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Read & download Ñ Tempting Magic ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Myths and Legends Book ThreeAn erotic romance with a paranormal twistWhen a twist of fate blurs the line between friends and lovers passion sets their world ablaze as Solomon and Renee discover the true meaning of ecstasy Welcome one welcome all to the Ion strikes and her face is finally revealed As his personal assistant and closest friend Renee Jacobs swore long ago that she would never fall prey to Solomon's seductive charms She knew he would never be happy with just one woman and she wasn't willing to settle for less than monogamy Yet even without physical intimacy he found his way into her heart When forces beyond her control threaten to force his hand Renee makes a desperate decision that will change their lives forev. Stacie did it again I loved this book and cannot wait for the next edition in the series I had always loved Solomon and now love him even One thing I really loved about this book was that it allowed us glimpses into some of the other characters lives and hinted at future storylines that I am longing to read This is truly a fantastic series for lovers of fantasy and romance Hope your hard at work on the next one Stacie as I can't wait to see what you come up with next The world you have created is truly amazing Love it

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Gs friends and foes will face as they battle in the arena Solomon Reynard is the man behind the magic at the Myths and Legends Casino Resort Ranked as one of the best sorcerers alive he is well known for his world famous stage shows and nearly impenetrable security wards but his legendary sexual antics are perhaps his real claim to fame Which served him well until the recent discovery of his mate With her identity still shrouded in magic Solomon grows desperate until inspirat. After rating books 1 and 2 in this series 5 stars the bar was set pretty high for Tempting Magic book 3 While I still enjoyed the overall story I only gave this book 4 stars because of one main issue I had We were introduced to Solomon Reynard one of the best sorcerers in the world in the beginning of this series and throughout the first two books he is known for his legendary sexual antics In this book his shapshifter side fox has found it's mate and isn't letting him have sex with other females but is making him seek out his true mate That's what bothered me about this book I don't like when the male lead is so promiscuous throughout the book or series and then all of a sudden wants to change his ways and the love interest is supposed to just accept it Although Solomon does want to find and love his mate is it really fair to her that she had to watch him having sex with other women for years and then just accept him as her mate Overall I still did enjoy this book and will continue to read the series as they come out I just wish Solomon's storyline had been a little different

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Tempting MagicMyths and Legends Book ThreeAn erotic romance with a paranormal twistWhen a twist of fate blurs the line between friends and lovers passion sets their world ablaze as Solomon and Renee discover the true meaning of ecstasy Welcome one welcome all to the nine hundred thirteenth annual tournament Join the gang from Myths and Legends as they travel to Supernova for a week long supernatural sporting event Master swordsmen elite marksmen and magical mazes are just a few of the thin. I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveawaysThis review may contain spoilersThis book was uite an easy read even though it was the third book in the series I could understand the plot and the characters really well with very little confusionI felt the author did a really good job of showing how different Solomon's and Renee's world was to the one normal humans inhabited Although their lifestyle isn't one that would naturally appeal to me I could understand why the other characters found it so appealingThe politics involved with the mating added a whole new dimension to the storyline in my opinion It was interesting to see how the mates had to deal with the challenges from those who wouldn't accept the mating bondIt was interesting how the vampire virus worked I really have gone off most vampire romance fiction but I felt that this was a fairly uniue twist It was also really cool that the main characters were foxes I don't think I've seen too many books with fox shifters as one or both of the main characters though I wouldn't have thought possessiveness was a trait foxes haveI found the other characters fairly interesting as well though Rachel really annoyed me through the book I would be interested to see how her storyline is resolved thoughI still didn't like the dual first person POV but the voices of the characters were different enough that it wasn't completely irritatingThe mating marks idea was uite interesting as well I felt that the author did a good job of allowing the relationship to develop easily and naturally It was nice to see that Solomon wasn't prepared to force Renee into something she wasn't ready forI found this book to be really well written with good world building There were some errors in the writing but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the book I would definitely be interested in reading the other books in this series at some point in the future