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read Shade’s Fall kindle ð Paperback ð randarenewables Ê Shade is everything Lily doesn't want in a man He's rude obnoxious and he's definitely not a cowboy The tattooed enforcer for The Last Riders is a mystery Lily doesn't want to solve He's too much for her to handle especially with the nightmares from her pShade is everything Lily doesn't want in a man He's rude obnoxious and he's definitely not a cowboy The tattooed enforcer for The Last Riders is a mystery Lily doesn't want to solve He's too much for her to handle especially with the nightmares from her past constantly threatening her sanity Lily is everything Shade wants in a woman She's sweet kind an Thoughts on Shade's FallBloody hell when are we gonna get a hero who loves his woman enough that he can live with a totally 1 on 1 keeping their sex private and personal relationship Slightly better than the previous three books howeverAs much as the book had me sucked in I had uite a few issues with it When he was being sweet and lovable Shade was pretty wonderful but there was a lot than I'd like of him being far a bully and control freak than loving dom He wouldn't even let her have emotional reactions to things without jumping all over her if they weren't the reactions he wanted her to have and then punishing her for them how on earth is that healthy for her? when she has to be on guard about her own surprise reactions in case he doesn't like them no one can predict or control thatEven though some of the stories have sucked me in they leave me feeling slightly sueamish and rather a lot angry These guys are falling for the these women precisely because they are so different from the club girls and then waste no time trying to turn them into club girls Usually via coercion surprise tactics and the my way or the highway treatment I don't like it at all I am getting a little desperate for a heroine to finally say no love and accept me the way I am without all that or YOU take the highway or for a hero to say no I want you the way you are if I have you I don't want all that other icky kinky crapEven their view spoilerwedding thing was weird as much as I loved that he gave her her dream there waiting to have sex until they were married it just struck me as being of a case of well I can't shag her till we do this hide spoiler

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D submissive When she discovers the truth about The Last Riders it threatens to tear apart every relationship within the club Her rebellion causes the predatory instincts to rise in the ex Navy SEAL sniper When The Last Riders are threatened by another motorcycle club just as determined to claim Lily Shade is her only hope of surviving the approaching 04202014 Overall Rating 15 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 2 3 3 25 StarsWriter’s Voice 2 StarsCharacter Development 1 StarsStory Appreciation 1 StarsEnding Not Rated Not sure Thank God it's over is considered a rating Worth the Chili 1 Stars 499 on Smexy HEAT Rating Mild415 pagesGah I need to scrub my brain I can return the book but how do I get the hours back I spent reading sucky CRAP There really wasn't any sort of story unless you consider something a 7 year old would string together while playing action figures or Barbie Lily was the worst h I think I've ever read and that's pretty bad I've read some terribly bad stuff Utter CRAP Seriously Shade had maybe one or two redeeming moments but not enough to save this one I'm in such a reading slump I guess I'll go back and read something from last year that was good God knows I haven't had much luck so far this yearBelieve me when I tell you THIS BOOK IS A TOTAL WASTE OF INK AND PAPERHope you have a better experience than IHappy Reading

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Shade’s FallConfrontation Could their passion be Shade's downfall? Warning This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations multiple partners violence drugs child abuse domestic discipline and explicit language offends y Okay so let me begin by saying I skipped all the other books in this series and just read this one because from the reviews only this one appealed to me This story is about Shade and Lily It starts off with Lily being in hospital this is when Shades realises he needs Lily and he shouldn’t be wasting any time The story carries on with Shade helping Lily with everything when she’s out of hospital she’s not used to him at first because the only person Lily trusts is her sister Beth but this slowly changes because Shade takes baby steps with her He eats lunch with her at first then starts turning up to watch movies with her basically taking small steps to become closer to her She ends up living with him and the other bikers because someone is trying to kill her in the beginning she doesn’t want to live there but slowly she becomes used to it What I really liked it how Shade tried his best to make her happy and comfortable If she was having problems he would be the one to sort them out for her I loved this book so much my heart is literally about to explode Shade definitely deserves a book boyfriend award he was super sweet with Lily and bent over backwards just to make her happy This book has a lot of sweet moments and moments which made me laugh out loud I just adore them both so much Overall I really enjoyed this book it’s one of my new favourites for this year