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Lenged and the battle for supremacy among the hierarchy begins Enter Leigh Sebastian's lover and companion through the centuries Will she be Sebastian's comrade or nemesis Will Leigh aide Sebastian in her uest or hold Sebastian away from the dawn. Instant love two dimensional characters Even the liberal sex couldn't help this story as there was no emotional connection with the 2 main characters This felt like a really poor episode of Lost Girl I would have called bullshit and either fast forwarded to any juicy bits or just deleted I completed this book I paid for it so I was damn well going to finish it I feel tired and hope that my next read is much better

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Away From the DawnA Romantic Thriller Haunted by her immortality Sebastian wandered Europe for five centuries in search of her lost humanity Her uest to find a way to live among the mortals The search seemed futile until she meets the brilliant Dr Alex Taylor Seba. 250 Stars For Fallback Friday I decided to go with 2007’s Away From the Dawn by Kate Sweeney While I own a few of Sweeney’s books I was shocked to realize I have never read her before especially since she has been around lesfic for a while I thought what better category to try from her than paranormal since I’m a hardcore fan especially when it comes to vampires Unfortunately I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with this The first two thirds of this book especially were pretty blah There was a lot of flashbacks and history of the main vampire character I’m fine with some history but it was almost all about eating or should I say drinking humans having sex than killing them There was hardly any history that had meaning to it All of a sudden the book introduced these big and bad elder “ruler” vampire characters They came out of nowhere and it really made me scratch my head Where was the world building and history of them The other problem was both mains spent a long time with characters you could tell where not meant to be for them When it came to the vampire character especially she just had a ton of sex with someone that she seemed to not even like very much Even though the sex scenes were decently written I didn’t care one bit and it became repetitive uickly The main romance was disappointing So much of the book was spent on these other couples that by the time the main romance happen it was insta love like crazy I forgive insta love in paranormal books because of these supernatural connections but I don’t forgive it when the author had plenty of time to build it up but just chose not to which was the case here On the good side that end of the book finally got interesting Finally the story was moving along and getting somewhere Was it enough to save this book No not really but this is a series I had purchased the second book years and years ago so instead of sticking it in the “forget about it pile” I might actually read it eventually When it came to this book being over a decade old I thought it held up pretty well It really only was the fact that multiple character smoked which you just don’t see much any that was the only thing that really aged this book I love paranormal with every part of my being but the story still has to be well done This is one I can’t recommend I’m keeping my fingers crossed that when I eventually read the next installment that story will be better I’m not giving up on Sweeney This was an earlier book for hers so I’m very hopeful that she has come a long way since

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Away From the Dawn Summary ✓ 108 Á A Romantic Thriller Haunted by her immortality Sebastian wandered Europe for five centuries in search of her lost humanity Her uest to find a way to live among the mortals The search seemed futile until she meets the brilliant Dr Alex Taylor Sebastian reluctantly joins forces with this woman this mortal who coStian reluctantly joins forces with this woman this mortal who could be her savior Sebastian's uest now causes an upheaval in the hierarchy and the vampire community is in jeopardy for the first time in over a thousand years Ancient ways are chal. Alas this book was well It invokes the most ambivalent of emotions in a reader while on the one hand it is well written and oddly charming on the other hand it was problematic stupid and the characters were unsympathetic The two forces warred with each other to a bloody stalemate leaving the reader in a kind of exhausted state of meh But let me start at the beginningSebastian is a vampire; old and restless she is haunted by memories of the rejection of her human love and the necessity of that lovers' destruction Driven by the idea of existing peacefully with humans she has funded research which would allow vampires to live without feeding and walk under direct sunlight Alas however the search so far has been fruitlessAlex Taylor a brilliant young doctor and an expert in human disorders of the blood has been hand selected to complete an internship at a research facility located outside of Chicago Alex' genius might be the push that the research needs to achieve success Complicating matters is that Sebastian falls for her and her for Sebastian Meanwhile even the attempted research is enough to send shockwaves through the vampire community and an old lover of Sebastian's is sent to either stop or eliminate this The convoluted tangles of such politics is wearisome enough to read and this review will pass over the recitation Suffice to say that Chicago is awash in a river of bloodless corpsesSo here's the thing and take a seat because this might take a wee while This research Seabass has going on has been in the pipe for nearly 100 years and in that time some of the most intelligent scientists of each age has bent their back to this problem Alex literally fucking solves it in two tries after she is given access to the lab and it takes less than an evening What Let's just pause here and cringe a little at how science doesn't work like that Speaking of science not working like that the research done into hemophilia for this novel was less than substandard it was downright incompetent Further the idea that a vaccine which was designed to be injected as a tightly controlled mixture could also be just as effective taken orally from someone else' blood made me throw up my hands in exasperation It simply broke my willing suspension of disbeliefAfter all this moaning why give the book so many stars Well I liked it Sure I hated it as well but I liked it It was kind of so bad it was desperately reaching for good I give it three stars