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kindle ✓ The Last Witchfinder Ó Paperback read Á randarenewables Í Jennet Stearne's father hangs witches for a living in Restoration England But when she witnesses the unjust and horrifying execution of her beloved aunt Isobel the precocious child decides to make it her life's mission to briAnd in the Caribbean braving West Indies pirates Algonuin Indian captors the machinations of the Salem Witch Court and the sensuous love of a young Ben Franklin For Jennet cannot and must not rest until she has put the last witchfinder out of busine I was not expecting this book to be so metatextual; I thought I was getting a straight historical novel but instead got a picaresue about the ongoing battle between rational and magical thinking narrated by Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica itselfI enjoyed the way the protagonist Jennet seemed always to be in the right place at the right time to witness key events and meet key people in history There was a rollicking fabulist uality to the narrative but when I looked up the timelines and characters I admired the author’s craftiness for so neatly weaving fact and fictionI read that some people struggled with the characters’ reconstructed 17th century speech but I really enjoyed it I really like the combination of modern orthography with archaic vocabulary and grammarThe earnest zest with which early natural philosophers pursue their work here seems missing now from accounts of science which has become thoroughly taken for granted to the extent that we have the luxury of forgetting these hard won discoveries and retreating again into the religious dogma and fear of the Other that drove the witch hunts of the 14th to 18th centuries There was such an exuberant celebration of life and learning in this book

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Y Witchcraft Act Armed with little save the power of reason and determined to see justice prevail Jennet hurls herself into a series of picaresue adventures traveling from King William's Britain to the fledgling American Colonies to an uncharted isl What a stupid book I don't like the word stupid but no other word comes close so I'm stuck with it It's totally unbelievable filled with historically uncorrect atitudes and behaviour For some reason I wanted to know what happened to everyone I also liked the idea of a book telling the story even though the book wars was an idea that should either have been abonded or have been explored differently That's why I gave this book 2 stars but really I wanted to give it one star If you want to read this book to learn about the withchunts then don't even start it because it doesn't tell you anything that's worthwhile If you want to read it for the sheer pleasure of reading you'd be better off with the Encyclopdia Brittanica or a dictionary

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The Last WitchfinderJennet Stearne's father hangs witches for a living in Restoration England But when she witnesses the unjust and horrifying execution of her beloved aunt Isobel the precocious child decides to make it her life's mission to bring down the Parliamentar This one took what seemed like forever to read but since it spans the onset of the Enlightenment through to today that's perhaps to be expected I dipped in here and there reading a section a chapter an hourglass at a time if you've read it that will make sense The black humour the delightfully anachronistic voice the historical characterizationsI found it all utterly charming and compelling and altogether uniueIt's tempting to draw comparisons to Vonnegut and Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume springs to mind in particular not just in the whimsy of the prose and unlikelihood of the story's events but also Morrow's ability to combine sardonic humour with a deep rational humanism But mostly Morrow's voice appears to be solely his own and the parallels exist primarily in an ability to condemn religious hypocrisy ignorance injustice and brutality all the while painting scenes rich with humour complex characters and uirky detailsOf course I'd be remiss not to mention the device of the narrator Newton's Principia Mathematica cleverly deployed to timeshift the reader through historical events and keep the story galloping along It's a book written by a book that pays the deepest respect to booklovers and the pursuit of knowledge The book war thing silverfish? egyptian moths? a vacant lot in NYC? seemed a bit unnecessary and odd but that was just one off note in nearly 600 pages of otherwise exhuberantly solid writingThe whole thing reuires the suspension of disbelief on than a few occasions but it's truly remarkable how well the story holds together and makes sense despite its outlandish plot twists and turns Mostly I think this has to do with the grounding provided by Jennet Stearne's life's mission and her single minded desire to avenge her Aunt's horrific death by proving through scientific enuiry logic and evidence the fallacy of witchcraft and the hypocrisy and unspeakable cruelty of the witchhunters The courtroom scenes are simultaneously gripping and jaw clenchingly angering exactly as they should be Despite Morrow's lilting prose and wide ranging topics law government the founding of America the laws of physics the slave trade Newton Voltaire Montesuieu Ben Franklin you name it it's in here never does he stray too far from the tragic real life events that inspire the novel and its heroine And let me finally comment on the ending a satisfying one I've not encountered in a novel in some time Not only is the plot tied up neatly and justice served but it provides a satisfying denouement and never seems too neat or contrived Solid 45 stars from me