suicidal David is poignant and heartbreaking even if one could wish for a bit of lingering However Law's matter of fact approach to homosexuality is her greatest strength It is Francis' sexuality is absolutely part of his life as much as painting and his feelings on that especially forgery are eually as strong as his love for David Francis suffers as any lover would who cannot stop his beloved's descent into ruin distress and ultimately death It's also an abusive relationship one that Francis walks away from as much as he's pushedA fast enjoyable read that will leave one wanting in so very many ways

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REVIEW Moon Over Tangier Francis Bacon #3 ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ In colonial Morocco a painter navigates a conspiracy of forgery corruption and murderFor Francis life with David grows dangerous by the day When sober he is charming but when he drinks he is violent slashing Francis's paintings and threatening toAsso as a fake the police call him in to investigate the forger's demise If he refuses they will throw David in jail where inmates and the DTs will kill him within the week Between the bustle of the city and the emptiness of the desert Francis finds that in Morocco even the fakes can be worth killing f. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 325 of 5This was something a little bit different for me  First off it's a mystery which I've come to enjoy but haven't read a great deal and it features a homosexual leading character  Why is that important  It isn't  Other than the fact that author Janice Law won the Lambda Award for best gay mystery for a previous Francis Bacon mysteryWhat attracted me to this other than the fact that I am looking to read mysteries is the fact that Francis Bacon is not only a true historical figure but an artist  A mystery series with an artist of abstract paintings as the leading character  I'm inALthough life with his partner David is tempestuous at best life threatening at worst Francis can't help but follow David to Tangier  In Tangier Francis identifies a Picasso painting as a forgery and therein becomes involved in a conspiracy of forgeries torture murder British and Russian spies and always the concerns about DavidJanice Law's writing is very intelligent  This book doesn't have that usual mystery 'voice' you knowthat noir ish narrative hard boiled smart mouthed detective  Instead we have an insightful look at a time and country from the viewpoint of a creative spirit who gets involved despite himself and even when the outcome is bleakest looks for the intelligent ways to survive and not smash and bash his way out of trouble  He is not super human or have any policespy tricks up his sleeve or even the training  He's just an artist in love trying to survive in a foreign countryAnd while the writing is smart the characters remain a little flat  A homosexual artist in Tangier  I expect a little flair  Some color  While I recognize that the time period would not necessarily have homosexuals being too overt or flamboyant the man himself his thoughts should reflect his lifestyle  From his very abstract art look him up to his sexual preference I expect something than just the smile and nod at the occasional beach boy  It needn't be stereotypical to add in of the creative spirit of the artistEven ignoring the homosexuality aspect of the main character and it's easy to do as other than his love for another man which got him to Tangier there isn't much to identify him as gay I expected his art and his artistic eye to play of a factor than some forgeries  And with an exotic location I thought the location might come a little in to play as wellI liked the book  I liked the respect author Law gives to the reader and the intelligence with which this was written and I very much like the idea of our lead character being a noted abstract artist  I hope I'll get a little glimpse of the mind that creates the abstract art in future and perhaps the previous booksLooking for a good book  Moon Over Tangier a Francis Bacon mystery by Janice Law is a smartly written mystery featuring an abstract artist British and Russian spies and forgery paintings all leading to a gripping read